★Daniel Henney


  • Name: 다니엘 헤니 / Daniel Henney
  • Real name: Daniel Phillip Henney
  • Profession: Model and actor
  • Birthdate: 1979-Nov-28
  • Birthplace: Carson City, Michigan, United States
  • Height: 188cm
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Star sign: Sagittarius
  • Family: Father (American of British descent) and mother (American of Korean descent)

TV Shows



~ Info by DramaWiki

  • Watch Daniel in My Lovely Sam Soon online at Drama Fever!

**Spring Waltz coming July 1st!  Stay tuned for the links!

Daniel Henney answers fans (from Daniel’s Official Facebook)

source: DanielHenneyLIVE @youtube (Official Youtube)

Daniel Henney & Alex (Clazziquai) “Kissing Me” from Seducing Mr. Perfect

source: summersalt89@youtube.com

11 Comments to “★Daniel Henney”

  1. OMG! the cutest, most handsome model ever, a talented actor and (seems like) a fine person. =3 I really like people like that. ^_^

  2. Hi Daniel,

    Hope you are doing well. Enjoy shooting….

    Be healthy & Be Happy !!!

    Aja Aja Fighting !

    Take care & Miss you,

    Mesy ^^

  3. danial was a kai and so was archie kao. both tall, dark and oh so handsome asian men i wish i could date. xD

  4. oh man he not just so handsome tall and speak so goopd ENGLISH but, he is perfect for his age wowow !! now am curious about my named i jus request him as a firend i wonder if going to add me or but who that daneil he so different then any guy but, it doesn”t mean i put rain an other side but, these guy are to dies for and hot for a date i well bye it !!!

  5. I really like Rain, but Daniel Henney is breathtaking!!! He Looks very down to earth and so cute and funny and so sexy. I simply want to hold him all day long.
    I ♡ Daniel Henney.

  6. i agree with kongsao, he’s perfect for his age! XD

  7. Aiyong haseyo DPH,

    Fugitive?! cant’ wait for it to be shown on KBS World itself! Don’t think malaysia owns KBS2…what a pity, right? anyway, what’s your secret for staying fit and healthy? care to share? =)

    Remember HOPE is a dream that NEVER ‘SLEEP’…so keep on ‘fighting’ for the future andddd….never stop doing voluntary work ok…

    cheers =)

  8. hi.I am from iran. I am moslem. I have like find address Email honney.
    I love daniel honney.sorry i cant good speack and write english. I wish a day see honney.
    امیدوارم روزی در ایران او را ببینم. من مهندس صنایع غذایی هستم.

  9. i honestly feel bad that i can’t watch it. especially after martin said in their home video that daniel’s acting has improved. i think i’ll have to come settle in korea.lol!

  10. hi sabeey,

    i thought u can watch it online?

    btw it’s now shown on the KBS World…horray!!! DPH do improved alot but still look humble in his acting (i wonder why?). I guess if DPH go for a bad guy or taking major part of his acting, then his act will be the opposite way huh..

    nyway u don’t have to be in korea, for sure there’s no use of putting it in the website if everyone occupied korea, then korea will tremendously crowded by immigrans (just kidding) hahahaha..

  11. hi anachey, don’t worry i won’t come to korea. i’d also love to see daniel take some bad ass roles and surprise us. somebody corrected me that daniel was the one who commented on martin’s acting improving. nonetheless, daniel’s also doing his best, no doubt in that. hope to see him bagging all the awards in korea and internationally as well.

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