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November 28, 2010

11.28.10 [allkpop] “Fugitive” will not extend series

by jax625

The producers of KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive Plan B” dropped plans to extend the drama despite the requests from KBS.

A representative of “Fugitive” stated through a phone call with Newsen on November 27th, “KBS proposed that we should extend the show with about 4 more episodes.”

The representative continued, “However, we could not do so because some of the cast and staff members were not able to fit it into their schedules. We were also asked to extend the show by 2 episodes if 4 was impossible, but we had to give that up too.”

Currently, “Fugitive” has 3 episodes left. November 25th’s episode was postponed due to the broadcast of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, causing a bit of disorganization for the drama. Rumors of an extra episode followed, but it turned out to be false.

Source + Photo: Newsen //allkpop

November 20, 2010

11.20.10 [Clips] Mnet Rainy Day2 Ep.42 -Making “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

part 1 of 2

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November 7, 2010

11.06.10 [Pic] The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter – Rain writing diligently

by jax625

옥상씬 찍고 렉카씬 찍기전에 ‘항상 고객님 곁에’쓰고 있는 지우
쓸수록 글씨가 작아지는 바람에 10장은 쓴 거 같다..
글씨 못쓴다는 내 핀잔과 곽감독님의 잔소리에도 굴하지 않고 열심히 쓰는중ㅋ

‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) was writing, “I’m always with you (or my customer Jinny) ( Lee Na Young)”, before shooting a wrecker scene after shooting a scene on the roof.

The more he wrote, the smaller the size of his handwriting was, so he seemed to write on each of at least 10 papers.

He was told off by me for not writing in good hand and faced some nagging from director Kowak, but he was writing diligently, standing up under the pressure. ㅋ

**These words (I’m always with you, 항상 고객님 곁에) appeared in the 12th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.

November 6, 2010

11.06.10 [dramabeans] Runaway Plan B: Halftime report

by jax625

Thanks so much for the detailed report Javabeans! To our readers…please note: This post contains spoilers for those who are not caught up with all the episodes yet, so proceed at your own risk ^^

**please do not repost without credits to & javabeans, thanks!

All right, folks, time to check back in with Runaway Plan B. I’ve been watching the episodes despite not recapping it, and now at the halfway mark, I can say that the show is better now than it was at the outset. I’m still a few points away from loving it, but I’m more invested than I was.

I said in the initial recap (and the podcast) that I liked it with some reservations, because there were a few key points that kept me from jumping fully onboard. Like the super-slickness, the style-without-a-heart vibe, the bravado. And one main weak point still holds it back: While the individual episodes move briskly (how can they not, with all that running?), the overall story progresses at a creepy-crawl. If you cut through the action and the fighting and boil down what actually happened in an episode, you’ll see that plot movement only actually makes up small fraction of the real estate. There’s a lot of time spent on filler stuff, like the other PIs in other countries and whatnot. But maybe that’s intentional.

On the upside, Runaway IS very easy to watch. And it may have taken about six episodes before I cared anything about any character, but here at Episode 10, we’re making some nice movements forward. (Finally!)

Here’s the thing, though: You absolutely can’t take it seriously. You have to approach the drama knowing it’s all fun fluff, whether we’re talking about everyone’s magic designer wardrobe — despite being on the run five times per episode — or escaping from handcuffs with a bendy straw. You’ve gotta roll with the ridiculous punches and laugh at the cheekiness, rather than rolling your eyes in derision, because otherwise you’ll just strain yourself (and said eyes).


MBLAQ – “Running and Running”Download ]

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November 6, 2010

11.06.10 [kpoplive] Lee Na Young the Human Hanger?

by jax625

Actress Lee NaYoung is garnering quite a lot of attention these days, all due to her acting role in KBS 2TV’s drama Fugitive Plan B.

The reason for the attention is for her fancy attire as well as her solid toned body which basically allows her to pull off many types of clothing. She is able to turn any clothes into her own distinctive style, she’s like a human wardrobe hanger!

