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Episode 1

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credits: elisac@tudou, kpopella, http://mehanata.net/?p=2836, HANrel, omnomnomnoms.wordpress.com, DC, angelordevil, Rain Vietnam, WithS2, dramasub.com


Episode 2

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1. http://bit.ly/fugep2-1
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4. http://bit.ly/fugep2-4

Watch Online

credits: 林口阿明88520@tudou, kpopella, http://mehanata.net/?p=2836, HANrel, bestiz, Rain Vietnam, RainCloudHK, Withs2.com


Episode 3

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credits: 林口阿明88520,  btm @ raincloudhk, kpopella, wakkitakki, HANrel, Mehanata.net


Episode 4

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Watch Online

credits: HANrel, Mehanata.net, o0YuRiJung0o, Rain Vietnam, RainCloudHK


Episode 5

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English Subbed

Eng trans:ezy85@soompi Proofreading+Eng lyrics: Cuckoo@New York Cloud Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN+yul_nt@RVN Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


Watch Online

credits: not sure why there are no credits listed here @.@ if you see your link here and want credit PLEASE comment below & let me know! ~Jax625


Episode 6

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English Subbed

Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk //Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN // Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


MF Download

credits: Rain CloudPh, omnomnomnoms.wordpress.com, btm, soompi, cloudbb, ratoka


Episode 7

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English Subbed

Eng trans:ezy85@soompi // Proofreading: Cuckoo@New York Cloud // Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN //Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


MF Download

credits: as tagged + kpopella, wakkitakki, Rain CloudPh, Ratoka


Episode 8

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Eng trans:Cuckoo@New York Cloud
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN
Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Torrent Download

credit: KpopellaRain CloudPh, Rain Vietnam, Cuckoo, angelordevil, dream_come_true


Episode 9

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Eng trans:ezy85@soompi
Proofreading: huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN
Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Torrent Download

credit: as tagged, btm, kpopella, wakkitakki, huhuhuhu, RainCloudHK, Rain Vietnam, angelordevil, dream_come_true


Episode 10

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Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RV


credit: as tagged, kpopella, wakkitakki, dream_come_true, angelordevil,huhuhuhu, RainCloudHK, RainVietnam, btm, soompi


Episode 11

TP (8 GB)

  • magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F6V546GGAZ6GPCV6PFLQFUESZQ4RR3EI

AVI (710 MB)

credit  btm+DC

MU Download

credit: kpopella


[Engsub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 11

Eng trans:ezy85@soompi
Proofreading: Cuckoo@New York Cloud
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


Episode 12

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AVI (635 MB)

credit: btm


[Engsub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 12

Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


Episode 13

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Baros (661 MB)

mkv (619 MB)

HANrel.avi (14.5 KB)

credit soompi+BTM

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(HANrel).avi 700.82 MB

source: kpopella

HDTV.XViD-.avi 700.82 MB

source: mehanata


[EngSub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 13


Eng trans:ezy85@soompi
Proofreading: Cuckoo@New York Cloud
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


Episode 14

MU Download

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AVI (746 MB)


credit : btm+soompi

Watch Online (No Subs)

credits: ZZDGddd @ zaira1274


[EngSub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 14


Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN



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  1. i love you jax and all fugitive team for this efforts thank you ….

  2. thnxxx
    but just wondering if u guys will b posting the drama with subss

  3. Please sub Fugitive episodes in English
    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  4. I’ve just watched ep.1 and I’m wondering if you posted the ep. 2 with english subs aswell?? thank you for this done effort. ahh, and btw, I made a post for your work on another site so that more people have acces to it =)

  5. here’s another link if this would help… the english subbing is good and HQ too


  6. I’m wondering if you posted the ep. 2 with english subs link.?

  7. ohh please continue subbing in eng this * o *

  8. episode 2 english subbed is now available at rainvietnam 😀

  9. Thanks Jax, anything on episode 3 and 4 english subs. More power to you guys. ILY 😉

    • hey Jax found episodes 1to4 with english subs on your link, Fugitive Plan B @mysoju.
      thank you and great job, salute to the Fugitive staff. 😉

      • Hi Alex do you know how to download the ep2 1-4 that is posted on this site? I am not familiar with the program the yousend program I need to download first. I tried to download it but it is not working for me. I do not know how it works. Please can you assit me if you have been able to download 1-4 and link them together.

