04.09.11 [Allkpop] Rain Sues Drama Production Company For Unpaid Wages From “Fugitive”

by dsl99a

On April 8th, Rain reportedly filed a lawsuit against drama production company ‘D‘ for unpaid wages from his stint with KBS’s “Fugitive: Plan B“. The star alleges that the company owes him $396,000 USD for his work with the drama.

“My contract with the production company specifically stated that I was to receive $50,000 USD per episode for a total of 16 episodes and get paid the tax-added value later,” said Rain. “But I’ve only been paid my contract fee – $320,000 USD – and a second payment of the same amount. I was not paid the remaining $160,000 USD, as well as payments for the extra four episodes I appeared in, rounding out the total to $396,000 USD.”

Rain continued, “I was asked to appear for the extra episodes without getting paid first, but I didn’t want to disappoint the viewers by rejecting the offer. I agreed to the extra episodes and finished the finale. The very next day, I even received proof of payment from the company, but they did not keep their promise.”

Last December, co-star Lee Na Young also filed a lawsuit against the production company for not getting paid for her appearance in the first episode.

Source: Daum //allkpop

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