11.08.10 [FanArt] Fanmade “Fugitive” Pics

by jax625

credit as tagged + dc plan b gallary + @yuki_maman


10 Comments to “11.08.10 [FanArt] Fanmade “Fugitive” Pics”

  1. OMG!!
    JAX I LOVE ALL OF THEM so cute, funny awesome yet charming u the BOM BABE!! :p)

  2. OMG!! They’re all awesome! That was so cute of Rain with LJJ on that bench…If I’m not mistaken that facila expression was duting the scene where he was on the red car and his feet was on the dashboard while humming and eating nuts hahaha… I love that scene

  3. opppsss…*facila was supposed to be facial….hehehe

  4. @pliue
    r talking the one rain big face with LJJ sint on the bench ahahhahha that right that is the one kekekek i love watchihng him cross his leg and eating the nut and sing too so ardorable ekekek

  5. @kongsao..you’re right…he’s so “adorkable” hahahha

  6. OMG all of these are awsome and very funny!!! They are funny even though I do not know what they are saying. Can someone eng sub them? Once again they are so funny!!!!!

  7. oh ~LOL .. HAHAHA !!! ! ! ! !

  8. Love…love this.

  9. hahaha…so cute…….love’em =)

  10. hahahahahaha These is so cute!

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