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November 23, 2010

11.23.10 [Clip] The Fugitive PlanB Teaser 1-5 For Promotion Traveling

by kajima

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November 6, 2010

11.06.10 [dramabeans] Runaway Plan B: Halftime report

by jax625

Thanks so much for the detailed report Javabeans! To our readers…please note: This post contains spoilers for those who are not caught up with all the episodes yet, so proceed at your own risk ^^

**please do not repost without credits to & javabeans, thanks!

All right, folks, time to check back in with Runaway Plan B. I’ve been watching the episodes despite not recapping it, and now at the halfway mark, I can say that the show is better now than it was at the outset. I’m still a few points away from loving it, but I’m more invested than I was.

I said in the initial recap (and the podcast) that I liked it with some reservations, because there were a few key points that kept me from jumping fully onboard. Like the super-slickness, the style-without-a-heart vibe, the bravado. And one main weak point still holds it back: While the individual episodes move briskly (how can they not, with all that running?), the overall story progresses at a creepy-crawl. If you cut through the action and the fighting and boil down what actually happened in an episode, you’ll see that plot movement only actually makes up small fraction of the real estate. There’s a lot of time spent on filler stuff, like the other PIs in other countries and whatnot. But maybe that’s intentional.

On the upside, Runaway IS very easy to watch. And it may have taken about six episodes before I cared anything about any character, but here at Episode 10, we’re making some nice movements forward. (Finally!)

Here’s the thing, though: You absolutely can’t take it seriously. You have to approach the drama knowing it’s all fun fluff, whether we’re talking about everyone’s magic designer wardrobe — despite being on the run five times per episode — or escaping from handcuffs with a bendy straw. You’ve gotta roll with the ridiculous punches and laugh at the cheekiness, rather than rolling your eyes in derision, because otherwise you’ll just strain yourself (and said eyes).


MBLAQ – “Running and Running”Download ]

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October 18, 2010

10.17.10 [AsiaEconomy] Interest is on tourist attractions in Asia shown as the setting of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

As KBS 2TV’s new drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ is a smash hit among young people, interest is on tourist attractions in Asia shown as the setting of the drama.

In the drama, some of the most striking scenery throughout Asia such as China, Japan, Macau, etc. have been shown with an intense cat-and-mouse game.

There is a new trend that traces the shooting locations abroad as if a “Find the hidden picture” game is done in the drama by young viewers.

For this reason, Modu Tours Incorporated is proud to announce exciting tour packages which are designed to visit spots in the Philippines, Japan’s Osaka, Kyoto, Gobe, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. under the title of ‘Catching Up With ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ as if the pursuer goes after ‘Ji Woo’ (Jung Ji Hoon or Rain) in the drama.

With the show-stopping performances of the main actors and the supporting actors, the story unfolding at a quick pace, movie-like window, and a nice view in the drama, ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that is suspenseful has caught viewers’ attention.

credit to Asia Economy … &aid=0002469971

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 14, 2010

10.14.10 [MorningNews] Rain is showered with high praise for his outstanding performance in “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

“Time went by so quickly as I felt as if 60 minutes were 10 minutes”

“I almost cried, noticing the time passing”

“My eyes were fixed to the TV, and even I couldn’t breathe, when I was watching the drama on TV”

Writings giving the 5th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ aired on the 13th good reviews, flooded the Internet message board.

In the episode, ‘Jinny’ (Lee Na Young) &’Ji Woo’ (Rain) arrived in Beijing after managing to escape ‘Do Soo’s chase (Lee Jung Jin), but the ring of ‘Mijin'(Yun Son Ha) was already waiting for the two, laying a trap for them with using ‘Jang Si Boo'(Gong Hyung Jin) as bait to trap them.

But ‘Ji Woo’ who has quick wits, saw through their deceit at a glance and turns the table by channeling the attack onto his opponent.

