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December 6, 2010

12.06.10 [Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade

by kajima

credt to happymimomo blog.


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December 4, 2010

12.04.10[Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB (EP.15)Fanmade

by kajima

credit to Happymimomo Blog ~

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December 3, 2010

12.03.10 [Fun Pic] The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade

by kajima

credit to Happymimomo~

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October 31, 2010

10.31.10 [PhotoFun] Fugitive Fill-ins ~ Happy Halloween!

by jax625

Have a safe & Happy Halloween!

Thanks so much for sending in your FF’s MarNies & Eva!!!

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October 12, 2010

10.12.10 [PhotoFun] Fugitive Fill-ins ~ HALLOWEEN EDITION!

by jax625

Even though Halloween is not celebrated all over the world, it still makes for some good photo fun!

Welcome to our latest Fugitive-fill ins “HALLOWEEN EDITION”! What’s different about this “fill-in” is, you can use ANY Fugitive related photo you want and also, you don’t have to fill-in the photo with words…but with props! (although feel free to add word bubbles w/ text if you’d like!). I have some examples below that I made using my favorite online photo editor, If you have photoshop and would like to create your photos with brushes, that’s completely OK…the Picnik program is just a suggestion for those that don’t ^^

This photo project will be opened until October 30th @ midnight EST…all of your submissions will be posted on October 31st!  (PLEASE make sure to write “Fugitive Fill-ins” as well as your name on the photos as well) Email us your entries here >> or in the comment section of this post. We look fwd to all of your submissions!

Recommended Online Photo Editors:

October 4, 2010

10.03.10 [PhotoFun] The latest “Fugitive Fill-ins” submissions!

by jax625

Here are our latest submissions for “Fugitive Fill-ins”!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to do these, LOVE THEM ALL!…Special Thanks to Kajima, MarNies, and Eva! ♥♥♥

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September 22, 2010

09.22.10 [PhotoFun] FUGITIVE Fill-ins #2

by jax625

We are loooong over due for our next round of “Fugitive Fill-ins”!

  • This weeks photo:

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August 12, 2010

08.12.10 [Pics] Fugitive Fill-ins Submissions

by jax625

Thanks so much for sending in your Fugitive Fill-ins Marianne!

Fugitive Fill-in

Fugitive Fill-ins
If you’d still like to submit your fill in for this particular photo, you can add them in the comment section of this post, or send us an email! Don’t forget to stop in HERE to grab the photo for your fill in!

Stay tuned for our next Fugitive Fill-in Photo!!!


August 4, 2010

08.03.10 [PhotoFun] FUGITIVE Fill-ins

by jax625

Welcome to our very first FUGITIVE fill-ins! We thought it might be fun to feature a different photo every couple of weeks with some blank speech bubbles & have you guys fill in what you think they might be saying or thinking ^-^

The only rules to this are to have fun, and don’t get too crazy with it since there is no age limit to this blog and also,we don’t want to offend anyone…most importantly the cast!

All you have to do is save the photo below to your own computer and use a photo editing program to type in whatever you’d like in the speech bubbles. You don’t need anything too fancy, even PAINT has this option or if you’d like to edit it right online, I’d recommend…my personal fave ^^

When you are done adding your text, then email the photo back to us at! We will post your submissions next week…so stay tuned!

~ have fun…we can’t wait to see all your pics!

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