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December 9, 2010

12.09.10 [popseoul] The Fugitive Plan B is coming to a close in Korea

by jax625

The Fugitive Plan B is coming to a close in Korea but the show will begin in April, in this country (Japan)…

“The Fugitive Plan B” aired their finale tonight with a special behind-the-scenes episode scheduled for tomorrow. However, Japan wants to experience the fun all over again (or shall I say for the first time).

Recently, the drama’s production company CEO stated the following to “Sports Today“:

“It has been decided that the show will begin its air in Japan. In  April 2011 ,’Fugitive’ will begin broadcasting on So-net, a station affiliated with Sony Group”

In addition to Japan, the “Plan B” sold distribution rights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

Which country’s heart will they “Runaway” with next?

Source: Asia Economic Daily and KBS Media // popseoul

October 23, 2010

10.23.10[new]The plot summary of the 9th EP of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by wawalalal

9부 :: 10월 27일 수요일 밤 9시 55분

수 갑을 풀고 경찰호송차량에서 탈출하는 지우는 진이와 카이가 있는 여운사로 향한다. 지우를 놓친 외사과는 발칵 뒤집히지만 나까무라황에게서 케빈의 유서를 입수하고 도수의 휴대전화기록을 통해 진이에게까지 접근하게 되면서 수사는 다른 국면으로 접어든다. 그러나 양두희의 압력을 받은 오국장은 지우 탈주 책임을 도수와 윤형사에게 뒤집어씌우며 수사를 방해하고 사건의 실체를 은폐하려한다. 이에 아랑곳없이 윤형사와 함께 지우가 남긴 메모를 단서로, 수사를 강행하는 도수. 한편 지우는 선방에 도착해 카이와 격돌하고…

The 9th episode :: On Wednesday, October 27th, at 9:55pm.

‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) heads for Yeowoonsa, a temple, that’s where Jinny (Lee Na Young) and Kai (Daniel Henney) are, after escaping from a police van, unlocking his handcuffs.
The section of foreign in the police becomes in an uproar when they’ve lost ‘Ji Woo’, but they obtain Kevin’s will from ‘Nakamura Howang’ source and try to blow Jinny’s cover, going over Do Soo’s cellphone records that show that ‘Ji Woo’ has had a phone call with Jinny, and the investigation enters new conditions. (Do Soo: Lee Jung Jin)
But, under the pressure of ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man), the police chief conceals the facts and obstacles Do Soo’s investigation, blaming ‘Do Soo’ and female detective ‘Yun’ for the incident that is what the suspect (Ji Woo) has escaped while the police are negligent in guarding him.
‘Do Soo’ with Yun press ahead with this investigation by using Ji Woo’s note that could hold the key to the incident, paying no heed to this situation.
Meanwhile, ‘Ji Woo’ smashes into Kai, arriving in the temple.

Brief translation credit: rain

October 21, 2010

10.21.10 [Korean Economy] Expectations are growing that ‘The Fugitive Plan B’s plot line will start to gather momentum

by jax625

KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’s plot line has started to gather momentum.

In the 7th episode of the drama on October 20th, Kai (Daniel Henney) brought Jinny to ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man) as ‘Yang Du Hee’ ordered, but Kai insisted that he would never forsake Jinny (Lee Na Young) in front of ‘Yang Du Hee’.

Kai, who is as cold as a stone, had ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) pegged as the murder of Jinny’s family members by saying, “Ji Woo is the Megideck”, and then, Kai and Jinny enjoyed dating in a long time.

‘Ji Woo’ who didn’t know such situation, visited Jinny with impatience in order to tell her that Kai was in league with the enemy, but he saw Kai and Jinny kissing. To make matters worse, ‘Ji Woo’ was arrested by Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin)

When ‘Ji Woo’ who never lost his sense of smile in any dangerous situations, was devastated without smiling by the situation where Jinny was in Kai’s arms without receiving Ji Woo’s phone call, its audiences felt sorry for ‘Ji Woo’ to see him in such a situation.