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October 12, 2010

10.12.10 [EngTrans] “The Fugitive Plan B” Episode 5 + Preview

by jax625


Ji Woo(Rain) : The destination of our trip is Beijing because I want to eat Beijing Duck.


Mijin (Yun Son Ha) : Women should be used to bait the hook, and pull off your car in front of Beijing Duck restaurant.


Nacamura Howang & Jang Si Boo : We’ve properly laid a trap for (Ji Woo)

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October 12, 2010

10.12.10 [KBS] The plot summary of the 5th episode of ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’

by jax625

5부 :: 10월 13일 수요일 밤 9시 55분

가까스로 도수의 추격을 피해 북경에 도착한 진이와 지우.
그러나 그곳엔 장사부를 미끼로 함정을 파놓고 있는 미진 일당이 기다리고 있다.

그러나 지우는 이미 그 사실을 간파하고 함정을 역이용해 음모의 실체에 한 발 다가서려한다.
함정인 줄 알면서 다가가는 위험한 일을 앞에 두고 티격태격하면서도 점점 스스럼없어지는 지우와 진이 두 사람.

더 이상 이 둘을 지켜볼 수만 없어진 카이가 만사를 제껴두고 북경에 도착하는 사이, 도수의 팀도 백팀장과 연락마저 끊는 배수의 진을 치고 지우와 장사부를 덮치기 위해 북경에 들어오는데….

(english translation below)

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September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [Star News]Rain, “I have a good feeling about ‘The Fugitive Plan B”. I haven’t bought any lottery ticket.”

by jax625

Rain (his real name is ‘Jung Ji Hoon’) who has made his comeback on an action epic drama, has been certainly self-confident.

Rain attended a press conference promoting KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, scheduled to be aired every Wednesday and Thursday, in Lotte Hotel’s Grand Volume Hall, Sogong-dong, Seoul, on the 27th, at 11am.

Rain said, “I play an unprecedented character in the drama. I talked about the drama with dramatist ‘Cheon Sung Il’ a lot even when I decided it was worth it at first. My character is steadily action oriented when he has a woman he is content with. I’ve been shooting the drama in an enjoyable atmosphere. Please watch the drama shooting with good cheer.”

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September 21, 2010

09.21.10 [StarNews]”The Fugitive: Plan B” starring Rain receives huge attention from throughout Asia even before it begins broadcasting

by jax625

The Fugitive: Plan B” starring Ran (his real name Jung Ji Hoon), KBS 2TV’s new drama to be aired every Wednesday and Thursday, whose first episode will be aired on September 29th, is receiving huge attention from throughout Asia, including Chinese speaking countries and Southeast Asia like Philippines, etc.

The Philippines where the drama shoot has recently been finished on location, have greater expectations of the drama than ever even before it begins broadcasting.

‘Philippine Daily Inquirer’ and ‘Manila Bulletin’, the Philippines’ leading newspapers, reported about ‘the Fugitive Plan B’ on location in that country and its press conference last 9th, with the great expectation.

Last 18th, ‘Philippine Daily Inquirer’ released an article titled, “Rain, at last”, and introduced the drama and its press conference in that country.

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September 19, 2010

09.19.10 [Yonhap] Hyundai Motor’s marketing strategy that uses “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

“The Fugitive Plan B” has been talk of the town in the film industry as it stars South Korea’s biggest heartthrobs, such as Rain who has emerged as a rising Hollywood star, Daniel Henney, Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin, etc, while being filmed on location in Asian countries, Japan, Beijing, Macau and so on.

Hyundai Motor plans to maximize the advertising effect by putting various strategic kinds of cars they have in the drama, focusing on this characteristic, “The Fugitive Plan B” features a lot of dynamic road chase scenes.

Their brand-new automobile ‘Sonata’ will be seen as Ji Woo’s (Rain) car in the drama.

credit: Money Today + Prime Economy + Yonhap News

August 23, 2010

08.01.10 [Pics] Rain Filming Fugitive In Beijing

by dsl99a

*So handsome!! *swoon*

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