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November 23, 2010

11.23.10 [EngTrans] Rain showing Herculean in the Philippines

by jax625

by : Ryan Moon

On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, @moonbeards said:

For the first time in a long time, I’ve posted an episode..^^

‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain) and ‘Jung Jin’ hyung (Lee Jung Jin) used their break time to start limbering up at a fitness center just next to the drama set at that time when we shot a party scene in the Philippines ㅋㅋ

As you can see in the photo, ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung pulled the exercise machine up to the very bottom part of it !!

While drinking the water, standing over him, I was amazed at his Herculean strength. .ㅋㅋ

‘Jung Jin’ hyung’s surprise was plainly written on his face. But then, ‘Jung Jin’ hyung did it the way ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung did it, too. Undoubtedly, both of them have very strong legs~^^ㅋㅋ

A person that I know of hurt his back emulating the two and became bedridden. ㅋㅋ

So everyone, please don’t try this at home.!!

Eng.translation by rain bird.

October 21, 2010

10.21.10 [Korean Economy] Expectations are growing that ‘The Fugitive Plan B’s plot line will start to gather momentum

by jax625

KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’s plot line has started to gather momentum.

In the 7th episode of the drama on October 20th, Kai (Daniel Henney) brought Jinny to ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man) as ‘Yang Du Hee’ ordered, but Kai insisted that he would never forsake Jinny (Lee Na Young) in front of ‘Yang Du Hee’.

Kai, who is as cold as a stone, had ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) pegged as the murder of Jinny’s family members by saying, “Ji Woo is the Megideck”, and then, Kai and Jinny enjoyed dating in a long time.

‘Ji Woo’ who didn’t know such situation, visited Jinny with impatience in order to tell her that Kai was in league with the enemy, but he saw Kai and Jinny kissing. To make matters worse, ‘Ji Woo’ was arrested by Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin)

When ‘Ji Woo’ who never lost his sense of smile in any dangerous situations, was devastated without smiling by the situation where Jinny was in Kai’s arms without receiving Ji Woo’s phone call, its audiences felt sorry for ‘Ji Woo’ to see him in such a situation.

From the 8th episode to be aired on October 21th, the story based on reasonableness will be developed in earnest.

Since the upcoming episodes will be set in Korea, it is expected that subtitles will go down markedly, which will engross the audiences and pull them into the drama.

Do Soo’s (Lee Jung Jin) sense of release is only momentary after arresting ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain). As the investigation progresses, too perfect evidence that has surfaced is thrown discredit on ‘Do Soo’, “It would not be a common murder case.”

Kai (Daniel Henney) tries to make the Josun Bank bill back for sparing Jinny (Lee Na Young) her life, perfectly getting set to team with ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man).

The situation becomes so aggravated that ‘Ji Woo’ who has been completely nonchalant must avow that he is the Megideck, as ‘Ji Woo’s attorney suddenly disappears and they have obtained conclusive evidence that ‘Ji Woo’ is the Megideck.

Even if Jinny is sure that ‘Ji Woo’ should be the Megideck after hearing the explanation from Kai, she has niggling doubts about Kai’s identity because of some aspects of the truth ‘Ji Woo’ has showed her.

Officilas from the drama production asked, “You can have an opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of mystery and detective drama through the 8th episode. Please keep watching out for the drama how endangered ‘Ji Woo’ will deal with trouble.”

In the preview of the 8th episode, when Jinny is seen to be in tears, visiting ‘Ji Woo’ who has been prisoned, its audiences have expressed that they are filled with anticipation about the episode, commenting on it, “I hope her to believe ‘Ji Woo’ at the very least.” “I was moved to her tears at the scene”

credit to Korean Economy
Brief translation by rain bird.

October 18, 2010

10.17.10 [ MoneyToday] More than 100 Japanese women fans gather to see Rain shooting ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

More than 100 Japanese women fans gathered to see Hanryu star Rain shooting KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.

According to the drama production on the 17th, more than 100 Japanese women fans came to the drama set in Kyungkido’s Pajoo in the early morning on the 16th of October. On the day, the shooting of car chasing action sequences between ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and 3 polices were done.

The production expressed, “Japanese fans have visited Korea to see Rain shooting the drama. Modu Tour, a tour agency, has arranged a tour package to give his fans a good chance for them to see Rain through the set. The tour agency has received more applications than expected, so each itinerary has been made out and these visitors have opened the tour package.”

According to the production, one woman fan from Osaka was quoted as saying. “It was very nice to see Rain’s realistic actions. I was worried Rain would be wounded because there were a lot of scenes of fierce fighting during the shooting.”

Actually, Rain fell out of the roof of a car during a confrontation he had with his opponent martial arts actor. Then, staffs with the main martial arts director, ‘Park Joo Chun’, immediately ran towards him and looked at his condition and found that he sustained only a minor injury, so they were able to reopen the shooting.

But, that elicited exclamations from the audience while groans ‘Ah’ were heard everywhere.

With the appearance that is worthy of the name ‘World Star’, Rain turned remained time to politely greet his Japanese fans who showed interest in his every movement.

credit to Money Today

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 18, 2010

10.17.10 [AsiaEconomy] Interest is on tourist attractions in Asia shown as the setting of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

As KBS 2TV’s new drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ is a smash hit among young people, interest is on tourist attractions in Asia shown as the setting of the drama.