  10. Hi Alex never mind I found the ep2 1-4 on the link you posted. I just did not read your post corretly before I asked for your help. Thanks anyway.

  11. HI guys! Cant seem to find the link for english sub episode 4??? help plsss????

  12. episode 3 & 4 english subbed youtube videos are deleted 😦

    • ya, just saw that >.< aish…will see what i can find, sorry guys!

      • awww!!! at least a torrent site pls!!!! its a little hard to download from youtube anyway but i would have done it if I dont have any options. Sigh!!! But Thanks jax for looking out for your fellow fans.

  13. Hello ! did you guys have the 3 episode with english subtitle please ?!

  14. Hi ! Help me please for the episode 3 with english subtitle ! Is there anybody !

  15. Ok ! Thank you jax625 ! For your answers ! 😀

  16. hi do you have soft subs for ep 3?

  17. do u have torrents for ep5? thanks 🙂

  18. thank you very much!!!!

  19. hello! thx for subbing! but please!! please! upload to MEDIAFIRE! i have problem with megaupload! u guys rock~ hwaiting!!!

  20. for ep 5 onwards~~~ thx!!!

  21. Hi everybody !I’m from Brazil and thanks to this site I’m watching The Fugitive: Plan B Thank you all and success to you!

  22. SERIOULY HEE I ANYBODY WATCHING THIS ON KBS OT TV on the epi 7 the rating is only 11. 9% why is that ???????????????? i so disipontment seeme like nobody like this drama again if u say u are rain fan why his dram drop again i just dpn”t understand it is anybody watching? 😦

  23. kongsao i agree with u, i don’t understand why this drama is not a hit.. Some ppl say that they try so hard to copy IRIS and it’s not true seriously! Rain is just so good in it and Daniel Henney is epic! The story is super i don’t understand why it doesn’t work.. Perhaps everYbody watch other dramas like Daemul.. I hope they aren’t going to shorten the drama bcuz of that! they did it with playful kiss..

    • @hastan
      yes i knowes alot ppls are into watching Daemul not KBS as rain FUGITIVE they they just doesn”t care beside they said this drama alot playful kiss esp it rain who the main characater in this too well they have give rain all the look first befiore they starting to drop everything about the drama i am so disipontment from fans over in korean did not even better to watch at all.
      i pretty they are over at the Deamul drama watching i belive also it that the kind of genre of korean into yet noe now!!
      and then from starting epi 2 all staright 7 they drop not matter is became more better each epi they just don”t care to watch it man i fell sorr for korean !!
      and this drama is good the plot is good action comdey what ask they exprect the drama to be they can”t just see same shity all over again man it a hit of a drama and they don”t like oh well all am saying korean will be sorry for that and rain work so much for them maybe that why rain don”t like korean much then other country yeah it home for him but for me as i see rain more popluar out of asia wilde esp japan oh btw.. this drama so poluar in thiland and philippinese ect… but u know it come from korean KBS Kdrama and i was shock that korean could suporting rain neder his treat of his hardworking i feel like PORTESTER *SING*
      but i just hope the dram it not cut off and contiune to hit again soon let just wish this drama suceed and good rating again even thoguh we know just a alittle of us watching WHICHES MEAN
      as long we their suporting rain and he know that his drama is poluar he feel good but the rating i am so sorrry about that
      rain must reliaze on us suporting with this fugitive but, seeme not intersting to them i love this drma like crazy it was the BEST DRAMA of the years and was that rain promise to give this drama is that what korean and ppls been nagget about so their he is a drama with so good very amazing and best case of all after they see this they drop and act like it was even their to watch that make me mad!! and i know rain put alot sacifielded threw this dram and they travel 7 city and work under hot weather rain even lossing his weight and tried himself as well gosh don"t they care and know what effor rain went threw here??
      also for the rating today on epi 8 11.6% i differently so mad 😦

  24. I’m loving watching The Fugitive: Plan B, would be in Korea to watch on TV. Here in Brazil there are few dramas that come to us. Thank you for posting the site of the episodes. Kisses.