From the 8th episode to be aired on October 21th, the story based on reasonableness will be developed in earnest.

Since the upcoming episodes will be set in Korea, it is expected that subtitles will go down markedly, which will engross the audiences and pull them into the drama.

Do Soo’s (Lee Jung Jin) sense of release is only momentary after arresting ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain). As the investigation progresses, too perfect evidence that has surfaced is thrown discredit on ‘Do Soo’, “It would not be a common murder case.”

Kai (Daniel Henney) tries to make the Josun Bank bill back for sparing Jinny (Lee Na Young) her life, perfectly getting set to team with ‘Yang Du Hee’ (Old man).

The situation becomes so aggravated that ‘Ji Woo’ who has been completely nonchalant must avow that he is the Megideck, as ‘Ji Woo’s attorney suddenly disappears and they have obtained conclusive evidence that ‘Ji Woo’ is the Megideck.

Even if Jinny is sure that ‘Ji Woo’ should be the Megideck after hearing the explanation from Kai, she has niggling doubts about Kai’s identity because of some aspects of the truth ‘Ji Woo’ has showed her.

Officilas from the drama production asked, “You can have an opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of mystery and detective drama through the 8th episode. Please keep watching out for the drama how endangered ‘Ji Woo’ will deal with trouble.”

In the preview of the 8th episode, when Jinny is seen to be in tears, visiting ‘Ji Woo’ who has been prisoned, its audiences have expressed that they are filled with anticipation about the episode, commenting on it, “I hope her to believe ‘Ji Woo’ at the very least.” “I was moved to her tears at the scene”

credit to Korean Economy
Brief translation by rain bird.

October 20, 2010

10.20.10 [Sports Today]The greatly anticipated fighting scene between Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ in water in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

The fighting scene between Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ in water in KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ to be aired on the 20th is greatly anticipated.

In the preview of The Fugitive Plan B’ last 14th, ‘Do Soo'(Lee Jung Jin) who lost trace of ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) frequently, declared, “If I can’t catch him (Ji Woo) up to today, I’ll resign from my position following this incident.” which arouses viewers’ interest in whether ‘Do Soo’ can catch ‘Ji Woo’

It is expected that this action scene in water will be the ultimate fantasy one between the two during a cat-and-mouse game throughout several countries abroad.

It is said that staffs were amazed that the two could act perfectly, showing off their extreme concentration and team work that is in perfect harmony even if it was too difficult for them to perform the action scene in water.

credit to Sports Today

Brief translation by rain bird.

October 9, 2010

10.08.10 [allkpop] ‘Fugitive’ will air in seven Asian countries

by jax625

The “Fugitive” director has recently revealed that seven Asian countries will broadcast the show, “Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, China (Including Hong Kong), Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia showed interest in the broadcast since Fugitive’s stage production. The contract for the seven countries and eight channels has been signed.”

There are other countries hoping to broadcast “Fugitive”, and as a result of this deal, the estimated profit of the show is expected to be 150-200% of previous Korean dramas.

Rain clearly played a pivotal role in this unprecedented deal, and the director also thanked other stars, be they Koreans, Chinese, or Japanese, that starred in “Fugitive”.

The show has been hyped due to Rain’s “Hollywood” action qualities, and the quirky humor created by the previous “Chuno (Slave Hunter)” cast. However, the lack of characterization has been a point of criticism among fans.

source: allkpop, nate

October 8, 2010

10.08.10[News]The rights to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ are sold for the highest

by kajima

[Newsen]The rights to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ are sold for the highest price to 7 Asian countries in Korean drama history.

KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ that runs every Wednesday and Thursday, will be on the air in 7 Asian countries.

The drama production formally announced on the 8th, “8 TV channels from 7 Asian countries such as Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia that have presented interest in the drama from the early phase of the project on it, have signed on to secure the rights to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’. ”

Also, countries elsewhere in Asia are in the process of securing the rights to the drama, and the price of the right is known to reach 150%~200% of the average price of Hanryu dramas whose contracts have been signed .

