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November 30, 2010

11.30.10 [dkpopnews] Rain used the same passport photo from KBS Fugitive to Asian Games ID?

by jax625

The netizens have discovered something interesting once again and this time it is about Rain’s passport photo.

Recently, a photo has surfaced online and the photo included a Passport with a photo from the KBS Drama “Fugitive” where Rain is currently acting in and Rain’s ID for the 2010 Asian Games where he performed at the closing ceremony.

What was interesting was that the two had the same passport photo! Netizens are wondering why the same photo was used, however netizens cant help but laugh at the photo due to Rain’s awkward appearance with his neat hair.

Source: Newsen + Nate
Credits: Blueprincess824 @

November 16, 2010

11.16.10 [Fan Candid] Rain & Lee Jung Jin ‘The Fugitive PlanB’ filming set

by kajima

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November 10, 2010

11.10.10 [Pic] Lee Jung Jin Filming The Fugitive Plan B

by kajima

credit : B4 /special thanks ratoka

November 8, 2010

11.08.10[News]KBS TV “The Fugitive Plan B” Plot summary of EP.13

by kajima
10-11-08 KBS TV “The Fugitive Plan B” Plot summary of EP.13

13부 :: 11월 10일 수요일 밤 9시 55분.

진이는 도수에게 이 모든 배후가 양두희 회장임을 알린다. 도수는 여전히 경찰 수사를 통해 진실을 밝혀내리라는 희망을 버리지 않지만 오국장은 도수의 팀원 모두를 지방으로 발령내며 금괴 사건 은폐를 마무리하는 중이다. 단서를 놓친 지우와 진이의 조사는 다시금 벽에 부딪히고.. 양영준을 움직여 거래를 하려던 카이에게 황미진을 저격했던 양회장의 살인기계 ‘이박사’가 찾아오는데..

* 13부 방송은 예고편이 서비스 되지 않습니다. 이점 양해말씀 드립니다. *

The 13th episode :: On Wednesday, November 10th, at 9:55pm.

Jinny (Lee Na Young) lets ‘Do Soo’ (Lee Jung Jin) know that ‘Yang Du Hee’ (old man) must be behind all this.

‘Do Soo’ is still hopeful and is willing to reveal the full truth about this through the police investigation, but police director ‘O’ lets all members of the police detective team be transferred to the provinces and is finishing keeping a lid on the incident, so “Do Soo’ loses the scent and runs into a stone wall in his investigation about ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and Jinny again.

‘Dr.Lee’, a cold blooded murderer, who has shot Mijin (Yun Son Ha) and follows ‘Yang Du Hee’s order, visits Kai (Daniel Henney) who tries to nudge ‘Yang Young Joon’ (‘Yang Du Hee’s son) into changing his mind and make secret deals with him.

* Please understand that the preview for the 13th episode is not provided *

Biref translation by rain bird.
November 8, 2010

11.08.10[ Pic]The Fugitive Plan B Script book

by kajima

credit naver blog

November 3, 2010

11.03.10 [Pics] Rain & Director Fugitive PlanB Official Photo

by kajima

* Cute *


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November 2, 2010

11.02.10 [KBS] More Pics on “Fugitive” Set

by kajima

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November 2, 2010

11.02.10[News] Fugitive PlanB currently surpasses $ 4 million in exports.

by kajima

** Good News !

[02-Nov-10][Sport Hankook]’The Fugitive Plan B’ currently surpasses  $ 4 million in exports.

According to the drama production on the 1st, KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ has currently surpassed $ 4 million in exports, as it is well received not only by Korea but by Asian countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, etc.

The export price is estimated at least more than $200,000 per episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.

‘The Fugitive Plan B’ has been sold at a higher price than that of MBC TV’s ‘Queen Sun-Duk’  ($145,000 per episode), one of 2009’s big hit dramas. That is up nearly 38% from ‘Queen Sun-Duk’.

Not only has ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that has become the talk of the showbiz, been sold for the highest price to Taiwan and the Philippines in Korean drama history, but it has also received good reviews from the media throughout Asia, including Japan, because ‘The Fugitive Plan B is occupied by sought-after actors such as ‘Lee Na Young’, ‘Lee Jung Jin’, ‘Daniel Henney’, and ‘Sung Dong Il’, including world star Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), and shows splendid sights that are rare in TV dramas.

