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January 25, 2011

01.25.11 [dramabeans] Lee Jung-jin in High Cut (…in bed)

by jax625

For those of you having Do Soo withdrawals (like me!) , enjoy ~

Mrowr. This is an Lee-Jung-jin-looking-mighty-pretty post, so I may just run out of brainpower halfway through it. Something about this man just makes my brain shut off, leaving me with just enough energy to drool. Um, figuratively speaking.

So here we have a photo shoot for High Cut magazine, in which Lee Jung-jin is lounging around, cavorting on a bed, baring chest and belly and boxer shorts. Also looking mighty carefree and happy, which is like a cheap shot to get us to Awww over him given how tortured and hurty he was in his last drama, Runaway Plan B. There there, Mr. Hot Scruffy Cop, Rain will make it better.


(Seriously, their bromance is a thing of beauty, though altogether WAY too short-lived in the drama, and underdeveloped. The Runaway special was pretty hilarious, though, with the entire first fifteen minutes basically acting as Lee Jung-jin’s love letter to Rain. It was awesome.)

These days, Lee Jung-jin can be seen in the KBS2 reality show Qualifications of a Man… which I’ll have to get to watching right away. (Is it any good, variety watchers out there?)

And here my brain shuts off so I’ll have to sign off and go stare some more

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November 22, 2010

11.22.10 [KBS] Final Showdown Escalates Tension In “The Fugitive”

by dsl99a

The blockbuster show “The Fugitive: Plan B” is heading toward a final showdown as it winds down.

In the November 18 episode, Ji-ni (Lee Na-young) decides to face off against Yang Doo-hee (Song Jae-ho), the evil man who murdered her parents for gold bullions, after succeeding in taking the gold away from Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin), a police detective who hid it away after finding out his boss let Doo-hee get away with murder.

Without letting Ji-woo (Rain), a private detective whom she has hired and fallen in love with, Ji-ni goes to the police chief, who serves as an informant for Doo-hee, and tells him to inform Doo-hee that she has the gold and that he should call her within 24 hours if he wants to get it.

Leaving the police station, Ji-ni informs Ji-woo over a wiretapping device that Ji-woo placed on Ji-ni’s jacket. She has known about the device from the beginning. She says, “Don’t worry about me. Seeing the gold, I just became concerned that you may take it all and leave me. I thought it may be better to leave you before I come to suspect and distrust you. I don’t want you to take a risk for me any more.”

Ji-ni alone waits in anxiety for Doo-hee to call her. But he advertently calls her after the deadline she set, and she tells him, “You ignored the deadline, so it’s over between you and me.” With plots to set her up, Doo-hee sends a text message notifying the time and place at which they will meet by text message to Ji-ni, as well as Kai (Daniel Henney) and Ji-woo. He wants to get rid of all three of them at one location and hires a sniper.

This development has heightened curiosity and tension about the ending of the show. Viewers said on the drama board that they cannot wait to see how Ji-woo and Ji-ni escape the danger this time and who will rise as the ultimate victor.

Writer: TV Report


November 15, 2010

11.15.10 [Pics] Rain, Lee Na Young, & Lee Jung Jin filming “The Fugitive: Plan B”

by jax625

기발한치킨 食雞專門店

地址 :
경기 부천시 원미구 심곡동
京畿道 富川市 元美區 深谷洞
simgokI-Dong,wonmli-gu bucheon-si Gyeong gi-do

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November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [TwitPic] Lee Jung Jin filming + “Fugitive” set

by jax625

On Monday 8th November 2010, @moonbeards said:
남자의자격 태권도 흰띠!! 이제는..국민 액션배우 정진이형과 양두희역에 송재호선생님..그리고..오늘은 누워만있는 김형사 형종이형님의 촬영현장입니다^^
형종이형이 누워만 있는이유는..이번주 도망자를 보시면 알게딉니다~~^^
도망자 본.방.사.수! !

credit: @moonbeards // Ryan Moon

source :

November 2, 2010

11.01.10 [Engsub] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.10

by jax625


Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN

MU Download

~Thanks so much to all the hard work that was put into subbing these eps for the fans! xoxo’s RainCloudHK & Rain Vietnam and everyone who contributed!!!