Viewers are particularly noticing her very well proportioned body as she is able to shine and stand out whilst next to her glamorous co-stars such as Rain and Daniel Henney, who are tall and have killer bodies themselves. This was also noticed at the September press conference where she stood next to the stars.

She has a small face and a height of 170cm, fans once calculated the comparison of her height with her face and it was discovered to be 8 times longer, and was praised as a “True well proportioned figure!”

Fugitive Plan B is still airing at the moment and is steadily increasing in popularity as the weeks go by due it’s thrilling plot lines. Surely a must watch!

Source: MyDaily
Written by:

October 28, 2010

10.28.10 [DailyKpop] Main Characters from “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” Coincide?

by jax625

Actor Lee Min Ho, who recently took the main role for the upcoming drama “City Hunter,” has met his rival before he even started shooting.

Lee Min Ho has been gaining many interest with his new role in the upcoming drama “City Hunter.” But, the drama is being compared to the currently airing drama, KBS 2TV Drama “Fugitive.”

A representative of “City Hunter” stated, “There’s already talks about it being re-evaluated. We will wait before the final decision is made.”

“City Hunter” was adapted from a famous Japanese manga. It’s about a private detective who falls for beautiful women with a comedy image.

The character from “City Hunter” is similar to Ji Woo (played by Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain), the main character from “Fugitive.” The viewers on the discussion board for “Fugitive” are stating their opinions that the characters coincide with each other.

The representative also stated, “This situation became bigger ever since “Fugitive” gained many interest by viewers. Since there’s not very many Korean detective dramas, the comparison between “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” will never end.”

credit: shayne kay@dailykpopnews

Original Source:
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


October 18, 2010

10.18.10 [KBS Global] Chase Scene of ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ Creates Uproar

by jax625

In the drama “The Fugitive: Plan B,” Jin Yi (Lee Na Young) was humiliated by kissing the private investigator, Ji Woo (Jung Ji Hoon), on the hips.
On the 6th episode of the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive: Plan B,” (written by Chun Sung Il, directed by Kwak Jeong Hwan) that aired on October 14, two male and female protagonists had enraptured the viewers’ eyes by presenting a chase scene that contained both comic elements such as a “butt kiss” and dynamic chase sequences.

Ji Woo and Jin Yi held a dominant position over Mi Jin (Yoon Sohn Ha) and asked about the real identity of Mel Gi-dek, but they suddenly faced a crisis by encountering unexpected guests, including Do Soo (Lee Jeong Jin) and his colleagues. The tense chase scene in the middle of a city began as Ji Woo and Jin Yi began to run away from Do Soo leaving Mi Jin behind, and two detectives, Do Soo and Yoon (Yoon Jin Seo), began to chase them. Jin Yi, who was chased by detective Yoon, entered the factory where two male characters were fighting against each other, and she let Ji Woo inside the car immediately and began to run away. But, there was another unexpected situation waiting for them.

Ji Woo was in such a hurry when he got in the car that he sat on Jin Yi’s laps directly while running away. Jin Yi yelled at him by saying, “Remove your butt,” but it was too late.

Do Soo was in the same situation. As Ji Woo ran away by getting in Jin Yi’s car, he also went into detective Yoon’s car, who was following Jin Yi. Do Soo wanted to change his seat to the driver’s seat to chase Ji Woo, so they tried to change seats while driving. At the moment when their bodies were overlapped, detective Yoon expressed her happiness, which was totally opposite to Jin Yi, who had shown displeasure. Two opposite scenes of Jin Yi, who was shouting with repulsion, and detective Yoon, who was smiling with happiness, were shown at the same time and presented a comic scene to viewers.

After the 6th episode was aired, the viewers called the scene the “Butt kiss” and delivered their favorable opinions of the drama by saying, “I really laughed out loud. There had been a sudden kiss between two actors, and today they had kissed on the hips. The best scene of today’s episode was Jin Yi’s kiss scene on Ji Woo’s hips.”