  25. @Jax625 I hope someone sub episodes 7 and 8 soon in english, I am dying to watch it an know what they are saying. It is killing me to have to wait, so please someone sub it fast. I can only watch it online. I which this was shown in the US. I would be watching it every Wednesday and Thursday. I too do not understand why people are not watching it. It has everything romance, action, and comedy. The comedy is hilarious, it has me in tears often. For example the but kiss I could not stop laughing so hard. Rain acting is beyond amazing, awsome, fantastic. I love the chemistry between Rain and the lady actor (sorry forget her name) and Daniel is great as a bad guy. I am really enjoying all the actors, they are acting top notch. The awsome acting and suspense of not knowing what is going to happen next keep me coming back. I saw the american movie the fugitive and I think this is just as awsome if not so much better. The Korean fans need to start watching this drama because they are missing out on something wonderful. I for one appreciate all the hard work the actors are doing. I wish I could do more. It would be wonderful if they even made this out of a movie. Probably want happen with these ratings though.
    Is the ratiings that have been stated on here are the rating reported from Korea? What was the ratngs for episode 7 and 8? Where do you go to find out what the ratings are? What countries is this drama showing in? What are the ratings in each country?

    • i am not sure why people don’t like this drama either…it seems to be more enjoyed by international fans outside of Korea…I think they might not be ready for this kind of drama. Both Fugitive and Playful Kiss are HUGELY popular, but with low ratings in Korea…they would do better on tv in USA or other countries I think…which is too bad for the actors since they work so hard *sigh*

  26. @Jax625 I live in the US is it possible for me to watch it on KBS? If I do watch it on KBS want it be in Korean and not english? Even so If it is possible for me to watch it I would do it to just help the ratings. I only have been watching it when I am to down load it from who ever post it with english subs.

  27. Hi FUGITIVE625!
    i would like to share a link to you: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=155590804463622
    i always update that note so you can get info from there 🙂
    just to minimize your work ^^

  28. @Jax625 thanks for your response. I am glad that the drama is popular with some countries. I feel that to be successful you do not have to be always be popular in the country you are from. There are alot of US artist that are more poplar over seas then they are in the US. Success is success regardless of where it is. So I hope that the rating are awsome in these other places even if they are not in Korea. Wasn’t there a post on here that talked about the showing of episode 1 in the US. It was invite and you had to say if you could attend. So maybe they are trying to see what type of response they get and they are going to release it in the US. One thing I am glad about is that Rain is continuous getting high praise for his acting. I feel he is at least getting his credit that he definitly deserves. Rain acting is outstanding and I cannot get enough of his character Ji Woo. Ji Woo is hot, funny, and very smart. All the things I like.

  29. Hi Jax,
    any news on episodes 7 & 8 with english sub?

    Thanks for all your hard work. More power to Fugitive team.

    • @tangerine, the current eps with english subs are usually out around late saturday/sunday thanks to Rain Vietnam & RainCloudJK subbing teams ^^ we will post them just as soon as they are available ^-^ Have a great weekend!!! xoxo

  30. Rain looks fantastic in drama. Jax now also am your fan kisses. 🙂

  31. @jax625 what is the ratings for the other contries that the Fugitive air in? How many other countries do it air in?

    • @flower
      i see you keep on asking about the rating ok let me tell you jax is sleeping at this time it 1:42 am in US i bet u know this i from northern side not sure about jax but she is sleeping at this monent
      well the rating for FUGITIVE !! ]
      Nationwide Epi 7 = 11.9% SEOUL = 12.5 %
      Nationwide = Epi 8 = 11:6% SEOUL = 12.3%
      I am STILL DISIPOMENT all i going to say korean are not watching period the bottom lime they don”t watch it !! it on korean to rating this drama so if they ever watch this the rating would been drop for the pass 5 epi staring from epi 2 to epi 8
      so my guess that THEY SHOULD STARTED WATCHING THIS DRAMA or they regert later i mean it GOD SAK!!