November 1, 2010

11.01.10 [KBS] Revenge Looms in ‘The Fugitive’

by jax625

A protagonist swears to take revenge against an enemy for killing his fellow man in “The Fugitive: Plan B.”

In the October 28 episode, Ji-woo (Rain) and Ji-ni (Lee Na-young) face the danger of losing their lives after being caught by Yang Doo-hee (Song Jae-ho). Ji-woo tries to makes a deal with Doo-hee since he has found out his identity and motives. But Doo-hee insteads orders Mi-jin (Yoon Sohn-ha) to get rid of them for his safety.

Mi-jin has already kidnapped Jang Sa-bu (Kong Hyung-jin), a fellow private agent of Ji-woo’s. She threatens to poison Sa-bu to death if Ji-woo does not cooperate. And when Ji-woo resists and does not give the answers they want, she kills Sa-bu in front of Ji-woo, making Ji-woo feel tormented. Mi-jin then tries to inject the poison into Ji-ni.

Fortunately, Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin) visits Ji-ni in timely manner, and Ji-woo escapes with Ji-ni in the meantime. They go to the temple where they hid themselves before. Ji-woo, giving Sa-bu’s hair to a reverend there, asks him to pray for him. “I couldn’t bring his body and so instead I brought this hair. He died because of me,” he says guiltily.

Ji-woo then calls Mi-jin and warns that he will seek revenge. He says, “You are no longer a menace since I know all about your group. You may have had an advantageous position when I was detained, but since I’m out I will not let you get away. This is a warning. I will not forgive you.”

His remarks hint that he will not deal with them as private agents for Ji-ni but clash with them head-on for his own vengeance.

“The Fugitive” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS2 at 9:55 p.m.

Writer: Roh Ji-won


October 25, 2010

10.25.10 [KBS GLOBAL] Protagonist (Ji Woo) Attempts to Escape Prison

by jax625

The tension is building up in the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” as a protagonist is being set up as the one behind a mysterious murder case.

In the October 21 episode, Ji-woo (Rain), a private investigator hired by Ji-ni (Lee Na-young) to investigate who killed her parents, is caught by police as well as painted as Melgidec, the real murder suspect.

Trying to find a way out of prison, Ji-woo succeeds in obtaining a pen he can use to unlock the handcuffs on his wrist when a fellow investigator comes to find Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin), who is watching Ji-woo. But his attempt does not succeed.

While Ji-woo is trying to figure out the true identity of Kai, who Ji-ni loves and trusts and who is plotting to paint him as Melgidec, Ji-ni comes and hurls criticism at him, saying she hasn’t suspected at all that he could be Melgidec. The fabricated evidence proves it — Ji-woo wired money to the account of Kevin (Oh Ji-ho), his best friend who died in a mysterious fire, whenever Ji-ni’s people were killed. It means that Ji-woo is Melgidec, and that he asked Kevin to get rid of them.

When he hears this from Do-soo, Ji-woo denies his involvement, saying the account is not his and claiming that he knows who is behind this conspiracy. But that does not help prove his innocence, and he is to be transferred to prosecutors.

Before being handed over to prosecutors, Ji-woo calls Ji-ni and says firmly that the evidence is fabricated and she should not believe anything. And he once again tries to unlock the handcuffs with a straw he had hidden earlier.

Viewers said that the episode was the most exciting and thrilling so far.


October 21, 2010

10.21.10 [Korean Economy] Expectations are growing that ‘The Fugitive Plan B’s plot line will start to gather momentum

by jax625

KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’s plot line has started to gather momentum.

In the 7th episode of the drama on October 20th, Kai (Daniel Henney) brought Jinny to ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man) as ‘Yang Du Hee’ ordered, but Kai insisted that he would never forsake Jinny (Lee Na Young) in front of ‘Yang Du Hee’.

