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April 9, 2011

04.09.11 [Allkpop] Rain Sues Drama Production Company For Unpaid Wages From “Fugitive”

by dsl99a

On April 8th, Rain reportedly filed a lawsuit against drama production company ‘D‘ for unpaid wages from his stint with KBS’s “Fugitive: Plan B“. The star alleges that the company owes him $396,000 USD for his work with the drama.

“My contract with the production company specifically stated that I was to receive $50,000 USD per episode for a total of 16 episodes and get paid the tax-added value later,” said Rain. “But I’ve only been paid my contract fee – $320,000 USD – and a second payment of the same amount. I was not paid the remaining $160,000 USD, as well as payments for the extra four episodes I appeared in, rounding out the total to $396,000 USD.”

Rain continued, “I was asked to appear for the extra episodes without getting paid first, but I didn’t want to disappoint the viewers by rejecting the offer. I agreed to the extra episodes and finished the finale. The very next day, I even received proof of payment from the company, but they did not keep their promise.”

Last December, co-star Lee Na Young also filed a lawsuit against the production company for not getting paid for her appearance in the first episode.

Source: Daum //allkpop

April 3, 2011

04.03.11 [Pics] ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ in Japan Magazine

by jax625


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March 16, 2011

03.16.11 [Info]The pre-selling of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ DVD begins

by jax625

The Fugitive PLAN B: KBS Drama (English Subtitles) DVD

DVD Release Date March 25, 2011

The pre-selling of DVD of KBS 2TV drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ starring Rain and ‘Lee Na Young’, has begun.

It will be subtitled in English.

The selling price is 100,000 won.(around US $ 88.5)

Its products will be on the market on March 25, 2011.

They are scheduled to be sent out on March 26, 2011. (It it will be based on pre-selling)

The domestic shipping and handling fee is free.

바로구매하기 : making a buying decision

회원주문로그인: logging in for membership

비회원주문로그인 : logging in for nonmembership

로그인 : log in

Brief translation by rain bird.

March 5, 2011

08.22.10 [Old Pics] Rain & Lee Jung-jin Filming In Macau

by dsl99a

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February 19, 2011

02.16.11 [Clip] Drama City Seoul Episode 111–Making of The Fugitive Plan B

by dsl99a

*This behind-the-scenes clip consist mostly of Rain, Lee Na-young and Daniel Henney ^ ^

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January 26, 2011

01.26.11 [Info] Fugitive is now on HULU! + Special Ep.21 (EngSub)

by jax625

I am so excited to announce that “Fugitive” is now available to watch on HULU! Even better, you can now wath the Special ep.21 with Eng Subs here >>

The Lee Jung Jin / Rain Bromance is in full effect during the special…so enjoy! ~


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January 25, 2011

01.25.11 [dramabeans] Lee Jung-jin in High Cut (…in bed)

by jax625

For those of you having Do Soo withdrawals (like me!) , enjoy ~

Mrowr. This is an Lee-Jung-jin-looking-mighty-pretty post, so I may just run out of brainpower halfway through it. Something about this man just makes my brain shut off, leaving me with just enough energy to drool. Um, figuratively speaking.

So here we have a photo shoot for High Cut magazine, in which Lee Jung-jin is lounging around, cavorting on a bed, baring chest and belly and boxer shorts. Also looking mighty carefree and happy, which is like a cheap shot to get us to Awww over him given how tortured and hurty he was in his last drama, Runaway Plan B. There there, Mr. Hot Scruffy Cop, Rain will make it better.


(Seriously, their bromance is a thing of beauty, though altogether WAY too short-lived in the drama, and underdeveloped. The Runaway special was pretty hilarious, though, with the entire first fifteen minutes basically acting as Lee Jung-jin’s love letter to Rain. It was awesome.)

These days, Lee Jung-jin can be seen in the KBS2 reality show Qualifications of a Man… which I’ll have to get to watching right away. (Is it any good, variety watchers out there?)

And here my brain shuts off so I’ll have to sign off and go stare some more

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December 29, 2010

► Welcome to Fugitive625

by jax625

Sadly, the time has come…

Now that “Fugitive Plan B” has come to an end, and all the eps have been subbed, FUGITIVE625 is no longer an active blog. HOWEVER, we will be posting articles related to the drama from time to time since FUGITIVE is scheduled to air in other countries in 2011. Please follow us on our Facebook & Twitter to be notified of any future updates!

Thanks so much to everyone involved in this blog as well as our site visitors, it’s truly been a pleasure!

We will be keeping the blog opened for archiving & posting another Open Thread so that everyone can stay on touch!


Catch up on the past episodes of “The Fugitive: Plan B ” ! You can find our list of links to watch  streaming, online, & downloads [HERE], or by visiting our Episodes category [HERE].

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December 23, 2010

12.22.10 [d/l]”The Fugitive: Plan B” Eps 17,18,19,20 -EngSubs

by jax625

THANKS soooo much for all the hard work subbing these last eps girls!!!! You have made a lot of people happy, and just in time for the Holidays ^o^

[Engsub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 17

Eng trans:ezy85@soompi
Proofreading: Cuckoo@New York Cloud
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN

[Engsub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 18

Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN

[Engsub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 19

Eng trans:Eng trans:ezy85@soompi
Proofreading: Cuckoo@New York Cloud
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN

[Engsub] The Fugitive PlanB ep 20

Eng trans:huhuhuhu@raincloudhk
Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN
Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN

December 21, 2010

12.20.10 [EngSub] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.20 – Watch Online

by jax625

You can catch the final episode of “Fugitive” online @ here >>

~This episode is subbed by WithS2 subs

**please note: there is no eng subbed download for this episode yet, but we will post links as soon as they become available!