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November 8, 2010

11.08.10 [popseoul] Lee Jung-Jin Is A “Ramyeon Man”?

by jax625

The photos of actor Lee Jung-jin cooking ramyeon in his white singlet and red shorts were revealed on the internet!
These photos were taken in his hostel while he was filming KBS’s drama ‘Fugitive Plan B’ overseas. The whole ramyeon cooking process by the actor was captured on camera. He looks attractive even without makeup and good-looking attire.

In a recent interview, Lee said “Due to the long shooting session at overseas, I learned the housewife’s special [know-how of cooking] ramyeon. Now I know how much water I need to fill up even without looking at it. I also know what ingredient to add to make delicious ramyeon”.

It looks like the actor really became a ‘Ramyeon Man’!

credit: roryg2008@popseoul


November 5, 2010

11.05.10 [allkpop] Daniel Henney reflects on the vibrant city of Seoul

by jax625

Earlier today, actor Daniel Henney from KBS’s “Fugitive posted a short vignette video regarding his experiences and views about his new hometown, Seoul.

Daniel Henney arrived in Seoul five years ago and made his acting debut in the popular MBC drama “My Name is Kim Samsoon“. He reflected, “Being here has been an amazing personal journey… I’ve discovered the actor inside of me.” As he takes the viewer through a whirlwind tour of what Seoul means to him, the actor finished up with, ”Seoul is not just a city, it’s a place where amazing things can happen. Just like they had for me.

Check out the video below!

credit: chloejn@allkpop

Source: Daniel Henney’s Facebook

September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [Clips] ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ Press Conference in Seoul – 한국노동방송국 News

by jax625

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September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [Star News]Rain, “I have a good feeling about ‘The Fugitive Plan B”. I haven’t bought any lottery ticket.”

by jax625

Rain (his real name is ‘Jung Ji Hoon’) who has made his comeback on an action epic drama, has been certainly self-confident.

Rain attended a press conference promoting KBS 2TV’s new drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, scheduled to be aired every Wednesday and Thursday, in Lotte Hotel’s Grand Volume Hall, Sogong-dong, Seoul, on the 27th, at 11am.

Rain said, “I play an unprecedented character in the drama. I talked about the drama with dramatist ‘Cheon Sung Il’ a lot even when I decided it was worth it at first. My character is steadily action oriented when he has a woman he is content with. I’ve been shooting the drama in an enjoyable atmosphere. Please watch the drama shooting with good cheer.”

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September 27, 2010

09.27.10 [Clips] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Press Conference in Seoul

by jax625

Credit: ratoka@youtube, YTN news

September 22, 2010

09.22.10 [Pic] Daniel’s Facebook Update

by jax625

~Daniel Henney updated his Official Facebook with this photo & message to fans:

Hey All,
Just wanted to stop in and Say “HI”. Hope you’re all doing well. I’ve enjoyed coming to this page and checking in on everyone here! We’re back in Korea now shooting the FUGITIVE. All of the overseas shoots are finished, and we’re grinding it out on the streets of Seoul! Give us all your love and support!

Ps, here’s shot taken a couple weeks back in Perth, Australia

source: Official Daniel Henney Facebook

September 16, 2010

09.16.10 [Asia Economy] Rain starts shooting the drama straight away upon arrival in Korea

by jax625

Singer and actor Rain who arrived in Seoul on the 15th landing at Incheon International Airport, is to start shooting ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ in Korea immediately.

An official from the drama production told Asia Economy’s Sports Today in a telephone on the 15th, “Rain entered Korea on the morning of the 15th with the cast for the drama, ‘Lee Na Young’, ‘Lee Jung Jin’, ‘Yun Jin Seo’, etc.” and “All the shootings of the drama on location abroad have been completed, and the shooting will begin in earnest in Korea.”

Continuing, “The shooting was progressing nicely, and the cameras are to roll as soon as the remainder of the crew gets back.”

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June 29, 2010

06.29.10 [10Asiae] 3 reasons ‘Runaway’ is a must see drama this year

by jax625

Fugitive (“Domangja s1″) or Runaway a spy thriller action drama is really a must see drama this year.
Want to know why? Here’s the explanation:

1. Killer Productions Drama Team
“Fugitive” will be produced by same team who made successful drama “The Slave Hunter”, director Jeong-Hwan Kwak and screen writer CheonSeong Il.
The Slave Hunter has proven successful in reaching a very high rating and the rating remains constant despite the episode reached 24 episodes.
The screen writer managed to make the storyline remains fast and straightforward but also attractive, interspersed with humor as well touching moment.
Director was also able to choose a player with tremendous acting and directing them well.
“Fugitive” will support a new genre which is romantic-comic-detective action driven. The story about a hefty sum of money popping up sixty years after it disappeared in times of the Korean War.

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