► Welcome to Fugitive625

by jax625

Sadly, the time has come…

Now that “Fugitive Plan B” has come to an end, and all the eps have been subbed, FUGITIVE625 is no longer an active blog. HOWEVER, we will be posting articles related to the drama from time to time since FUGITIVE is scheduled to air in other countries in 2011. Please follow us on our Facebook & Twitter to be notified of any future updates!

Thanks so much to everyone involved in this blog as well as our site visitors, it’s truly been a pleasure!

We will be keeping the blog opened for archiving & posting another Open Thread so that everyone can stay on touch!


Catch up on the past episodes of “The Fugitive: Plan B ” ! You can find our list of links to watch  streaming, online, & downloads [HERE], or by visiting our Episodes category [HERE].

Fugitive625 was brought to you by your friends at SixtoFive1982 ^^

6 Comments to “► Welcome to Fugitive625”

  1. You guys have been an amazing source! Thank you all for your hard work!!!

  2. aww so sad I really don’t want to see this site go but I guess it’s time
    thank you for an awesome job

    • i know, me toooooo eva! Thanks for always supporting us and contributing to all our little projects, it was so much!

      if you are a Rain fan, you can continue to follow us at our sister blog, SixtoFive1982. We are having a contest right now too and will be giving away some nice prizes…so stop by and visit us some time ^^


      please stay in touch eva!


      • @jax625 I just want to thank you and all the staff for managing a wonderful blog. I do not want to see this site close but I know it is time. I truelly have enjoyed coming here and communicating with you and everybody. Once again thank you and the staff for a job well done!

  3. @flower…you are so sweet, thanks soooo much! It was so much fun meeting so many new people and working on this blog…the drama starred a lot of my favorite actors, so to have them all working together was a real treat. I wish that we could remain active full time but unfortunately there is just not enough news out there to support it.We will definitely bring you guys anything new to report in the future though!

    p.s., I am so happy to see you at sixtofive1982 as well! (oh, and please enter our contest!)


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