      • @Kongsao thanks for answering my question. No I did not know Jax625 was sleeping. I am not aware of where people are living on this board. I even did not know Jax625 was a girl. I am not aware if you are a girl or guy. I think you did tell me once in a post you responded to where you lived but I forgot. You say you are from the northern side. The northern side of where?

        I really like this drama and support Rain. So I was just concern as to how it was doing in other countries. You said that the drama was popular in other countries. Where do you go to get your information on ratings?

  32. thanks kongsao dear for answering her question! …and you were right, I was asleep, hehe…the ratings are really making me sad, this drama is so great…but also maybe i think so because i am usa and korea is not ready for this style yet.

    flower, thanks for always visiting us, please ask away anytime and hopefully someone will know the answers ^o^

    • @JAX625 and @kongsao thank you both for answering my post. @jax625 I agree I am from the USA and Korea is not ready for this type of drama style. It is so sad because this drama is beyond great. I am so hooked on it. I am waiting on epsisode 7 and 8 eng subs to come and it is killing me. On a positive note a couple good things are happening.

      1. The drama is continueing to come on and is getting better and better. The high quality filming still remains.
      2. Rain is continue to get high prais for his acting. So that is bound to help him.

      I wonder if the Korean people are not watching because of the law suit Rain has againt him or any rumors that are out there. I hope not because from what I have read non of this has not stopped me from remaining a devoted fan to Rain. To me this has nothing to do wtih how well he entertains me. Rain has done nothing that I am aware of that would make me think he is a horrible person. So I continue to support him fully.

      • @flower
        for rain who have put alot beating stun and hurt himself alot this drama but the OUTCOME was dropping and slipping like a water !!
        the wrose thing they said about this drama they tryiing way off to hard whatt of trying hard what are they saing do they ever watch and then rumor out nope they don”t even know what the story line of the fugitive rain catch some of them did not even watch fugitive but ofcurse he did want trun them down so rain use another subject i know rain know about how his drama went but their nothing he can do coz it air on wed & thur for us to watch and suporting them but unfortunally it happen and the rating is very to bottom line.
        btw…. FUGITIVE have make alot donation to suporting kis and they drama itself did come well the money they earn goes to kid suporter i fell bad for FUGITIVE crew that work so hard on this drama i mean nothing come out from their suporting !! HONESTLY we all this drama very beyoung hookes and so good awesome !! that i love it i promise i well buy DVD set when it out too why, we know it to good that makjing me wanted a set of copy same to other who love this drama as well. \
        about korean yes you right about that they took every little rumore reporter and media in a seriou way whiches any thing come out from they mouth about rain they stared to belive right away whiches no edviance to poor what very going on and bla and harsh on rain anything that why korean meida is bad over their the wrose of all they don”t what what the heck they saying and trying to rule rain life rain know about but he could no anything but to poor his all innocent yet honest person that why i know him i am rain fan for 31?2 years now and i know who rain are and what subrun and fait he went threw for pass 8 years !!
        ask in korean rain was very much suporting him but he is poplaur as ENTERTINEMT & PRODUCTION their i and everything the rumore effect rain it all come from a lier or nonsen from them rain is hardworker and very dicated to his fan and careere and business man so everythime he become suceed ans suapass or even good news their alway an rumor or issue btw… their all the time !!
        that why i know rain is not gulity or arrgont person he have big heart to intertional fans and yet he very nonestop working for his country this guy put to much effort and achivhment to GOAL rain very humble of internily that what brought be to his life belive rain are completely sweet and honest and don”t lesson to rumore out their they try to bring him down so many time if u very know rain u know what am saying so please keep suporting rain of all u heart !!

    • @jax
      thank dare HUG!!
      i agreed i read on other articles say the korean did like this genre of FUGITIVE and some say they try to copy IRIS whiches iit a SPY what i see and know of i could belive korean did even give rain FUGITIVE drama any credit or even botherd to watch i feel very sad!!