‘The Fugitive Plan B’ caused a sensation for the simple reason of Rain’s appearance on the drama in itself, has been at its highest position ever recorded. He’s lived up to his name ‘World Star’ in the drama, displaying the realistic actions he has been polishing in hollywood to the fullest.

In addition, ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ has been listed as a blockbuster drama receiving huge attention throughout Asia when famous actors and actresses from China and Japan have joined the drama during all of the top stars such as ‘Daniel Henney’, ‘Yun Jin Seo’, ‘Lee Jung Jin’, etc. whose appearance on it.

The drama’s popularity is the result of its unique subject of a vast, shadowy conspiracy surrounding an international private detective and his client, neither of which is love affair viewers have had enough of or monotonous romance.

One key to its popularity is the fine comic lines that make people laugh, written by dramatist ‘Chun Sung Il’ around with trenchant, thoughtful ideas, including the chase scenes while the exotic scenery is unfolding across Asia, Japan, China, Macau, the Philippines, etc.

credit to Newsen

Star News
Brief translation by rain bird.

July 26, 2010

07.26.10 Rain Prepare Shooting Fugitive in Thailand Soon..

by kajima

Today ThaiRat Newspaper (Thailand) reported entertainment news.

” Rain ” Super Star prepared to  shortcuts taken on a new series in Thailand soon …

Foreign news agencies reported on 24 July thatr Ji-hoon ” Rain ” singer – famous actor in South Korea Getting prepared filming a new series on called “Fugitive” in Thailand and other countries in Asia .

At the beginning of the previous month. The television executives KBS  of South Korea said . In their preparation station making a film about a new series that will be rendering the lead . And making a series about . “Fugitive” started somewhat since then in South Korea on June 16 last .

However, recent reports that Rain aged 28 years and the team shooting the series on the Division raised in the shot , Kobe , Kyoto and Osaka in Japan is about 2-3 weeks and are preparing to travel To filming some scenes at some of this series in Thailand However, the K B S refuses to disclose that Filming will take place in any province in Thailand .

At the same report also states that after the completion of filming in Thailand, . Entire team , including Rain is making the trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines as well before this series is officially broadcast with the end of this year .

Transation fromThai into English by kajima.

Source News :

July 24, 2010

07.23.10 [allkpop] Rain’s drama Fugitive headed to Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries

by jax625

Last month we reported that Rain would star in a new KBS drama titled Fugitive and filming for the drama began on June 16th.

Now more information about the filming and progress of the drama have been revealed. The cast of Fugitive has been filming in Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan for the past few weeks. Still shots as the cast members cool off from the hot summer heat from the Osaka filming have been released. **pics previously posted here**

In addition there’s word that once filming wraps up in Osaka, the cast of Fugitive will head to Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

With all these potential filming sites, many are making comparisons with the 2009 popular KBS drama IRIS, where filming locations included various locations in Europe, Japan and China.

This highly anticipated drama will air towards the end of this year and will be about the events that unfold after the sudden reappearance of an astronomical amount of money that was lost after the Korean War.

credit: ghostwriter@allkpop

July 13, 2010

07.12.10 [SportsChosun] Rain starts filming new drama ‘Fugitive’

by jax625

RAIN (real name Jung Ji-hoon) is currently working on his new KBS 2TV drama Fugitive. The drama is touted to be in the non-heavy light comedy genre. Okay, now we know it’s not a serious spy drama like IRIS.

In the drama, Rain shares the screen with Lee Na-young and Lee Jung-jin. Fugitive is produced by the same team who brought you Chuno (Slave Hunters).

On location filming has started and the cast and crew were recently in Japan for a 5-day shoot. Filming the drama will take 2 months and they will be going to Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama (Japan), to Shanghai & Beijing (in China), Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and the Philippines!

Fugitive will be broadcast on KBS 2TV soon. Wait for the announcement!

source: Sports Chosun, k-popped

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