11.02.10 [HanCinema]The Fugitive Plan B’ Continues Filming Without Actress Yoon Son-ha

by moonrogue

Actress Yoon Son-ha, who had a car accident, will be temporarily dropped from the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive Plan B“.

The chief producer of the drama “The Fugitive Plan B“, Jeong Hae-ryong said, “By operating ‘Plan B’, just like the title of the drama, we urgently are modifying the script so that professor Hwang Mi Jin, whom Yoon Son-ha plays, will dissappear for a while by engaging in a different case, so there will be no effect on the flow of the drama”. Jeong added, “The subplot has been prepared in advance, so there will be no big changes in developing the storylines; rather, the drama seems to be developing into more exciting stories. We already made the necessary settings for her to come back to the drama as soon as Yoon Son-ha recovers her heath”. A spokesperson for Yoon Son-ha‘s agency said, “The production staff members want her to join filming soon, and Yoon also has a strong will to come back to the drama, so she may participate in filming even though she has to sit in a wheelchair in front of the camera once she is recovered”.

Yoon Son-ha had a car accident when her car crashed into a guardrail on October 30, and she had to undergo a surgical operation on her right leg due to a fracture caused by the accident. Her agency said, “The surgery was successfully finished, and she will consider coming back to filming after receiving hospital treatment for about a week”.

Source : english.kbs.co.kr… ( English Korean )


3 Comments to “11.02.10 [HanCinema]The Fugitive Plan B’ Continues Filming Without Actress Yoon Son-ha”

  1. Thanks so much for posting this news!!!!

    GET WELL SOON YOON SON HA! **fighting**

  2. I am glad to hear that they have figured out how she can recover and return to the drama. She is doing an excellent job acting out her character. I hope she gets well soon. I look forward to her returning.

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