  33. @flower
    i gorget to tell i am from CALIFORNIA northern side !!i stay in small twon
    eheheh and you where are from what area also?
    yes it was popluar they but on the rating is not on them to rating it all korean do that they well watch and love the drama but they could not raking on that i read on news and it say they was parise the drama the way it make and the cast and yet the genre are to watch and they mention it was best drama of the years !!
    for the rating it normally out after a day it reiw on tv or KBS WORLDS a day after i saw it on news !! if u like to get the infor that am not to sure where they get it either !!
    for i just they are watching but it wiere that korean don”t watch much they alway good comment about how the drama are and what best ect… but anway, i crossing my hand for suceed threw FUGITIVEPLAN B i agreed this drama way of the hook it to good that it must see and have a copy well that me ofcurse and i never let rain down for what reason come i will love rain and suporter him to end !!

    • @kongsao can you clarify something. Are you saying the Korean people or news people prais the show? Are you saying the Korean people prais it but do not watch the show much? Also, I live in Michigan. Do you know where I can watch ep 7 and 8 with eng subs?

      • @flower
        i am talking about korean peoples and also included the media and reporter they !!
        they are not praise most of the time anything hit their ear they tooking that serious what am saying that SOUTN KOREAN alway belive in something that was not true and any little bit come across their ear they belive the news and media but they do love rain as for a singer actor model in their country yes other then that it worse esp when somehting is coming from rain i hope u understand now!!
        about the ENG SUB it not going to up until later on WHT2 the one who doing the ENG SUBBED and it not even up noramally it up WEEKEND sometinme weeek day it depen how fast they subbed and avilible to out please my dare be partien on that everbody are die to watch in ENG SUB i check all the site mysohu.com
        it borkrn they have an issue right now drmamafever only have 1-5 as ENG SUB ONLY and else their no ENG SUBBED so we have to wait for it really come out!

  34. @Kongsao I understand now. Thanks for the info.

  35. hi
    i want to thank jax for fugitive625.com and sixtofive1982.com
    im a big fan of rain but since im from the US i cant watch it 😦 thats why i love this website 😀
    can someone but the english subtitles for episodes 3 4 5 please 🙂

  36. Jax625 ! Hello ! Please can you tell me what is the right time for me to watch fugitive plan live on the link you’re givin ! Because i live in French Guiana ! I want to make an effort to watch it online ! Can you help quickly ? Thanks in advance !

  37. @ Jenny

    Let’s enjoy watching online.KBS.2TV tonight is very clear ! !

  38. Do anyone have the english sub for episode 8?

  39. THANK YOU A LOT!!!!
    For uploading and and translating! ^^

  40. THANK YOU A LOT!!!!
    For uploading and translating! ^^

  41. added english subbed stream for episode 7 and 8 😀
    please check the Rain CloudPH site 😉

  42. Hi Jax ! The show is graet , i see online in KBSTV2 . http://www.kbs.co.kr/tv/ KISSES

  43. thanks, i can’t wait for episode 8 link in English Sub.

  44. @jax625 is there another link for the [ExpoNews] Rain & Lee Jung Jin, “A Match Made in Heaven”” video? I was never able to open this video. When I click on the link you posted it goes to site that is all in Korean. The video does not automatically pop up. What should I click on on the site?

  45. When is episode 11 coming with eng sub?

  46. This has helped me get caught up for sure!!! Great job on the links Jax babe, thanks so much and LOVE YOU!! 🙂

  47. @jax625
    i would like to know the name of a song that comes out a lot in the series. its a girl, it sas something about listen to your heart, thank you =]

    • hello gris
      the named of the song called Oran-G — Mayday
      OST from fugitive u know right anway, she also know as that she have futured with RAINISM Ablum YOU that the same person OST fugitive for
      u can watch here if u like !!

  48. @gris
    the song Called MYDAY (Listing To My Heart )
    ORAN-G sining it !!

  49. @kongsao
    thank you 🙂
    i like that song

  50. Do anyone know if episode 11 and 12 been english subd yet?

  51. @Jax625 question for you, where you ever able to view the Match Made In Heaven video of Rain and LJJ wrestling? I was not able to view it and still would like to if there is a link that works. Do you have another link that will work?

