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December 20, 2010

12.20.10 [Info] “Fugitive” Cast Drama Links

by jax625

Missing the “Fugitive” cast already? Catch some of their earlier drama’s at Drama Fever!

~you can also catch “Runaway: Plan B” (Fugitive) eps there as well >>

December 17, 2010

12.17.10 [MV.] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade

by kajima

4   MV.Fanmade by Naver Blog (Nothing Better than you)

Upload by Kajima @ Youtube



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December 8, 2010

12.08.10[News]Fugitive: Plan B to air in Japan in April next year

by kajima

The Fugitive: Plan B to air in Japan in April next year.


KBS TV series “”Fugitive: Plan B” will go on air in Japan starting April next year.

CEO Ahn Hyung-soo of the production company of the show told Sports Today over the phone, “It has been decided that the show will begin its air in Japan. Starting April, ‘Fugitive’ will be broadcasted on So-net, a station affiliated with Sony Group.” Ahn added they are currently in talks with other public networks in Japan as well.

In October, the distribution rights to “Fugitive” was sold to seven countries in Asia including Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Fugitive: Plan B,” which will end its run tonight, is helmed by noted director Kwak Jung-hwan and written by Chun Sung-il, the creative duo behind the 2010 hit series “The Slave Hunters.”

The action-comedy drama, starring Rain, Lee Na-young and Daniel Henney, is about a detective and his female client getting chased by cops and gangs as they get entangled in a case searching for gold that disappeared almost a century ago.

The 20-part series first scored viewership ratings in the 20 percent range when it aired on October 7 and has maintained its position at No. 2 on the Wednesday and Thursday primetime slot with ratings in the 13 to 15 percent range.

Source: 10Asiae

December 7, 2010

12.07.10 [Special] Gifts from Korean Cloud to The Fugitve: Plan B

by kajima

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December 6, 2010

12.06.10 [Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade

by kajima

credt to happymimomo blog.


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December 3, 2010

12.03.10 [Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade

by kajima

credit to Happymimomo~

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November 30, 2010

11.30.10 [News] Runaway to end with a special broadcast

by kajima

Although an extension for Runaway Plan B hasbeen nixed, the finale will be pushed back a week thanks to a recent pre-emption; last week’s scheduled episode of Episode 18 was postponed because of the Asia Games. That means 18 and 19 air this week, and the finale broadcasts on Wednesday, December 8.

Since most premieres usually fall on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays (depending on the show), KBS is choosing to hold back its new drama President until the following week. They’ll fill the post-finale slot (Thursday, December 9) with a special broadcast of Runaway instead, which will give us the usual look at behind-the-scenes clips, NGs, and other unaired footage. (A couple media outlets report that the producers are still negotiating, while a few others announce it as a matter of fact.)

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November 25, 2010

11.25.10 [Pics] “The Fugitive Plan B” Official Pictures

by dsl99a

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November 25, 2010

11.2.10 [KBS.Announcement] The 18th episode of “The Fugitive Plan B”

by kajima

KBS.Ofiicial Website  Emergency Announcement of “The Fugitive Plan B” 

 Tonight’s scheduled drama will be broadcast next Wednesday. 

안녕하세요. 플랜B 입니다.
도플비 고객님께 긴급 공지 드립니다.

오늘 밤(11월 25일 목요일) 방송 예정이었던 18부 방송은
광저우 아시안게임 중계로 결방됨을 알려드립니다.

18부 방송은 다음주 수요일 밤 9시 55분에 방송됩니다.

이점 양해 말씀드리며,
<도망자 Plan B>에 변함없는 사랑 부탁드립니다.


Hi, this is Plan B.

Attention,  “The Fugitive Plan B” fans,

 here is the emergency announcement of “The Fugitive Plan B”.

The 18th episode of “The Fugitive Plan B” scheduled for broadcast at 9:55pm today (on Thursday, November 25th), will be broadcast at 9:55pm next Wednesday (December 1st), so tonight’s scheduled drama will be pre-empted by the Guangzhou Asian games final (the women’s Guangzhou Asian games basketball final between South Korea and China.)

Thank you for your anticipated patience in this matter, and we ask for your continued support for “The Fugitive Plan B”.

Thank you. rain bird.

November 24, 2010

11.24.10 [Pics] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.17 Screen Caps

by jax625

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