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December 12, 2010

12.12.10 [dramabeans] Lee Na-young wraps drama, turns to film

by jax625

Fresh off her latest drama, action-comedy Runaway Plan B, actress Lee Na-young is turning to the big screen for her next role. Though contracts haven’t been signed yet, reports indicate that she will likely be acting next in the movie Howling, starring opposite the ubiquitous Song Kang-ho (Blue Salt, Secret Reunion, Thirst).

A source with Howling’s production stated that the movie is prepping for a 2011 release and that after contacting a handful of actresses, Lee is their top contender for the role. A rep from Lee’s management company confirmed that she had received the script and is considering the project favorably.

In Howling, an animal that is bred to be a wolf-dog hybrid is used to track down killers in murder cases. Lee Na-young’s role is of a newbie cop, who works with veteran cop Song Kang-ho.

(Okay, I get that if you’re going to cast Lee Na-young and Song Kang-ho together, it makes sense that she’s the rookie and he’s the vet. But what is with the glut of movies/dramas relying on this overused dynamic, pairing female newbs with grizzled male vets? Just once, can’t we have the reverse? Just imagine the hilarity of making Song the newbie and Lee the old soul. Or, if that goes against the intended tone too much, pair an older actress with a younger hotshot. How ’bout something for us noonas out there?)

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November 5, 2010

11.05.10 [allkpop] Daniel Henney reflects on the vibrant city of Seoul

by jax625

Earlier today, actor Daniel Henney from KBS’s “Fugitive posted a short vignette video regarding his experiences and views about his new hometown, Seoul.

Daniel Henney arrived in Seoul five years ago and made his acting debut in the popular MBC drama “My Name is Kim Samsoon“. He reflected, “Being here has been an amazing personal journey… I’ve discovered the actor inside of me.” As he takes the viewer through a whirlwind tour of what Seoul means to him, the actor finished up with, ”Seoul is not just a city, it’s a place where amazing things can happen. Just like they had for me.

Check out the video below!

credit: chloejn@allkpop

Source: Daniel Henney’s Facebook

November 1, 2010

10.31.10 [HanCinema] Lee Jeong-jin sent a serious comeback message in ‘Qualification of Men’

by jax625

In the episode of ‘Qualification of Men’, which went on air on the 31th, Lee Jeong-jin, who couldn’t participate in this program for a month due to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.

Lee Jeong-jin couldn’t possibly join for ‘Qualification of Men’ due to the foreign shooting of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’. He was entirely out from group shooting and barely did personal scenes.

On that day, other members of ‘Qualification of Men’ greeted Lee Jeong-ji with joy. Lee Yoon-seok said, “I’m so happy to see you. I always saw you in TV but right now I’m meeting with you face to face.” Kim Seong-min said, “I’m so glad that all seven member of ‘Qualification of Men’ finally got together.”

Lee Jeong-jin, who felt little bit embarrassed after other members’ greetings, sent a personal comeback message to the viewers due to Lee Kyeong-gyo’s suggestion. He said, “I’m finally back after all the location changes. I will do my best on everything from now on.”

But other members made fun of his seriousness.

Credit: HanCinema–25746.html

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October 30, 2010

10.30.10 [Clip] Daniel Henney Featured in ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul ‘ CF

by jax625

NEW – Daniel Henney is not only filming “The Fugitive: Plan B” while in Korea… he also filmed this beautiful ‘Infinitely Yours, Seoul‘ CF!

source: bangsingapore@youtube

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October 28, 2010

10.28.10 [DailyKpop] Main Characters from “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” Coincide?

by jax625

Actor Lee Min Ho, who recently took the main role for the upcoming drama “City Hunter,” has met his rival before he even started shooting.

Lee Min Ho has been gaining many interest with his new role in the upcoming drama “City Hunter.” But, the drama is being compared to the currently airing drama, KBS 2TV Drama “Fugitive.”

A representative of “City Hunter” stated, “There’s already talks about it being re-evaluated. We will wait before the final decision is made.”

“City Hunter” was adapted from a famous Japanese manga. It’s about a private detective who falls for beautiful women with a comedy image.

The character from “City Hunter” is similar to Ji Woo (played by Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain), the main character from “Fugitive.” The viewers on the discussion board for “Fugitive” are stating their opinions that the characters coincide with each other.

The representative also stated, “This situation became bigger ever since “Fugitive” gained many interest by viewers. Since there’s not very many Korean detective dramas, the comparison between “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” will never end.”

credit: shayne kay@dailykpopnews

Original Source:
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


October 1, 2010

10.01.10 [10Asiae] New series “Fugitive” runs up to No. 1 spot on TV charts

by jax625

New KBS series “Fugitive: Plan B” and SBS drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” were neck and neck on the Wednesday and Thursday primetime lineup this week.

According to figures released by TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) on Friday, “Gumiho,” starring Lee Seung-gi and Shin Min-ah, made its exit on the primetime lineup as the most-watched show in the country with ratings of 18.6 percent on September 29 and 21.3 percent on its final episode.

KBS’ “Fugitive” came in second with ratings of 21.7 percent for its premiere episode but slipped by 4.4 percent last night.

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September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [Clips] ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ Press Conference in Seoul – 한국노동방송국 News

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September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [Clips] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Press Conference in Seoul

by jax625

Credit: ratoka@youtube, YTN news

September 21, 2010

09.21.10 [KBS] The introduction of the main character, Gee Woo (Rain)

by jax625

Gee-Woo / Jung Ji Hoon (Rain)

They call me ‘Ji Woo’ who is the Asian Pacific Korean bureau chief for the International Federation of Private Detective.

He (Gee-Woo) is armed with extensively miscellaneous knowledge rather than with scientific reasoning, and clear-cut physical dexterity rather than with razor-sharp mind.

This guy who lets people not be able to say how far his laugh is true or his tears are true, tries to dig deep into a case nobody has yet solved, with his easy-going personality and smirk.

He has the official job title of “the Asian Pacific Korean bureau chief for the International Federation of Private Detective”, and “PIA : Private Investigation Administrator” in Korea.

His business cards which make people not have a hint of doubt in their minds about what he says, his luxurious life, and his evey mission which is to jump into romances with women of singular beauty everywhere he goes..His cracking the villain is just needed for all these things.

He can speak three languages perfectly, such as Korean, foreign languages, and telling lies.

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September 19, 2010

09.19.10 [Yonhap] Hyundai Motor’s marketing strategy that uses “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

“The Fugitive Plan B” has been talk of the town in the film industry as it stars South Korea’s biggest heartthrobs, such as Rain who has emerged as a rising Hollywood star, Daniel Henney, Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin, etc, while being filmed on location in Asian countries, Japan, Beijing, Macau and so on.

Hyundai Motor plans to maximize the advertising effect by putting various strategic kinds of cars they have in the drama, focusing on this characteristic, “The Fugitive Plan B” features a lot of dynamic road chase scenes.

Their brand-new automobile ‘Sonata’ will be seen as Ji Woo’s (Rain) car in the drama.

credit: Money Today + Prime Economy + Yonhap News

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