09.09.10 [New] 80+ pics from “S1. Plan B” Press Conference in Manila

by jax625

**sorry if there are some repeats in here!!!

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7 Comments to “09.09.10 [New] 80+ pics from “S1. Plan B” Press Conference in Manila”

  1. awwawawaaaaaaaaaaaa the guy look so dashing in here esp rain so tan look so DRAN GOOD i very love that tan of him it making me wanted to feel the sking and body how smooth is rain iss uuuhhhhhhhhhhh :P)
    thathat a FULL HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE i gald this is real and they keep our man and all them comfident rain my love have a great concert and more filming to catch !!

  2. It’s funny but Rain looks more like a Filipino than a Korean with his deeply tanned skin. I’m wondering why he did not speak English at the conference, instead he used an interpreter. His English is not actually bad and he speaks conversational English. Besides Filipinos will understand simple sounding English or broken English, we are so used to that. Unlike some Americans if a word is mispronounced they can no longer understand it.

  3. Not to bash, but does anyone think LNY looks really old with her sagging skin in the closeup of her face? Hmm..

  4. Why is that Lee Jung Jin is located at the side…He’s super gwapo! Love him Can’t hardly wait for the airing of the FUGUTiVE! I really want to meet Lee Jung Jin so badly! Loved him….super Handsome and Cute!

  5. Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!!!
    Wot da great shots!!!!!! Thx you so much. ^^~

  6. The press con seems to have gone well. The room was packed. I could see Pinky Webb and the controversial Mo Twister. Rain was laughing. The casts looked great and I wish I was there. I am feeling really depressed.

  7. I LOVE his golden tanned skin!……………It’s RIDICULOUS how beautiful Bi is!!……………..and Heeyy Mr. Henney, I see your fine self too, Sweet Thang!…………..(SMILES)

    @ felisshi,

    I read somewhere that Rain speaks in his native tongue and uses an interpreter during press conferences sometimes because he wants to be clearly understood and doesn’t want his words taken out of context subject to interpretation. He wants people to know precisely what he is saying and what he means.

    With the recent confusion regarding the press conference in the Phillipine media, can you blame him?

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