11.11.10 [TwitPic] MBLAQ watching “The Fugitive: Plan B”

by jax625

MBLAQ member ‘G.O’ tweets a pic of him & the boys watching Rain on “The Fugitive: Plan b”….thanks @MBLAQGO!!!!

source: @MBLAQGO


3 Comments to “11.11.10 [TwitPic] MBLAQ watching “The Fugitive: Plan B””

  1. Awe that is so nice of them. They truely support Rain.

  2. AWAWWAAW!!!MBLAQ watching the FUGITIVE twoo ahha the boy love their BOSS so much i bet they are having a great time watching him Lol… they are the best ever so sweet to see them suporting their boss rain ekek 🙂

  3. Great going guys always support your leader. 🙂

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