01.26.11 [Info] Fugitive is now on HULU! + Special Ep.21 (EngSub)

by jax625

I am so excited to announce that “Fugitive” is now available to watch on HULU! Even better, you can now wath the Special ep.21 with Eng Subs here >>


The Lee Jung Jin / Rain Bromance is in full effect during the special…so enjoy! ~

source: http://www.hulu.com/runaway-plan-b

cap by jax625

7 Comments to “01.26.11 [Info] Fugitive is now on HULU! + Special Ep.21 (EngSub)”

  1. Awesomeness! I was very disappointed that KBS didn’t sub it. Thanks, Jax! Love ya & miss you to pieces! ❤

  2. Hey Mar! I just wrote on your Facebook wall…today? yesterday? I can’t remember, HAHA! Anyways, miss u too girl! I miss Fugitive and the boys TT^TT ……and all of my girls here of course! <333

  3. 😦 hulu is only streaming in USA TT
    maybe someone can save and share it with the one who does not live in the usa

  4. Woo hoo…what a big deal for this to be on Hulu!!!!! Yea!!!

    Thanks babe! ❤

  5. This is sooo cool. I can’t wait to get my Fugitive DVD in a few days

  6. hi this is great but Hulu only works in the US but you can also see the special episode on dramacrazy.net you find it under Runaway though not fugitive

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