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December 29, 2010

► Welcome to Fugitive625

by jax625

Sadly, the time has come…

Now that “Fugitive Plan B” has come to an end, and all the eps have been subbed, FUGITIVE625 is no longer an active blog. HOWEVER, we will be posting articles related to the drama from time to time since FUGITIVE is scheduled to air in other countries in 2011. Please follow us on our Facebook & Twitter to be notified of any future updates!

Thanks so much to everyone involved in this blog as well as our site visitors, it’s truly been a pleasure!

We will be keeping the blog opened for archiving & posting another Open Thread so that everyone can stay on touch!


Catch up on the past episodes of “The Fugitive: Plan B ” ! You can find our list of links to watch  streaming, online, & downloads [HERE], or by visiting our Episodes category [HERE].

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November 23, 2010

11.23.10 [EngTrans] Rain showing Herculean in the Philippines

by jax625

by : Ryan Moon

On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, @moonbeards said:

For the first time in a long time, I’ve posted an episode..^^

‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain) and ‘Jung Jin’ hyung (Lee Jung Jin) used their break time to start limbering up at a fitness center just next to the drama set at that time when we shot a party scene in the Philippines ㅋㅋ

As you can see in the photo, ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung pulled the exercise machine up to the very bottom part of it !!

While drinking the water, standing over him, I was amazed at his Herculean strength. .ㅋㅋ

‘Jung Jin’ hyung’s surprise was plainly written on his face. But then, ‘Jung Jin’ hyung did it the way ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung did it, too. Undoubtedly, both of them have very strong legs~^^ㅋㅋ

A person that I know of hurt his back emulating the two and became bedridden. ㅋㅋ

So everyone, please don’t try this at home.!!

Eng.translation by rain bird.

November 15, 2010

11.15.10 [popseoul] The Controversy On Lee Jung-Jin’s Twitter

by jax625

Actor Lee Jung-jin,who portrays an foreign affairs investigator, in KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive Plan B” faced controversy after he retweeted two comments from fans.

The comments stated “The viewership ratings of ‘Fugitive Plan B’ rises because of Lee Jung Jin. So, Lee must stay alive in the show”. The comments also depreciated Rain and Daniel Henney’s contribution in the drama. As a result, Lee deleted the comments and responded

“You guys are right.But, everyone is being too sensitive. Now, the main focus of Rain and I is only the drama. We will not fight against the amount of exposure in the show. In fact, our teamwork is getting better from day to day”.

Also, he had hoped that fans of the different idols can respect each other.

There are only a few more episodes left before this drama comes to an end. Is there anyone interested in predicting the ending?

Source: bnt news

Credit: roryg2008@popseoul

original post here >>

~thanks for the tip Cloudy MJ!

November 11, 2010

11.11.10 [TwitPic] MBLAQ watching “The Fugitive: Plan B”

by jax625

MBLAQ member ‘G.O’ tweets a pic of him & the boys watching Rain on “The Fugitive: Plan b”….thanks @MBLAQGO!!!!

source: @MBLAQGO

November 9, 2010

11.09.10[Twit Pic] Lee Na young & Kim Hyung Jong picture

by kajima


source :

On Tuesday 9th November 2010, @moonbeards said:
김형사 형종이 형님의 현장 사진입니다.
원래는..전신 사진인데..아직 공개전이고 심의에 걸릴까봐ㅠㅠ(음란은 아니구요 폭력쪽입니다!!ㅋㅋ) 이번주 방송을 보시면 아시겠지만..^^ 이날..모든 스텝들이 형종이형님의 연기를 보고..감동받았습니다.
배역에 몰입도는..그 어떤 배우보다 최고라고 생각합니다!! 얼마전 교통사고에도 부상투혼으로 스텝들의 박수를 받았던 형종형님..아직 몸도 완전하지 않은데..최고로 추운날..최고로 수고 하셨습니다.

참..배울게 많은..국민브라더 형종이형 입니다. R.M

November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [TwitPic] Lee Jung Jin filming + “Fugitive” set

by jax625

On Monday 8th November 2010, @moonbeards said:
남자의자격 태권도 흰띠!! 이제는..국민 액션배우 정진이형과 양두희역에 송재호선생님..그리고..오늘은 누워만있는 김형사 형종이형님의 촬영현장입니다^^
형종이형이 누워만 있는이유는..이번주 도망자를 보시면 알게딉니다~~^^
도망자 본.방.사.수! !

credit: @moonbeards // Ryan Moon

source :

November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [Tweet] Please boost the morale of Rain

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter:

요즘환절기라야밤에바람쐬구다니면 감기걸리삼~

Don’t be out in the cold night air for too long when the weather changes or you’ll catch a cold.~

‘Ji Hoon’ (Rain) is waiting for his scene. He now looks so poor.~~

He says he’s been in low spirits since he had a lot of lines to play yesterday.~~

So please boost the morale of Rain.~ He says he is dying for pork belly (Samgyupsal) ㅋ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.

~thanks also to kongsao for the info!


November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [Tweet] The tribute paid by big fans of Rain

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter:

정신없는 스케줄에 좋은대답을 드리지 못함에도..멀리까지 오셔서 좋은간식 제공해주신 지우팬 여러분들 감사합니다-덕분에 맛있게 잘먹고 촬영들어갑니다!!^-^

Thank big fans of ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) for coming all the way to serve good drinks and snacks even if I couldn’t answer properly because of our tight schedules.

Thanks to the concern all of you have shown, we’re eating well and begin filming.!!^-^


We’re grateful for the tribute paid by the whole staff under International Association formed by fanatical Rain fans..ㅋㅋㅋ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.


November 7, 2010

11.06.10 [Pic] The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter – Rain writing diligently

by jax625

옥상씬 찍고 렉카씬 찍기전에 ‘항상 고객님 곁에’쓰고 있는 지우
쓸수록 글씨가 작아지는 바람에 10장은 쓴 거 같다..
글씨 못쓴다는 내 핀잔과 곽감독님의 잔소리에도 굴하지 않고 열심히 쓰는중ㅋ

‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) was writing, “I’m always with you (or my customer Jinny) ( Lee Na Young)”, before shooting a wrecker scene after shooting a scene on the roof.

The more he wrote, the smaller the size of his handwriting was, so he seemed to write on each of at least 10 papers.

He was told off by me for not writing in good hand and faced some nagging from director Kowak, but he was writing diligently, standing up under the pressure. ㅋ

**These words (I’m always with you, 항상 고객님 곁에) appeared in the 12th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.

November 5, 2010

11.05.10 [TwitPics] Kim Hyung Jong on “Fugitive” set + Cast

by jax625

@actorkimh // Kim Hyung Jong (Detective Kim) posted some pics today of him & fellow castmates Jung Seung-Kyo (Detective Lee) & Kim Soo-Hyun (Detective Park) as well as some selca’s in the Ji-Woo PIA office ^0^ Thanks so much for sharing KHJ!

Jung Seung-Kyo, Kim Hyeong-Jong, & Kim Soo-Hyun

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