10.13.10 [EngSub] Full Version of Lee Jung Jin on Star Date

by jax625

Lee Jung Jin talks about Fugitive, Daniel Henney, and working with Rain, LOVE THIS! Thanks Kajima ^^

source: kbsworld@youtube


4 Comments to “10.13.10 [EngSub] Full Version of Lee Jung Jin on Star Date”

  1. That was soooo cute!

  2. LOL @ the Daniel Henney / Yacht / Luxury comment. Funny stuff! Can’t wait to see more interviews!

  3. I never really knew of Lee Jung Jin until Fugitive came around. He’s such a cutie :o) He should’ve said that his charm is his humour! He’s super funny ^_^ Come to think of it, the more I look at him, the more he looks like my best friend. Oh wow, he’s gonna have such a big head if I tell him that he looks like a famous Korean actor…lol! As always, thanks for sharing :o)

    • Hey, Sis! Dang…your best friend looks like LJJ? *swoon* Lucky girl…shares pores with DPH at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere, gets her ??s answered by DPH + A WAVE on his fan vid and now your best friend looks like LJJ?! Gurl, you truly blessed! Hahahaha…I’m so fully of jealousness right now.

      I first saw LJJ in the kdrama “I Love You, Don’t Cry” – over 130 episodes! Thank goodness they were only half hour episodes otherwise I wouldn’t have made it. I definitely like him MUCH MUCH better in Fugitive…

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