In the drama, some of the most striking scenery throughout Asia such as China, Japan, Macau, etc. have been shown with an intense cat-and-mouse game.

There is a new trend that traces the shooting locations abroad as if a “Find the hidden picture” game is done in the drama by young viewers.

For this reason, Modu Tours Incorporated is proud to announce exciting tour packages which are designed to visit spots in the Philippines, Japan’s Osaka, Kyoto, Gobe, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. under the title of ‘Catching Up With ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ as if the pursuer goes after ‘Ji Woo’ (Jung Ji Hoon or Rain) in the drama.

With the show-stopping performances of the main actors and the supporting actors, the story unfolding at a quick pace, movie-like window, and a nice view in the drama, ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that is suspenseful has caught viewers’ attention.

credit to Asia Economy … &aid=0002469971

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 15, 2010

10.15.10 [dramabeans] Rain’s “Runaway Plan B” Ratings Continue Their Slide

by jax625

This is very surprising & sad news! We must do our best to support the cast & this drama in any way we can. If you live in Korea or where the ratings of this drama are tallied, PLEASE watch this on your tv before watching it online. I am thinking we need to do something to show the cast and the network that this drama has a lot of support by the fans…let’s think of something to at least raise their spirits if not the ratings… **fighting**

by javabeans:

I’m actually a little shocked: The latest episode of Runaway Plan B drew a mere 11.9% rating, which is nearly half its strong premiere number. More worrying than that, however, is the steadiness of the downward trend — Episodes 1 through 6 have garnered, in order, a 20.7%, 17.9%, 18.0%, 16.2%, 15.1%, and 11.9%.

Over on SBS, Daemul‘s Episode 3 drew a 26.5% on Wednesday, and kept it up the next day with a 26.1%. MBC’s Playful Kiss numbers this week were 6.0% and 5.6%.

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October 5, 2010

10.04.10 [Dramabeans] Runaway (Plan B): Episodes 1&2 Re-Cap

by jax625

**please note, this post contains spoilers, so enter @ your own risk ^o^


Runaway: Plan B premiered this past week to huge intro ratings, setting KBS up for yet another hit this year. (You may know the title as Fugitive: Plan B but don’t worry if you’re confused, since not even the drama’s official site is keeping things consistent.)

What we get here is a stylish action drama that is — let’s face it — pretty fluffy entertainment but executed well and with a cheeky attitude. It knows exactly what it is, and plays that to the hilt. The casting is spot-on and the action sequences are designed to achieve maximum cool effect.

Did I like it? Very much in parts, and not much at all in other parts. It’s complicated. We’ll get to that.

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October 1, 2010

10.01.10 [AsiaEconomy] Rain gets absorbed in it with all his heart up by 120% in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

Rain’s creaming up performance as the hero called ‘Ji Woo’ in drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ is now enthralling viewers.

In the second episode of the drama on the 30th, after having a narrow escape from the attacks of some assassins seeking her life, ‘Jinny’ (Lee Na Young) comes to be in contact with her boy friend ‘Kai’ (Daniel Henney) staying in Japan, and he urges her to come to Japan.

The assassins who tired to kill her, even attack Ji Woo’ (Rain) after finding the trail of ‘Ji Woo’ in her house.

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September 29, 2010

09.29.10 [info] Watch “The Fugitive: Plan B” LIVE

by jax625

Watch The Fugitive Plan B live! (does not work with Firefox, try IE!)

1-  go to this website

2- click on TV2 to livestream FUGITIVE from KBS2, Korea.

cap by ratoka

September 22, 2010

09.22.10 [Pic] Daniel’s Facebook Update

by jax625

~Daniel Henney updated his Official Facebook with this photo & message to fans:

Hey All,
Just wanted to stop in and Say “HI”. Hope you’re all doing well. I’ve enjoyed coming to this page and checking in on everyone here! We’re back in Korea now shooting the FUGITIVE. All of the overseas shoots are finished, and we’re grinding it out on the streets of Seoul! Give us all your love and support!

Ps, here’s shot taken a couple weeks back in Perth, Australia

source: Official Daniel Henney Facebook

September 21, 2010

09.21.10 [StarNews]”The Fugitive: Plan B” starring Rain receives huge attention from throughout Asia even before it begins broadcasting

by jax625

The Fugitive: Plan B” starring Ran (his real name Jung Ji Hoon), KBS 2TV’s new drama to be aired every Wednesday and Thursday, whose first episode will be aired on September 29th, is receiving huge attention from throughout Asia, including Chinese speaking countries and Southeast Asia like Philippines, etc.

The Philippines where the drama shoot has recently been finished on location, have greater expectations of the drama than ever even before it begins broadcasting.

‘Philippine Daily Inquirer’ and ‘Manila Bulletin’, the Philippines’ leading newspapers, reported about ‘the Fugitive Plan B’ on location in that country and its press conference last 9th, with the great expectation.

Last 18th, ‘Philippine Daily Inquirer’ released an article titled, “Rain, at last”, and introduced the drama and its press conference in that country.

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