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December 14, 2010

12.14.10 [Newsen] Lee Na Young on her Fugitive’s action scene and Rain

by jax625

KBS highly anticipated drama Fugitive : Plan B already ended last week.
Started with strong first episode rating (reached more than 20%) , this 20 episodes detective drama experienced a downfall rating, never reached the 20% rating mark for the rest of the episode and ended around 11%.

Although it’s not a result everybody expected, but this drama brought benefit for one of its main star, Lee Na Young.
Through this drama, for the first time in her long acting career, Na Young challenged herself for action performance.

On the Fugitive Plan B Special episode which aired last week , the day after the 20th episode, Lee Na Young confessed that action scene was a difficult part.
She said that the beating action is more difficult than to be beaten action. Both needs to be very careful and cautious.
Although the action scenes resulted some minor injuries of hurting wrist and toes for her, luckily, she more often being hit than hitting.

When reporter asked her about her partner, Rain : ” What type of man is Rain ?” , she said that in the real life, Rain’s just the same character with Ji Woo – Rain’s role in Fugitive – sometimes serious but some other time super funny and Rain always cheers up the mood of the shooting field.

Yes, we believed that, many behind the scene pictures proved it.

credit: willenette@soompi

source : Newsen, koreanvibe

December 13, 2010

12.13.10 [NEW] Daniel Henney Update & Pics

by jax625

(Originally posted on KBSWorld)

“To all that loved and supported ‘Fugitive Plan B – After 6 months, 5 countries, and 20 episode, Fugitive Plan B’s last episode aired. I just want to take a few minutes to briefly say ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart to all of you that gave us your unwavering support and love over the last few months. Through the drama, I’ve learned so much about myself and the amazing people that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. 5 months is a long time to work on a television show, and we had some very difficult moments, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. So again, to the crew, the staff, everyone at KBS, and to the fans: THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m going to miss my ‘Domangja Family.’


source: Daniel Henney Facebook

November 22, 2010

11.21.10 [Pics] Rain @ The Fugitive Plan B set

by jax625

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November 20, 2010

11.20.10 [Clip] 2PM’s Nichkhun talks about “Fugitive” @ KBS YunYeGaJunGye

by jax625

Credit: DC // Rainbox625@youtube

November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [popseoul] Lee Jung-Jin Is A “Ramyeon Man”?

by jax625

The photos of actor Lee Jung-jin cooking ramyeon in his white singlet and red shorts were revealed on the internet!
These photos were taken in his hostel while he was filming KBS’s drama ‘Fugitive Plan B’ overseas. The whole ramyeon cooking process by the actor was captured on camera. He looks attractive even without makeup and good-looking attire.

In a recent interview, Lee said “Due to the long shooting session at overseas, I learned the housewife’s special [know-how of cooking] ramyeon. Now I know how much water I need to fill up even without looking at it. I also know what ingredient to add to make delicious ramyeon”.

It looks like the actor really became a ‘Ramyeon Man’!

credit: roryg2008@popseoul


November 6, 2010

11.06.10 [KBS] Enemies Join Forces for Money in ‘The Fugitive’

by jax625

A deal between enemies to cooperate for a common purpose has raised the tension in the KBS2 drama “The Fugitive: Plan B.”

In the November 3 episode, Nakamura (Sung Dong-il), a teacher of private investigator Ji-woo (Rain), finds out the identity of Mi-jin (Yoon Sohn-ha) and her boss Yang Doo-hee (Song Jae-ho) and what they are seeking — gold bullions. He goes to meet Mi-jin and suggests a deal to work with him since he has all the information Ji-woo has gathered. He says that puzzling it out with what she knows about the gold will enable them to get it in their hands.

Mi-jin asks Nakamura whose side he is on, and he answers that he takes side with whoever has more money in an attempt to show he is not trying to set her up. Agreeing to the deal, she asks him to decipher some codes, and he succeeds in finding out where the gold is.

Mi-jin then orders her men to get rid of him since she no longer needs him. But police detective Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin) appears and arrests them.

Meanwhile, Doo-hee also instructs his men to get rid of Mi-jin after learning that she has found the gold, saying that she will be a menace to him since she is smart and at the same time greedy.

Writer: TV Report

November 2, 2010

11.02.10 Staff post on ‘KBS Fugitive PlanB Official Site’

by kajima

* Ryan Moon ‘s post on KBS. site, Hope somone will translate in English soon^ ^

but i know some, He talks to Rain,Lee Jung Jin,Daniel Henny,Lee Na Young,Sung  Dong Il ^ ^


다시 부활한 실시간 현장중계!! 오늘은..총출동입니다..^^ 성동일 선배님, 지훈이형, 정진이형, 데니안 형, 오국장님, 그리고..진서누나, 나영누나, 형사들..^^ㅋㅋ 지금..이곳. 촬영장은 별들이 은하수를 만들고 있습니다..^^ R.M

이천 세트장.. 성동일 선배님과 동훈이형님 그리고..멋쟁이 이사님!! 맛있는 제주오겹과 목살스테이크..!! 완전..인간미넘치는 도망자 간이 파티!! 이분들과 함께라..오늘밤 춥지 않네요..!! R.M

테팔 리미티드 블랙에디션..ㅋㅋ 고기먹고 발전차 기사님이주신 양은냄비에 라면..캬~~^^ 냄비는..깜뎅이로 생을 마감했습니다..ㅋㅋ 저냄비에 라면 열다섯..이제..그만..ㅋㅋ

October 19, 2010

10.19.10 [Clip] “The Fugitive: Plan B” @ KBS SaeDaeGonGom Saturday Awards (Edit)

by jax625

Credit: baros // Vid Edited by scorpiola // scorpiolabibi1 @ youtube

October 19, 2010

10.19.10 [Clip] “Fugitive” cast on KBS Win Win Talk Show – Preview #2

by jax625

Credit: ratoka@youtube

October 18, 2010

10.17.10 [Info] Official English,Chinese, & Japanese “The Fugitive: Plan B” sites are opened @ KBS!

by jax625




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