04.01.11[News] Lee Na Young & Daniel Henney dating rumors are untrue

by kajima

Actress Lee Na Young and actor Daniel Henney, who recently starred together in KBS 2TV drama, ‘Fugitive‘, were recently caught up in rumors speculating them to be dating.

On January 1st, Sports Seoul released an article claiming that the two developed feelings for one another after filming for their drama, “Fugitive”, and became a couple. A series of pictures claiming to be the scene of their dates were included with the article.

Lee Na Young’s agency, KeyEast, denied the rumors by stating:

Hello, this is KeyEast.

We would like to inform you that the article regarding Lee Na Young released this morning is not true.

We have decided to release an official statement from the agency because we feel that a lot were concerned over the issue.

The article consist of speculation, and the pictures included were of Lee Na Young with various other staff members on the film set.

Through manipulated photos, the journalist claims that they are in a relationship, but we would like to clarify that they are not.

They have not met even once after the end of the drama, and do not harbor feelings beyond that of fellow actors.

We would like to genuinely apologize for causing such concern. The article is not true, and we hope fans are not confused because of this.

Our legal team is currently handling the matter, and we will be aggressively taking action against the defamation of Lee Na Young.

Thank you to all of the fans that support her, and we will greet you once more in 2011.

From KeyEast.”

Source: Newsen, Sports Seoul via Nate

Credit  VITALSIGN @ allkpop


6 Comments to “04.01.11[News] Lee Na Young & Daniel Henney dating rumors are untrue”

  1. LOL…I never believed it for a second! Very sad they had to start off the new year like that. Love & support to both LNY & Daniel Henney (<3 u Boo)!

  2. Honestly, even if they really dating…it is still okay!! they r not young anymore….they r single n both hv great characters . Most of all can click very well!!!!

  3. lolss .. naw this isnt true tho ahaaaa…isnt this the same rag Rain is sueing? They must be hard up for cash

  4. i hear this artcle was 4 day ago the stae an misleaning new like this all over i am bit upset how they rummor them just how they did with rain that totally distracting their pravacy life and i do not belive one single words out from their motuth how that suposible i don”t even think soo even that is true so waht anybody can have a date it their life HELLO………….!1
    how care what happen and whty gossip them around when this is not even true ithat why i hate korean they don”t respect the true is anything they put to article even thought hey did sure it is offical or not rruuggggggggggg!!
    i agree they work hard for their drama and it smae S*I* to rain now they try to hit on these 2 i just wanted to Knock the crap out them !! 😦

  5. it looks like a real deal to me….

  6. hahahaha, just seeing this. i know, i’m way late, but this one is so funny.

    yeap, the same paper Rain and that Rapper sued? i guess they won’t be satisfied until their sued out of business. to funny.

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