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January 26, 2011

01.26.11 [Info] Fugitive is now on HULU! + Special Ep.21 (EngSub)

by jax625

I am so excited to announce that “Fugitive” is now available to watch on HULU! Even better, you can now wath the Special ep.21 with Eng Subs here >>

The Lee Jung Jin / Rain Bromance is in full effect during the special…so enjoy! ~


cap by jax625

December 24, 2010

12.23.10 [FB] Christmas Wishes from Daniel Henney

by jax625


source: Daniel Henney Official Facebook

December 21, 2010

12.20.10[Pics] Rain and Fugitive:Plan B Cast.

by moonrogue

Credit: Cyworld & Raincloudhk

December 19, 2010

12.19.10 [Korean Magazine] Fugitive: Plan B and Movie Week.

by moonrogue

Credit: Mozine,  Cap by Scorpiola

December 16, 2010

12.15.10 [AllKPop] Rain Announces Plans After Filming Fugitive:Plan B.

by moonrogue

Having completed his return to the small screen for the first time in five years through KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive,” Rain revealed his busy schedule for the remainder of the year.

A representative of Rain’s agency spoke with Star News on December 14th and stated, “Having immersed himself in his acting for the past few months, Rain will be returning to his original profession as a singer and will be busily preparing for his upcoming concert and the comeback of his juniors, MBLAQ.”

MBLAQ’s comeback album is said to be consisting of 10 different tracks, one or two of which will be personally produced by Rain. He will also be the choreographer behind the group’s comeback title track.

Source: Star News via Yahoo Korea // allkpop

December 14, 2010

12.14.10 [Info] Watch “Fugitive” Ep. 17 Online (Eng Subs)

by dsl99a

*This is news for me, been waiting on episode 17, so this is exciting! ^ ^

The Fugitive Plan B Ep. 17

Watch HERE

Eng trans: Written In The Heavens Subbing Squad

December 13, 2010

12.13.10 [Fanmade] Another Rain shows their love and support…Rain is a true hero.

by moonrogue
To most of his fans, he’s just eye candy (indeed that’s what he is! ) but I also admire Rain because he’s a soldier…He’s faced discrimination, family and friends turning their backs when he needed it the most, folks making up cruel rumors about him…anybody else would’ve flipped the world the bird a long time ago! LOL. Yet he just smiles and forgives, he just pushes back harder, he just keeps forging ahead no matter what obstacle. He has literally came from the rags to riches through mere hard work and never letting the fame change him and that’s why Rain is my HERO!!! GO SUPER-RAIN!!!! MUCH LOVE


Credit: Beloved 86

December 13, 2010

12.13.10 [Slideshow] A Fan, a Plan and a Magazine filled with Rain and Fugitive:Plan B.

by moonrogue

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credit: Rainloveraine…..thanks

December 12, 2010

12/12/10 [Picture] Rain, Lee Na-Young and Happy Face.

by moonrogue

Credit:  DC

December 11, 2010

12/10/10 [Picture] Fancam Pic of LNY and Rain.

by moonrogue

Credit: dd 횽 & 지하마녀 @ DC // scorpiolabibi @ youtube

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