The 10 episode marks the basis of the changes in the story. From the 11th episode of the drama, the story centers on ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and Jinny (Lee Na Young) approaching the substance of evil after the death of ‘Jang Sa Bu’ (Gong Hyung Jin). Interest in on how the changed situation develops.

credit to Sports Hankook

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 28, 2010

10.28.10 [Expo News]The tension builds with the ending scene where all three

by kajima


[28-Oct-10][Expo news]The tension builds with the ending scene where all three, Ji Woo, Jinny, and Kai, are seen bleeding in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.

The tension builds with the ending scene where all three, ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain), Jinny (Lee Na Young), and Kai (Daniel Henney), are seen bleeding or unconscious in the 9th episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ aired on the 27th.

On this day, ‘Ji Woo’ went to Yeowoonsa, a temple, after escaping from a police van. At the end of a strife between ‘Ji Woo’ and ‘Kai’ reached an extreme, the two busted ass.

Kai finally collapsed, and ‘Ji Woo’ and Jinny took advantage of the confusion and got out of the temple.

And then, Kai visited ‘Yang Du Hee’ (old man) as if he (Kai) decided to do something to protect Jinny, trembling for the safety of her and looking back on the past, while he had lost contact with her.

Kai threatened to chew ‘Yang Du Hee’s ass if ‘Yang’ touch Jinny with a ten foot pole, declaring war against ‘Yang’ by saying that he would grow stronger enough to destroy ‘Yang’s life.

Jinny who was listening with ‘Ji Woo’ in on Kai and Yang’s conversations, was shocked by the discovery that Kai had been secretly in league with ‘Yang’. Jinny burst out sobbing ,telling Kai, “Please tell me this is not true!”

When Yang Du Hee’s men started to move as Jinny showed up, Kai got up front to protect her, but the men administered a severe blow to his head and fell him. Then, Jinny fell to the ground, bleeding out of her head.

‘Ji Woo’ came to her rescue and summoned all his strength to fight, but he collapsed on the ground, covered in blood in a situation where the enemy were superior in numbers.

Netizens are showing tremendous interest in the drama, showing their response to the ending scene where all three collapse on the ground, covered in blood, “The scene curled my hair”. “I became so jittery”, ” I was so surprised by the scene”, etc.

credit to Expo news

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 28, 2010

10.28.10 [News]The scene where Ji Woo and Jinny are seen eating

by kajima



[28-Oct-10][Newsen]The scene where ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and Jinny are seen eating instant cup noodles on a moonlit night, is favorably reviewed.

The scene where ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and Jinny (Lee Na Young) are seen eating instant cup noodles on a moonlit night, is favorably reviewed.

The 9th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ aired on the 27th of October, showed ‘Ji Woo’ and Jinny eating instant cup noodles on a moonlit night.

‘Ji Woo’ escaped from the police and visited Jinny, and told her, “Kai and the Megideck members are all in the same group.”

Even if Jinny had little confidence in ‘Ji Woo’, but she had decided to be with him to reveal the full truth, so the two were to tail Kai.

While tailing Kai, night came and the two ate instant cup noodles outside. When the moon shone in the dark while they were eating them, Jinny told him, “Everything is bothersome right now. I want to live in the moon.”

‘Ji Woo’ answered, “No one can go to the moon”, boasting that he is a well-informed man. He set out a logical argument based on the conspiracy theory that it is just a historical record in itself. Jinny replied easily to what he was saying.

The two who had to work toward a common goal, were seen being engaged in a serious and friendly conversation for the first time.

Next morning, ‘Ji Woo’ showed his affection for Jinny, hesitating to wake up her, and signaling a subtle change in the stars’ love line is a nice addition to this drama.
Netizens watched the episode and stated, giving some very nice critiques of it, “It was great to see ‘Ji Woo’ and Jinny becoming more friendly.” “I especially like their eating instant cup noodles on a moonlit night.”, etc.

credit to Newsen

Brief translation by rain bird.

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