  52. Do you know when I can watch this drama on KBS World?
    I really want to watch this on KBS World But I don’t know the time…

  53. can you guys put some eng sub to ep 3 and 4 because i really want to see them but i cant understand them without eng subs and i cant see the others if i havent seen the 3 and 4 because i will be lost so if you can do that i will thank u guys very much!! and thanks for putting the episodes here and the eng sub you have already putt..!! thanks a lot and God bless!! hope you can find eng subs for 3 and 4… =(

  54. http://www.mysoju.com
    search up The Fugitive plan B – ep 1 up to 10 with eng subs.

  55. http://www.mysoju.com
    The Fugitive plan B – ep 1 up to 10 with eng subs.

  56. @jax625 thanks so much for trying to help me to see the video. For what ever reason I still cannot see it. So I am going to move on. Thanks for all your help.

  57. Oh never mind I guess it is corrected.

  58. Actually I see it is not corrected if you make a new post it does post the way I was saying in my reply.

  59. thanks so much for subbing all of these! awesome work! just had a question, in eps 12 when rain drives in front of the police car w/ jini in it, he has a note written for her to see, what does it say??? please and thanks!

  60. @jax625 can you or anyone try to explain something to me about the Fugitive stroyline?

    Who barried the gold?

    Did Jinny grandfather have anything to do with the gold been stolen while it was being transported?

    Why did her grandfather hold onto the banknote?

    Didn’t the old man actually steal some of the gold and invest it into his and Kai business?

  61. You are doing a great job guys…thanks
    wish you the best
    keep up the job work

  62. thanks for the links..really enjoy watching this drama..

  63. When episode 15 n 16 with eng sub can be download??

  64. aii..
    thx 4 da links..
    iam really hepy found this links…
    this drama really fantastic..^_^
    thx again 4 owner this web site….thumbs up..:)

  65. Episode 15? 😦

  66. to all of you fugitive625 team, thank you very much!!!!

  67. thank you so much for sharing hard subbed eps. I am really enjoying the drama and can’t wait to see the rest.

  68. Thanks.. can’t wait for episode 15

  69. Hey why u don’t re-upload with Engsubs MF ㅠㅠㅠ please re-upload
    My country has been blocking MU =.=
    Thank for uploading with Eng subs

  70. Hey why u don’t re-upload with Engsubs MF ㅠㅠㅠ please re-upload
    My country has been blocking MU =.=
    Thank for uploading with Eng subs

  71. Have episode 17 been eng subbed yet?

  72. Please someone eng sub the remaining episodes soon starting from episode 17. I am going crazy because I want to enjoy the episodes fully by knowing what they are saying. Thanks.

  73. For episodes 3 & 4, can I have the download link include the english sub 🙂

  74. Hey can someone tell me what episode did MBLAQ do a cameo?

  75. @Jax625 is there a megaupload downlink for episode 19? I am having problems downloading using the other links listed.

  76. @flower
    yes dear here megauploading epi 19 but no sub yet do u wanted i just post here anyway

    i was going to go to sleep but one last i saw u request so i post for u !! i see u soon and in ClousUSA site too !!

  77. I’m sad because the series is coming to an end, it could last longer.
    Kisses Jax

    • I know isnt it so sad, it should of went longer. I hope to stil communicate with you on other sites (CloudUSA and Sixtofive1982).

      • @flower
        and Clsudia
        i know i am so sad the drama are not extension how i wish it more but i sure understand rain have other thing to do with other hectic scheduel he have too also his up comming concert too we all love to this fugitive last alittle longer for more if they just give 4 more that would more awesome and rain LNY would show more their relationship too but oh well i guess we stick with the ending guys!! 😦

  78. I admire the work of rain, as an actor, singer and dancer. keep following his work in dramas and movies and I love your music.kisses to all.
    Kisses jax

  79. @Kongsao yes I understand that Rain and others have other commitments and have to move on. I have accepted that it is going to end but it is still sad. I look forward to hearing and seeing other fantastic things from Rain.

