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Added 07.31.10 by Jax625

Added 07.16.10,  by Jax625

**please save to your own servers, thanks!

15 Responses to “Xtra’s”

  1. hey rocket thank so much i click and save for mind

  2. great new banners of our guys being sexy jax! they’re better than kine even T_T


  3. @.@ don’t say that! yours are great too…silly rocket 😛

    i was bored and your music inspired me to make graphics ^o^

  4. @rocket
    right jax don”t say rocket u r good then me ha ha ha !! i coud get anybetter where my techqwuail goes elkekekek but u r inspire me of these new graphic women and it make me so intersting what u hide behind that door anymore to see 🙂
    i like your art work and u r good and jax as well hey both team player nobody better then nobody it all equailty about that !!!

  5. @jax
    :oop: sorry i mean jax is right u r good too oh boy i gues i am so excited from last night seeing rain humping on that wall i lossing my typing HA HA HA !!!

  6. hi jax,kongsao,lovetripbeat ~

    thanks for nice banner,i love his so much!!

    and i share on my korea blog. ^


  7. hiii

    I check the blog everyday ^^, very complete! keep the good job ^^

    I added a button in our blog, I hope that we can affiliate it.


    see you around!!

  8. @vic, thanks so much for the linkage! love your blog…great place to learn more about Uehara Takako and her group SPEED! I added your link to the Uehara Takako page ^^

  9. I don’t like the new LJJ banner at all. I’m gonna remake it and exchange it later.

  10. @lovetripbeat i think you did a great job @.@ I love it!

  11. lovetripbeat,thanks so much for your LJJ.art work.
    I love it.^ ^*


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