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December 14, 2010

12.14.10 [Newsen] Lee Na Young on her Fugitive’s action scene and Rain

by jax625

KBS highly anticipated drama Fugitive : Plan B already ended last week.
Started with strong first episode rating (reached more than 20%) , this 20 episodes detective drama experienced a downfall rating, never reached the 20% rating mark for the rest of the episode and ended around 11%.

Although it’s not a result everybody expected, but this drama brought benefit for one of its main star, Lee Na Young.
Through this drama, for the first time in her long acting career, Na Young challenged herself for action performance.

On the Fugitive Plan B Special episode which aired last week , the day after the 20th episode, Lee Na Young confessed that action scene was a difficult part.
She said that the beating action is more difficult than to be beaten action. Both needs to be very careful and cautious.
Although the action scenes resulted some minor injuries of hurting wrist and toes for her, luckily, she more often being hit than hitting.

When reporter asked her about her partner, Rain : ” What type of man is Rain ?” , she said that in the real life, Rain’s just the same character with Ji Woo – Rain’s role in Fugitive – sometimes serious but some other time super funny and Rain always cheers up the mood of the shooting field.

Yes, we believed that, many behind the scene pictures proved it.

credit: willenette@soompi

source : Newsen, koreanvibe

December 13, 2010

12.13.10 [NEW] Daniel Henney Update & Pics

by jax625

(Originally posted on KBSWorld)

“To all that loved and supported ‘Fugitive Plan B – After 6 months, 5 countries, and 20 episode, Fugitive Plan B’s last episode aired. I just want to take a few minutes to briefly say ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of my heart to all of you that gave us your unwavering support and love over the last few months. Through the drama, I’ve learned so much about myself and the amazing people that I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. 5 months is a long time to work on a television show, and we had some very difficult moments, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. So again, to the crew, the staff, everyone at KBS, and to the fans: THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’m going to miss my ‘Domangja Family.’


source: Daniel Henney Facebook

December 10, 2010

12.10.10 [Info] VOTE for “Fugitive” @ Dramabeans ‘2010 Beanie Awards’

by jax625

It’s December, and you know what that means around these parts: Time to reflect on the past year and see how the dramas stacked up! And boy, were there a lot of them.

As in previous years, I am planning a multi-part series (with special guest bloggers, natch!) to wrap up the year, which we’re busily writing up now — keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks! If you want a refresher on how previous years have gone, here’s this handy tag to take you right to them.

But before we tell you what we thought about the dramas of 2010, this is YOUR turn to weigh in and vote for your favorite shows, couples, bromances — and, yes, your big disappointments — in what we’re calling the Beanie Awards. They’re in your hands; give ‘em out with care!


& your other faves of course ^^

December 6, 2010

12.06.10 [KBS] “The Fugitive: Plan B” HP – Plot summary of Ep.20

by jax625

최종회 :: 12월 8일 수요일 밤 9시 55분

20부 줄거리는 방송 종료 후 서비스 됩니다.

지금까지 <도망자 Plan B>를 사랑해주신 여러분들께 감사드리며,
12월 8일 최종회 많은 시청 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

The last episode (the 20th episode) :: On Wednesday, December 8th, at 9:55pm.

The gist of the plot of the 20th episode will be given after it goes off the air.

We would like to thank those of you who have supported “The Fugitive Plan B”.

Hope that many of you will watch the last episode of the drama series. Thank you.

source: rain bird.


December 6, 2010

12.06.10 [Sports Josun] One of the main characters will die in the last episode of “The Fugitive Plan B”.

by jax625

The beginning of the last episode of KBS TV’s every Wednesday and Thurday drama series “The Fugitive Plan B”, portends a leading cast member’s death before it goes off the air, which makes viewers look forward to it.

One official from the drama production excited curiosity, giving a hint about the death in the 20th episode of the drama, “One of the main characters will meet his or her death in the 20th episode.”

Continuing, “A sad thing will happen in the beginning of the last episode where they are in so much pain because of one character’s unavoidable death, so the drama shoot proceeded on under a sad atmosphere.”

This is the first time that one of the main characters has come to die since ‘Jang Sa Boo’ (Gong Hyung Jin) was cruelly taken by poison by ‘Howang Mi Jin’ (Yun Son Ha) in the middle of where the drama started.

Even though the beginning of the last episode will tragically unfold, the main characters will mercilessly avenge his or her death on them, and this drama will be brought to a successful conclusion.

On a special feature on “The Fugitive Plan B” to be aired on December 9th, at 9:55pm, behind-the-scene stories during the drama shoot and the staffs’ stories will be shared.

credit to Sports Josun

Brief translation by rain bird.


November 28, 2010

11.28.10 [allkpop] “Fugitive” will not extend series

by jax625

The producers of KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive Plan B” dropped plans to extend the drama despite the requests from KBS.

A representative of “Fugitive” stated through a phone call with Newsen on November 27th, “KBS proposed that we should extend the show with about 4 more episodes.”