    • @flower
      TRUE MY DEAR!!
      and let keep love and suporting our rain to end no matter what vome next and what ever he well be unfloding and sucess to his hardworking and contiune to a smash of this world aja aja fighting love u rain and we clouds and fans alway be side by
      you what ever it is and THANK U FOR THE EFFORT AND HARDWORKING U DID IN FUGITIVE PLAN B we love it so much and we never fell low on this u have give us the awesomeness cahracter jiwoo and best plot of this drama to me u are very SECTULAR INDEED !!

  80. When will episode 17-20 be posted with eng subs?

  81. Hello everyone! Hi jax. I saw the KBS EP 20 of the show was wonderful! it’s true that Rain will serve in the Korean army? Does anyone know why?

    • @Claudia
      rain will be leaving somewhere of 2011 half of the years meaning it could be JUNE!! somewhere of the month
      and yes he will serving a militarity sercvice of 2 years
      that just the RULE KOREAN have to do any guy who have trun 28 of age they have tobe in MS reder u singer or not u still have to served i know it going to a sad monment of the day when rain leaving and at lease it giveing us like his family fans to know when rain leaving well actually rain supost to served this sent pass SEPTEMBER but rain have do a pospounded coz he have to takle a cireciated ect… and also he have to do his FILMING FUGITIVE PLAB whiches just ending last night!! so they have give rain until next years they understand he have all to be done i am glad it work out for him as it goes!!
      we still have rain for the nexr 6 month before he leaving he even connfrim that he have reavange his scheduel for this MS too so for me it will be a crying river for sure whrn it come to that day if possible i will fly to korean and see rain that last day i very wanted to thank rain for all the acomplishment effor & hardworking he have give such as ENTERTIMENT, MUSIC, PRODUTION, ect…. i very wanted to HUG him for the heck of it he will l goen 2 years how i wish rain been doen so much for this COUNTRY
      Y they should adjust this 2 years to at lease 1 year or something rain been work himself way of to much for this country and us we love him for the anknowledge he give to this world i know i well be upset for having him served 2 years other might be so happy will come to think of it rain derseved less then 2 year it so long for him he will miss all of his family, firends, & fans while he at he still thinking of us i know that for sure .
      but, yeah he will leave 2011 half of years look forward to that!!

      • Thank you for answering me. I hope someday I can go back to korea and see a show of Rain, or maybe he came to Brazil to visit our country! Kisses

  82. @jax625 Hi, is there a megauload link available for episode 20?

  83. @jax625 who were responsible for taking all the pictures that have been posted on this site? I am talking about the pictures while they were filming or just lounzing around? I am sure some were taken by fans and posted. But did they have a professional photographer who went around taking candid pictures on the site and posted them on the internet? Then you guys would find them and post them here?

  84. When will episodes 17-20 be posted with english subs?

  85. Hi, Jax625 Thanks so much for keeping this site running until all the episodes have been posted with english sub. You and everyone have done an awsome job on this site and I will miss it when it is gone. Do you know when the rest of the episodes 17-20 are going to be finished. I read some where that KBS have all the episodes up with english subs. I am not sure are things are done in order to post them on here. I was just wondering.

  86. Hello jax625 ! I am waiting from 2 weeks for the episodes 17 , 18, 19, 20 with english subtitle ! What happen ? Do you kown why , the waiting is so long ? It is possible the translator have abondoned to sub , all the last episodes ?

    • @Jenny I was thinking the same thing. It is taking a long time for the remaining episodes to be subtiled with english. I hope the translator has not abondoned doing it. @Jax625 can you please reply to this post with an update of anything.

  87. Does anyone know where I can watch episodes 17-20 with eng subs or when 17-20 will be posted on here with eng subs?

  88. @Jenny yes we have to wait a bit longer.

  89. Thanks guys I’ve been dying to see episode 17 for a while now. Love this site!!!!!

  90. Episodes 17 & 18 of fugitive plan b with eng subs are now on youtube and at http://www.jacinda1st.com!

  91. When will eng subs epi 15-20 be available?? And tnx for the hard work!!! U guys rock!!!!

  92. @jax625 thanks for posting the remaining episodes with the english subbs. Do you know if the Fugitive Plan B Special will be subbed with english subtitles?

  93. I’d need to test with you here. Which is not one thing I often do! I take pleasure in studying a publish that may make individuals think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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