11.17.10 [Torrent] The Fugitive Plan B Ep.15

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B Ep 15 torrent

credit // btm+soompi

AVI (749MB)


TP (9.29GB)




4 Comments to “11.17.10 [Torrent] The Fugitive Plan B Ep.15”

  1. Shoot! I gotta wait another 40 minutes to see my Boo? Aigoo…okay, I’ll do it. LOL ♥♥♥♥♥Daniel Henney♥♥♥♥♥ Man alive I wish they’d put him back in a blue suit!

  2. man i kinda have a wiere feeling btw.. LNY & Jiwoo after they took the toward the ending rain ^ LNY have an big urguring about the and they was talking about the young do hea i curious about that she even slap rain again~!!!! i
    wondering why she so seruious on rain and trying to let bring the truth out i just hope not the last thing is they are actually trun on rain for behind the all this please hope and i do do not thing he even either it just my option and the ending LNY leave jiwoo so now she forget all the hellp of jiwoo hwlping and abended him i very wanted to what happen HURRY epi 16 come now!!

  3. could i get a mu link for eng subs please?? i don’t know how use torrents T-T

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