Kai, who is as cold as a stone, had ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) pegged as the murder of Jinny’s family members by saying, “Ji Woo is the Megideck”, and then, Kai and Jinny enjoyed dating in a long time.

‘Ji Woo’ who didn’t know such situation, visited Jinny with impatience in order to tell her that Kai was in league with the enemy, but he saw Kai and Jinny kissing. To make matters worse, ‘Ji Woo’ was arrested by Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin)

When ‘Ji Woo’ who never lost his sense of smile in any dangerous situations, was devastated without smiling by the situation where Jinny was in Kai’s arms without receiving Ji Woo’s phone call, its audiences felt sorry for ‘Ji Woo’ to see him in such a situation.

From the 8th episode to be aired on October 21th, the story based on reasonableness will be developed in earnest.

Since the upcoming episodes will be set in Korea, it is expected that subtitles will go down markedly, which will engross the audiences and pull them into the drama.

Do Soo’s (Lee Jung Jin) sense of release is only momentary after arresting ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain). As the investigation progresses, too perfect evidence that has surfaced is thrown discredit on ‘Do Soo’, “It would not be a common murder case.”

Kai (Daniel Henney) tries to make the Josun Bank bill back for sparing Jinny (Lee Na Young) her life, perfectly getting set to team with ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man).

The situation becomes so aggravated that ‘Ji Woo’ who has been completely nonchalant must avow that he is the Megideck, as ‘Ji Woo’s attorney suddenly disappears and they have obtained conclusive evidence that ‘Ji Woo’ is the Megideck.

Even if Jinny is sure that ‘Ji Woo’ should be the Megideck after hearing the explanation from Kai, she has niggling doubts about Kai’s identity because of some aspects of the truth ‘Ji Woo’ has showed her.

Officilas from the drama production asked, “You can have an opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of mystery and detective drama through the 8th episode. Please keep watching out for the drama how endangered ‘Ji Woo’ will deal with trouble.”

In the preview of the 8th episode, when Jinny is seen to be in tears, visiting ‘Ji Woo’ who has been prisoned, its audiences have expressed that they are filled with anticipation about the episode, commenting on it, “I hope her to believe ‘Ji Woo’ at the very least.” “I was moved to her tears at the scene”

credit to Korean Economy
Brief translation by rain bird.

October 20, 2010

10.20.10 [Sports Today]The greatly anticipated fighting scene between Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ in water in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

The fighting scene between Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ in water in KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ to be aired on the 20th is greatly anticipated.

In the preview of The Fugitive Plan B’ last 14th, ‘Do Soo'(Lee Jung Jin) who lost trace of ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) frequently, declared, “If I can’t catch him (Ji Woo) up to today, I’ll resign from my position following this incident.” which arouses viewers’ interest in whether ‘Do Soo’ can catch ‘Ji Woo’

It is expected that this action scene in water will be the ultimate fantasy one between the two during a cat-and-mouse game throughout several countries abroad.

It is said that staffs were amazed that the two could act perfectly, showing off their extreme concentration and team work that is in perfect harmony even if it was too difficult for them to perform the action scene in water.

credit to Sports Today

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 20, 2010

10.20.10 [Star News] How the brain of Rain in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ is organized, is released.

by jax625

How the brains of the stars in KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ are organized, is released.

The brain structures recently released on the drama’s official website show that the mysterious death of ‘Ji Woo’s close friend ‘Kevin’ (O Ji Ho) occupies the middle of ‘Ji Woo’s brain (Rain)

‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) wept hot at Kevin’s sudden death, but ‘Ji Woo’ has been unjustly accused of the murder by the police.

In addition, each of three, “‘Eon Nyun’ (Lee Da Hae’s character’s name in drama Chuno, and she has played a cameo role in the first episode of The Fugitive Plan B’) who has broken up with ‘Ji Woo’ only because of 3 hundred millions KRW “, “The client who is worth about a hundred million KRW,” and ” I’m feeling a sort of taking the bait”, is a part of ‘Ji Woo’s brain.

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