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December 9, 2010

12.09.10 [popseoul] The Fugitive Plan B is coming to a close in Korea

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B is coming to a close in Korea but the show will begin in April, in this country (Japan)…

“The Fugitive Plan B” aired their finale tonight with a special behind-the-scenes episode scheduled for tomorrow. However, Japan wants to experience the fun all over again (or shall I say for the first time).

Recently, the drama’s production company CEO stated the following to “Sports Today“:

“It has been decided that the show will begin its air in Japan. In  April 2011 ,’Fugitive’ will begin broadcasting on So-net, a station affiliated with Sony Group”

In addition to Japan, the “Plan B” sold distribution rights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

Which country’s heart will they “Runaway” with next?

Source: Asia Economic Daily and KBS Media // popseoul

October 23, 2010

10.23.10 [KBS GLOBAL] Photos of Cast Members in ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’

by jax625

Candid photos of the cast members of the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” (hereafter refer to as “The Fugitive”) that had been taken during a dinner among the cast members and staff were unveiled, and their natural appearances in the disclosed photos have been an issue.

On the personal Internet home page of actor Kim Hyung Jong, who appears in “The Fugitive” as a detective named Kim, the stills taken on the set between last July and August could be found. Those stills had been taken from another actor Jeong Seung Kyo’s home page, and they showed the natural appearances of star actors including Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon), Lee Jeong Jin, Lee Na Young, Yoon Jin Seo, Daniel Henney, and Sung Dong Il. In the unveiled stills, cast members were gathering in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere while wearing everyday clothes without putting on any make-up.

In particular, the photos of Rain, who revealed mischievous facial expressions in every photo, have drawn attention. Actress Lee Na Young also revealed exciting poses in the stills along with other actors. In a recent TV program, the actor Sung Dong Il had disclosed that Lee has a very easygoing personality.

“The Fugitive,” which already aired seven episodes up until now, will air other episodes that have been filmed in the overseas locations of Hong Kong and Macao.


October 18, 2010

10.17.10 [AsiaEconomy] Interest is on tourist attractions in Asia shown as the setting of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

As KBS 2TV’s new drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ is a smash hit among young people, interest is on tourist attractions in Asia shown as the setting of the drama.

In the drama, some of the most striking scenery throughout Asia such as China, Japan, Macau, etc. have been shown with an intense cat-and-mouse game.

There is a new trend that traces the shooting locations abroad as if a “Find the hidden picture” game is done in the drama by young viewers.

For this reason, Modu Tours Incorporated is proud to announce exciting tour packages which are designed to visit spots in the Philippines, Japan’s Osaka, Kyoto, Gobe, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. under the title of ‘Catching Up With ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ as if the pursuer goes after ‘Ji Woo’ (Jung Ji Hoon or Rain) in the drama.

With the show-stopping performances of the main actors and the supporting actors, the story unfolding at a quick pace, movie-like window, and a nice view in the drama, ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that is suspenseful has caught viewers’ attention.

credit to Asia Economy … &aid=0002469971

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 14, 2010

10.14.10 [MorningNews] Rain is showered with high praise for his outstanding performance in “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

“Time went by so quickly as I felt as if 60 minutes were 10 minutes”

“I almost cried, noticing the time passing”

“My eyes were fixed to the TV, and even I couldn’t breathe, when I was watching the drama on TV”

Writings giving the 5th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ aired on the 13th good reviews, flooded the Internet message board.

In the episode, ‘Jinny’ (Lee Na Young) &’Ji Woo’ (Rain) arrived in Beijing after managing to escape ‘Do Soo’s chase (Lee Jung Jin), but the ring of ‘Mijin'(Yun Son Ha) was already waiting for the two, laying a trap for them with using ‘Jang Si Boo'(Gong Hyung Jin) as bait to trap them.

But ‘Ji Woo’ who has quick wits, saw through their deceit at a glance and turns the table by channeling the attack onto his opponent.

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October 9, 2010

10.08.10 [allkpop] ‘Fugitive’ will air in seven Asian countries

by jax625

The “Fugitive” director has recently revealed that seven Asian countries will broadcast the show, “Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, China (Including Hong Kong), Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia showed interest in the broadcast since Fugitive’s stage production. The contract for the seven countries and eight channels has been signed.”

There are other countries hoping to broadcast “Fugitive”, and as a result of this deal, the estimated profit of the show is expected to be 150-200% of previous Korean dramas.

Rain clearly played a pivotal role in this unprecedented deal, and the director also thanked other stars, be they Koreans, Chinese, or Japanese, that starred in “Fugitive”.

The show has been hyped due to Rain’s “Hollywood” action qualities, and the quirky humor created by the previous “Chuno (Slave Hunter)” cast. However, the lack of characterization has been a point of criticism among fans.

source: allkpop, nate

October 8, 2010

10.08.10[News]The rights to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ are sold for the highest

by kajima

[Newsen]The rights to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ are sold for the highest price to 7 Asian countries in Korean drama history.

KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that runs every Wednesday and Thursday, will be on the air in 7 Asian countries.

