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November 25, 2010

11.25.10 [AllKpop] Actress Yoon Son Ha of ‘Fugitive’ To Make Comeback After Car Accident

by dsl99a

After the unfortunate news of ‘Fugitive‘ actress Yoon Son Ha suffering a car accident on October 30th, it has been announced that the actress has recovered enough to make a surprise comeback in the 19th episode of the drama, to be broadcast this coming December 1st. This resurgence will mark her first appearance in the drama since the 12th episode on November 4th.

According to the scriptwriter of ‘Fugitive, Hwang Mi Jin (Yoon Son Ha) will make an entrance after getting shot by mysterious figures and suddenly disappearing.

“Hwang Mi Jin will make a reappearance as a character who has hold of an important key that will change any earlier predictions of the storyline. Hwang Mi Jin may have disappeared while she was executing bad deeds, but the story will continue on to illustrate her character carrying out even worse actions,” said scriptwriter Chun Sung Il.

With regards to Yoon Son Ha’s drama comeback, Kwak Jung Han PD expressed, “She was inevitably put on provisional leave due to her injuries, however the scriptwriter and myself were in constant discussions on whether the comeback of Yoon Son Ha would allow for a successful conclusion of the storyline.”

Because the actress has not yet fully recovered, the director is working hard with Yoon Son Ha in order to create the most flexible shooting schedule.

Source: SPN via Naver

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