12.27.10 [Discuss] Fugitive625 Open Thread

by jax625

Hi everyone!!! This is going to be our open thread to keep in touch, please stop by and visit us sometimes, & don’t forget to leave a msg in the comments section of this post ^^

Because this is an ‘Open Thread’,you are free to discuss anything you’d like, respectively, but I will start things off with a subject…

What was your favorite moment of “The Fugitive: Plan B” drama series?

We look fwd to hearing from you!

15 Comments to “12.27.10 [Discuss] Fugitive625 Open Thread”

  1. I loved Kieko’s concert part, it was epic when Ji Woo was fighting behind her haha

  2. Vic…I was really disappointed that Keiko was not in the drama longer 😦 I kept waiting for her to return! The concert part was really cool, i agree ^^

    Hmmm, it’s really hard to pinpoint a favorite moment for me…will have to get back to you on this one (am I talking to myself?!) hehe

  3. Kajima dear…where are you?! TT^TT missing you already!!!!

  4. Hmm…parts when none of them were running?! Hahaha….always got tired just watching everybody running away from one another…

    In all seriousness, I think my favorite part was when Ji-woo apologized to Detective Do Soo over the death of Detective Yoon. The amount of sadness and tears was just heart-wrenching to watch. Terrific acting on Rain’s part! ^ ^

  5. I love this part Jiwoo HAHAHAHA !!!!

    and Crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. oh, visuals! @.@

    thanks for the clips Kajima!!! love these parts tooo! xoxo

  7. Hi, @Jax625 and Kajima. Glad to see you back Kajima, missed you! I have so many favorite moments. But one of my favorite moments that come to mind was at the end of episode 17. When after Jinni bandage Ji-Woo gun shot wound she stood up and started to talk about her grandfather how it could not be true he took the gold. Then she started to cry because she thought it could be true. Then Ji-Woo came up behind her and hugged her so tender and sweet to comfort her. The scene ended with Ji-Woo shedding one tear. Man that was such a dramactic scene. Rain acting was supberb. I felt her pain and his pain for her. Rain really made me feel he felt her pain, and he cared for her so deeply. LNY crying ability is amazing. I felt so bad for her. Her acting was also outstanding. This scene just made really want them to find out the truth and be together. I will be back with some more as I think of them.

  8. @kajima
    hello dear how r u doing i have been here couple day how you day going thank u for sharing LJJ it sad that when she try to safee LJJ and got killed by the bad man kill her LJJ acting was very amazing me here so much that why the reason he a very good actor and very pursuit him acting skill and i see why alot peoples love him so much he melt alot of watcherfor who he is i am very impress to see him & rain together in Fugitive dram it just so quite that this drama END i am missing these together i wondering if LJJ are going to rain ADUIE or not i hope he is looking forward to this i am very m,iss them so much !!
    u know the best part of rain acting i very love his so versitile person when he cry it so serious to his SUPERB of acting and when he give a warmed confort to LNY u can see how trended of him to her i see rain very know how women are and wanted everytime when i see rain felt the touch of the feeling sad or happy u know he showing it that why i love watching rain in any drama he can coz he a very good actor that u would never get enought of him periods!

  9. Another favorite moment I remember was when Ji-Woo and Jinny were using sign language in the hospital to communicate in episode 19. That was so romantic how they focused on thier hands. Rain hand was so manly and big looking and Jinny hand was small and delicate looking. It was a sweet scene.

  10. First off, let me say thank you to all those who contributed to this site. I’ve been a lurker on here everyday since the show started. So I wanted to say thanks to you guys for all the goodies you’ve provided us with. LOL!

    I have to say that episode 15 is probably my fave. Rain was hilarious throughout that whole episode. Especially during the shopping scene!

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