October 16, 2010

10.16.10 [TV Daily] Rain’s tough and wild kiss-pose makes Lee Na Young leap up in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

In ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, the scene of Rain’s kiss-pose that is suggestive of ‘Clark Gable’ of “Gone with the Wind” fame, moved women’s hearts.

The drama last 14th showed that Jinny’s heart seemed to warm toward ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain), which suggested that love was blossoming between the two.

In the episode, Ji Woo’s actions definitely stood out, where he caught Mijin (Yun Son Ha), one of members for ‘Megideck’, using loan sharks who threatened ‘Jang Sa Boo’ (Gong Hyung Jin) to pay off debts, and then he rescued Jinny who was at danger.

But Jinny (Lee Na Young) who was furious at the fact that ‘Ji Woo’ used her twice as bait to trap Mijin, icily said to ‘Ji Woo’ brimming with confidence, “Your self-confidence can kill me” Then, ‘Ji Woo’ retorted, “What can kill you is your fear, not my self-confidence.”

At the moment, when Jinny was about to slap on ‘Ji Woo’s face as usual, he effortlessly prevented this attack and astonished her by making a gesture as if to embrace her without advance notice, assuming a pose that is suggestive of one famous scene in movie “Gone with the Wind” in which ‘Clark Gable’ kisses ‘Vivien Leigh’.

‘Ji Woo’ looked Jinny straight in the face when she was speechless with surprise when he looked at her with eyes full of meaning, saying “I think the investigation of the incident is our priority now. As a matter of fact, the first thing you should do is to be in my arms.”

The situation had an added piquancy since Ji Woo’s unexpected racy and tough attack left her in turmoil, which could spark their romance.

As the drama progresses the tension builds, as ‘Ji Woo’ and ‘Kai’ strike sparks off each other over Jinny, while the viewers are very nervous about what Kai (Daniel Henney), Jinny’s lover, seems to be going to align himself with ‘Megideck’ in the episode.

There is much attention towards the development of the story line with Kai’s significant step, including a love affair between ‘Ji Woo’ and Jinny’.

credit to TV Edaily

Brief translation by rain bird.

September 30, 2010

09.29.10 [allkpop] ‘Fugitive’ nabs 20.7% in ratings for first episode

by jax625

New Wednesday-Thursday drama, Fugitive (also known as Runaway Plan B), has raked in an impressive 20.7% in viewer ratings for its first episode.

To receive such high numbers for the first episode is very rare. Viewers had high expectations for ‘Fugitive’, as it boasts a star-studded cast with Rain, Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin, Daniel Henney, and many others. The hype was futher amplified when it was revealed that the drama was a collaborative effort between esteemed director Kwak Jung Hwan and screenwriter Chun Sung Il, who have teamed up once before in ‘Chuno‘.

During the broadcast, Chuno’s Lee Da Hae and Oh Ji Ho made cameo apperances, which made the episode more interesting.

Meanwhile, competing dramas, “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” and “Playful Kiss” pulled in ratings of 16.6% and 4.5% respectively.

credit: Supermar@allkpop

September 29, 2010

09.29.10 [KoreaTimes] ‘Runaway’ to bring stars, style and spies

by jax625

By Han Sang-hee

Spies, in sleek black suits, plotting revenge and, of course, tangled up in a love triangle — add in some of the hottest actors in the local entertainment industry, and you have yourself the highly anticipated drama “Runaway.”

Singer and actor Rain, commercial princess Lee Na-young and Hollywood blue chip Daniel Henney may be enough to explain why the press and fans have been in a frenzy about this series long before its airing, but wait, spies? Again?

The lovely cast

Indeed, the 20-episode soap has an impressive cast, but will it be able to live up to the hyped expectations?

At first glance, or at least in the first scenes shown during a press event, it seemed a bit familiar, not so unique.

Rain’s character Ji-woo is a detective, working for clients aiming for targets all around the world, but is faced with a dilemma. The attractive Jinny, played by Lee, approaches Ji-woo and asks him to find an unknown man but Ji-woo senses that there is a catch.

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