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November 9, 2010

11.09.10[Twit Pic] Lee Na young & Kim Hyung Jong picture

by kajima


source :

On Tuesday 9th November 2010, @moonbeards said:
김형사 형종이 형님의 현장 사진입니다.
원래는..전신 사진인데..아직 공개전이고 심의에 걸릴까봐ㅠㅠ(음란은 아니구요 폭력쪽입니다!!ㅋㅋ) 이번주 방송을 보시면 아시겠지만..^^ 이날..모든 스텝들이 형종이형님의 연기를 보고..감동받았습니다.
배역에 몰입도는..그 어떤 배우보다 최고라고 생각합니다!! 얼마전 교통사고에도 부상투혼으로 스텝들의 박수를 받았던 형종형님..아직 몸도 완전하지 않은데..최고로 추운날..최고로 수고 하셨습니다.

참..배울게 많은..국민브라더 형종이형 입니다. R.M

November 9, 2010

11.09.10 The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter/Gold bars used in drama

by kajima

10-11-09 The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter_Gold bars used in drama

여러분~추우시죠?이거뭐…별거아니지만 필요한만큼 가져가셔서 월동준비하시고 감기조심하세효~~~ㅎㅎ*   

Are you cold?  These are mere trifles, but please take as much as you need to get ready for winter and take care not to catch cold.~~~ㅎㅎ*

* False gold bars you see in the picture are used as items in drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.

November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [Tweet] Please boost the morale of Rain

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter:

요즘환절기라야밤에바람쐬구다니면 감기걸리삼~

Don’t be out in the cold night air for too long when the weather changes or you’ll catch a cold.~

‘Ji Hoon’ (Rain) is waiting for his scene. He now looks so poor.~~

He says he’s been in low spirits since he had a lot of lines to play yesterday.~~

So please boost the morale of Rain.~ He says he is dying for pork belly (Samgyupsal) ㅋ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.

~thanks also to kongsao for the info!


November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [Tweet] The tribute paid by big fans of Rain

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter:

정신없는 스케줄에 좋은대답을 드리지 못함에도..멀리까지 오셔서 좋은간식 제공해주신 지우팬 여러분들 감사합니다-덕분에 맛있게 잘먹고 촬영들어갑니다!!^-^

Thank big fans of ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) for coming all the way to serve good drinks and snacks even if I couldn’t answer properly because of our tight schedules.

Thanks to the concern all of you have shown, we’re eating well and begin filming.!!^-^


We’re grateful for the tribute paid by the whole staff under International Association formed by fanatical Rain fans..ㅋㅋㅋ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.


November 2, 2010

11.02.10 Staff post on ‘KBS Fugitive PlanB Official Site’

by kajima

* Ryan Moon ‘s post on KBS. site, Hope somone will translate in English soon^ ^

but i know some, He talks to Rain,Lee Jung Jin,Daniel Henny,Lee Na Young,Sung  Dong Il ^ ^


다시 부활한 실시간 현장중계!! 오늘은..총출동입니다..^^ 성동일 선배님, 지훈이형, 정진이형, 데니안 형, 오국장님, 그리고..진서누나, 나영누나, 형사들..^^ㅋㅋ 지금..이곳. 촬영장은 별들이 은하수를 만들고 있습니다..^^ R.M

이천 세트장.. 성동일 선배님과 동훈이형님 그리고..멋쟁이 이사님!! 맛있는 제주오겹과 목살스테이크..!! 완전..인간미넘치는 도망자 간이 파티!! 이분들과 함께라..오늘밤 춥지 않네요..!! R.M

테팔 리미티드 블랙에디션..ㅋㅋ 고기먹고 발전차 기사님이주신 양은냄비에 라면..캬~~^^ 냄비는..깜뎅이로 생을 마감했습니다..ㅋㅋ 저냄비에 라면 열다섯..이제..그만..ㅋㅋ

October 20, 2010

10.20.10 [Tweet] Look forward to ‘The ‘Fugitive Plan B’ – Kim Hyung Jong

by jax625

도망자 폐인 여러분 드뎌 수요일이네요! 오늘밤 모두모두 본방사수!오늘 드뎌 지우가 …기대하세요 놓치면 후회합니다.

Huge fans of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ !

It’s finally Wednesday!

Never miss the drama tonight!

Ji Woo (Rain) will finally make something today.

Look forward to it.

If you miss it, you’ll regret it.

Credit to actorkimhj @ twitter (kim hyung jong)

Brief translation by rain bird

October 6, 2010

10.06.10 [New]Rain & Lee Na young filming The Fugitive Plan B

by kajima

From//twitter / credit to ratoka

October 5, 2010

10.05.10 [StarNews] Rain returns to Twitter, “I’d appreciate many of your interest in The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

World star Rain has brought his fans up to date on how he is doing, returning to Twitter.

Rain actively promoted KBS 2TV’s new drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ starring him, (written and directed by ‘Cheon Sung Il’ and ‘Kowak Jung Howan’, respectively), sending his greetings to his fans through his Twitter on the afternoon of the 4th.

Rain posted his remarks on Twitter, “Are all of my fans getting well? Long time no see ㅋㅋ I couldn’t post any remarks on Twitter because I’ve stayed abroadㅋㅋ I’d appreciate many of your interest in “The Fugitive Plan B” !! I’ve always been appreciative of your support.”

He added, “Our family always shouts Santokki !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

credit to Star News

Brief translation by rain bird.

September 29, 2010

09.29.10 [Tweet] Rain waits with us

by jax625

From @gori7911 :

오늘밤 9시50분 KBS 도망자!!! 본방사수!!!!!

credit: gori7911@twitter

September 19, 2010

09.19.10 [Tweet] Plan B staff’s post on Twitter, “A miracle happens to us”

by jax625

On Sunday 19th September 2010, @moonbeards said:

오늘의에피소드는..비덩..정진이형이야기를해볼까합니다..^^요즘..영화와..남자의자격..그리고..도망자까지..정신없는하루를보내고계시 더군요..!!바쁘고..정신없는스케줄이지만..늘..촬영장에선..흐트러진모습을안보여주는..배우로저희스텝사이에선..유명하답니다..^^ㅋ ㅋ그리고..또하나..어제는..마법가방에서..귤10박스를꺼네는미라클을보여줬습니다..ㅋㅋ


Today’s episode is about…

I think I’ll try to talk about ‘Jung Jin’ hyung (Lee Jung Jin)..^^

He’s leading a very busy life, managing a series of tight schedules, such as his appearance on a movie, the ‘Men’s Qualifying’, and the Fugitive: Plan B..!!

Despite his busy schedule, he is best remembered as the man who never looks loose in our team on the set …^^ㅋㅋ

And, He showed a miracle to us : 10 boxes of tangerines came out of his magic bag..ㅋㅋ

(Note : This metaphor means that ‘Lee Jung Jin’ bought the tangerines and brought them for the drama team)

credit to moonbeards // Ryan Moon

source :

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