01.25.11 [dramabeans] Lee Jung-jin in High Cut (…in bed)

by jax625

For those of you having Do Soo withdrawals (like me!) , enjoy ~

Mrowr. This is an Lee-Jung-jin-looking-mighty-pretty post, so I may just run out of brainpower halfway through it. Something about this man just makes my brain shut off, leaving me with just enough energy to drool. Um, figuratively speaking.

So here we have a photo shoot for High Cut magazine, in which Lee Jung-jin is lounging around, cavorting on a bed, baring chest and belly and boxer shorts. Also looking mighty carefree and happy, which is like a cheap shot to get us to Awww over him given how tortured and hurty he was in his last drama, Runaway Plan B. There there, Mr. Hot Scruffy Cop, Rain will make it better.


(Seriously, their bromance is a thing of beauty, though altogether WAY too short-lived in the drama, and underdeveloped. The Runaway special was pretty hilarious, though, with the entire first fifteen minutes basically acting as Lee Jung-jin’s love letter to Rain. It was awesome.)

These days, Lee Jung-jin can be seen in the KBS2 reality show Qualifications of a Man… which I’ll have to get to watching right away. (Is it any good, variety watchers out there?)

And here my brain shuts off so I’ll have to sign off and go stare some more

Via Sports Chosun

source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/01/lee-jung-jin-in-high-cut-in-bed/

7 Comments to “01.25.11 [dramabeans] Lee Jung-jin in High Cut (…in bed)”

  1. I watched an epi of QOM & it was funny! Can’t wait to see LJJ in a new project. Dying to find out what everyone else will be doing…Boo (Daniel Henney), Claudia, LNY…

  2. aahhh yes those pics of Lee Jung Jin are to die for, wonder if I can join him ;o) *drooling*
    while I wait for my brain to re-activate, what kinda show is that and where can I find it do you know

  3. Yes, these are some hot and sexy pics of LJJ!!!!!! I love them all!!!!!

  4. awawaw i miss LJJ here gosh he seeme to enjoy his fun here look at him is that hot of him boy in bed i was want to swoon on him roigh now!! they are gergous ekeke kajima are still here i miss u baby !!

  5. Oh My Love ~

    I miss you dear and Fugitive625 a lots Jax,Deb,Kongsao,Flower and everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for postng Jax and sorry for my absent!!!!
    this vid.i made done in High Cut theme! Please Enjoy it ~

  6. @kajima
    hello sweetie HOW R U doing i miss u alot and i and LJJ and rain together too this years it going to be very sad rain leaving to MS for his enlidment for MS *SNIF* wowo it is a beauitfil song of Thai u out in thei me jai !! I LOVE THE SONG what was it called ?? is this kind of LOVE song of thia right?
    LJJ so charming here i miss alot too T_T

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