The drama production formally announced on the 8th, “8 TV channels from 7 Asian countries such as Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia that have presented interest in the drama from the early phase of the project on it, have signed on to secure the rights to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’. ”

Also, countries elsewhere in Asia are in the process of securing the rights to the drama, and the price of the right is known to reach 150%~200% of the average price of Hanryu dramas whose contracts have been signed .

‘The Fugitive Plan B’ caused a sensation for the simple reason of Rain’s appearance on the drama in itself, has been at its highest position ever recorded. He’s lived up to his name ‘World Star’ in the drama, displaying the realistic actions he has been polishing in hollywood to the fullest.

In addition, ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ has been listed as a blockbuster drama receiving huge attention throughout Asia when famous actors and actresses from China and Japan have joined the drama during all of the top stars such as ‘Daniel Henney’, ‘Yun Jin Seo’, ‘Lee Jung Jin’, etc. whose appearance on it.

The drama’s popularity is the result of its unique subject of a vast, shadowy conspiracy surrounding an international private detective and his client, neither of which is love affair viewers have had enough of or monotonous romance.

One key to its popularity is the fine comic lines that make people laugh, written by dramatist ‘Chun Sung Il’ around with trenchant, thoughtful ideas, including the chase scenes while the exotic scenery is unfolding across Asia, Japan, China, Macau, the Philippines, etc.

credit to Newsen

Star News
Brief translation by rain bird.

September 30, 2010

09.30.10 [News] More Online Reviews of “The Fugitive: Plan B”

by jax625

[10asiae] Rain’s “Fugitive” outruns competing dramas in a breeze

The first episode of KBS TV series “Fugitive: Plan B” starring Korean superstar Rain has proven the hype surrounding the drama ahead of its premiere may not be hollow expectation.

Statistics released by research firms TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) and AGB Nielsen Media Research on Thursday showed that the first episode of “Fugitive” yesterday posted viewership ratings of 21.7 percent and 20.7 percent, respectively, easily outscoring its competitors in the same Wednesday and Thursday primetime time slot.

SBS’ “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” lost steam last night ahead of its finale episode today with ratings of 18.6 percent on TnMS’ survey and 16.6 percent on AGB’s chart, and “Kiss” remained in the four percent-range on both polls.

Also, while a drama is considered to be a hit when it sees ratings in the 30-percent range and is dubbed to be of ‘national drama’ status beyond the 40 percent mark, it is rare for even the most popular shows to record ratings in the 20-percent range for its premiere episode.

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September 29, 2010

09.29.10 [KoreaTimes] ‘Runaway’ to bring stars, style and spies

by jax625

By Han Sang-hee

Spies, in sleek black suits, plotting revenge and, of course, tangled up in a love triangle — add in some of the hottest actors in the local entertainment industry, and you have yourself the highly anticipated drama “Runaway.”

Singer and actor Rain, commercial princess Lee Na-young and Hollywood blue chip Daniel Henney may be enough to explain why the press and fans have been in a frenzy about this series long before its airing, but wait, spies? Again?

The lovely cast

Indeed, the 20-episode soap has an impressive cast, but will it be able to live up to the hyped expectations?

At first glance, or at least in the first scenes shown during a press event, it seemed a bit familiar, not so unique.

Rain’s character Ji-woo is a detective, working for clients aiming for targets all around the world, but is faced with a dilemma. The attractive Jinny, played by Lee, approaches Ji-woo and asks him to find an unknown man but Ji-woo senses that there is a catch.

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September 29, 2010

09.29.10 [allkpop] Rain’s international fans donate over $10,000 in commemoration of drama, ‘Fugitive’

by jax625

In support of Rain’s new drama ‘Fugitive‘, his international fans donated a total of 12 million won to charity, which calculates to around $10,500 USD.

Rain’s official ‘Overseas Fandom’ donated about $4400 USD and $6100 USD worth of child nutrition to the organization fund, ‘Good Neighbors’.

A total of 80 females, from 12 different countries such as America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan, China, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia participated in the event. The donated money will be going towards neglected children, with the help of Good Neighbors.

In addition, Rain’s fans in Japan sent 80 kg of rice to the official press conference of the drama, which was held on the 27th.

Meanwhile, the first episode of ‘Fugitive’ aired on September 29th.

Source + Photo: Newsen

September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [10Asiae] Rain says he’s done lifetime worth of running for “Fugitive”

by jax625

Asian pop sensation Rain, who is constantly on the run as a fugitive in upcoming TV series “Fugitive Plan B,” has said he has had to run so much that he has probably done a lifetime’s worth of running.

In the romantic comedy investigative action series about a conspiracy involving a hefty sum of money going missing in times of the Korean War 60 years ago, Rain plays Gee-woo, a private detective at an international secret agency who becomes pegged as the murderer of his own old friend.

“Lee Jung-jin and my relationship is that of a chaser and the chased so we really ran a lot… I’ve done a lifetime’s worth of running,” the singer and actor told media outlets during a press conference for the drama held in Seoul on Monday.

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