The representative continued, “However, we could not do so because some of the cast and staff members were not able to fit it into their schedules. We were also asked to extend the show by 2 episodes if 4 was impossible, but we had to give that up too.”

Currently, “Fugitive” has 3 episodes left. November 25th’s episode was postponed due to the broadcast of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, causing a bit of disorganization for the drama. Rumors of an extra episode followed, but it turned out to be false.

Source + Photo: Newsen //allkpop

November 26, 2010

11.26.10 [KBS] Ending Still Unclear in ‘The Fugitive’

by jax625

All eyes are on what will happen to gold bullions in the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” as it winds down to the ending.

In the 17h episode on November 24, Nakamura (Sung Dong-il), a teacher of private investigator Ji-woo (Rain), joins forces with Yang Doo-hee (Song Jae-ho), the boss of an evil organization behind the murder of the parents of Ji-ni (Lee Na-young), to get the gold in their hands.

Ji-woo captures the sniper whom Doo-hee has hired and extorts a confession from him that Doo-hee ordered him to kill him and Ji-ni and bring the gold. Recording his confession, Ji-woo sends it to Doo-hee.

Doo-hee, becoming anxious, seeks another way to find the gold and contacts Nakamura, who previously cooperated with Mi-jin (Yoon Sohn-ha), who worked for Doo-hee, to locate the whereabouts of the gold.

Doo-hee asks Nakamura to track Ji-woo down. Nakamura tells him he can do anything for money, and Doo-hee gives him a large sum of money for the task.

But knowing Nakamura just as well as Nakamura knows him, Ji-woo moves his base before Nakamura finds him, determined to face the challenge.

With Nakamura’s motives still in dark, there is no predicting the ending although the show has only three episodes left until the end.

Writer: TV Report


November 20, 2010

11.20.10 [Clips] Mnet Rainy Day2 Ep.42 -Making “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

part 1 of 2

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November 18, 2010

11.18.10 [Info] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ratings for Wednesday (11/17-18)

by jax625

**UPDATED with 11/18 Ratings**


1. Dae Mul / Big Thing <대물> (SBS) episode 13 – 24.2%, 22.9%
2. Smile, Dong Hae <웃어라동해야> (KBS1) – 19.3%, 18.2%
3. KBS News 9 <KBS뉴스9> (KBS1) – 17.0%, 16.5%
4. You Don’t Know Women <여자를몰라> (SBS) – 14.3%, 13.6%
5. KBS2 Guangzhou Asian Games, Swimming Male & Female <KBS2광저우아시안게임 (수영남여)> (KBS2) – 12.4%, 12.6%
6. Runaway PLAN B <도망자PLANB> (KBS2) episode 15 – 12.2%, 12.3% (#7)
7. Golden Fishery <황금어장> (MBC) – 12.1%, 12.4% (#6)
8. SBS 8 o’clock news <SBS8시뉴스> (SBS) – 11.7%, 11.7%
9. SBS Sports News <SBS스포츠뉴스> (SBS) – 9.8%, 11.0%
10. Human Theater <인간극장> (KBS1) – 9.8%, 9.3% (#14)

credit: ezy85@soompi


The rating by AGB:
13.5% in Nationwide
14.9% in Seoul

The rating by TNmS:
13.9% in Nationwide
13.9% in Seoul

credit: myyma@soompi

November 6, 2010

11.06.10 [dramabeans] Runaway Plan B: Halftime report

by jax625

Thanks so much for the detailed report Javabeans! To our readers…please note: This post contains spoilers for those who are not caught up with all the episodes yet, so proceed at your own risk ^^

**please do not repost without credits to & javabeans, thanks!

All right, folks, time to check back in with Runaway Plan B. I’ve been watching the episodes despite not recapping it, and now at the halfway mark, I can say that the show is better now than it was at the outset. I’m still a few points away from loving it, but I’m more invested than I was.

I said in the initial recap (and the podcast) that I liked it with some reservations, because there were a few key points that kept me from jumping fully onboard. Like the super-slickness, the style-without-a-heart vibe, the bravado. And one main weak point still holds it back: While the individual episodes move briskly (how can they not, with all that running?), the overall story progresses at a creepy-crawl. If you cut through the action and the fighting and boil down what actually happened in an episode, you’ll see that plot movement only actually makes up small fraction of the real estate. There’s a lot of time spent on filler stuff, like the other PIs in other countries and whatnot. But maybe that’s intentional.

On the upside, Runaway IS very easy to watch. And it may have taken about six episodes before I cared anything about any character, but here at Episode 10, we’re making some nice movements forward. (Finally!)

Here’s the thing, though: You absolutely can’t take it seriously. You have to approach the drama knowing it’s all fun fluff, whether we’re talking about everyone’s magic designer wardrobe — despite being on the run five times per episode — or escaping from handcuffs with a bendy straw. You’ve gotta roll with the ridiculous punches and laugh at the cheekiness, rather than rolling your eyes in derision, because otherwise you’ll just strain yourself (and said eyes).


MBLAQ – “Running and Running”Download ]

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