12.21.10 [allkpop]Lee Na Young has yet to receive her wages for “Fugitive”

by jax625

Actress Lee Na Young has filed a lawsuit against the producers of “Fugitive” for unpaid wages.
A representative from Lee Na Young’s agency, KeyEast Entertainment, stated, “Lee Na Young has yet to receive a single penny for her salary since the filming of ‘Fugitive’ began.”

Apparently, all actors and actresses from the “Fugitive” series have failed to receive their full wages; Lee Na Young’s complaint seems to strengthen the likelihood of future lawsuits from the issue.

source: Star News via Nate // allkpop



14 Comments to “12.21.10 [allkpop]Lee Na Young has yet to receive her wages for “Fugitive””

  1. wow, that’s shocking…but then again, it’s coming from allkpop >.< so we will see…

  2. @Jax625 is Allkpop know for stating wrong information? Yes, it is shocking but like you said we will see. I do hope it is not true especially since there was alot of physical work done by especially Rain, and also, LNY, LJJ.

  3. @flower while allkpop is a great news source for …well, all kpop,lol…they are known to spread gossip and rumors as truth at times (especially when related to Rain), so i tend to be cautious about what i believe from them, even if their original source is a reliable one.

    i agree, everyone worked really hard on this drama, so i hope they will be paid for their work.

    • I am going to keep this is mind when reading information on thier site. Yes it would be a shame if they do not get paid what they definitely earned. And then all the law suites start coming that would not be a good image.

  4. what a lawsuit already the drama just wend 2 week ago they did get pay yet ???
    and LNY file Lawsuit again FUGITIVE !! o_o
    this is from allkpop OUCH!!
    but u know it could be a reason this delay pay give them time and be patient and wait and see what going on first i have to morre detail coz i don”t KBS whiches the director came KBS will do suck think like this !! wait give them first see what happen first LNY that was to fast !

  5. and i agreed they work to hard fopr this drama they dersved to get pay for this drama ofcurse that true and i agree i mean everbody should get they pay by now what is happen it could a reson of they delay or something!!

  6. Goodness! I hope this is not true and if it is, then I hope EVERYONE (cast & crew) gets paid. Guess that’s the disadvantage of not having unions. Aigoooooo…6 months is a long time to work and NOT get paid!

  7. I know what you mean about allkpop, not the best site for reliable info. Hope they all recieved thier wages.

  8. I am not sure that info is true. How is it that you work six months and you just NOW file a lawsuit for wages unearned? You would think a woman as smart as LNY would have seen that she was not being paid before the drama ended. The entire cast could not have gone without getting paid…..especially, a business man like RAIN.

    Alllkpop has yet again, sent out the wrong or part of a story for attention. Maybe, the pay was not consistant and as dedicated artist, they wanted to continue the show for their fans and contractual reasons, but, I doubt that no pay was recieved by the entire cast.

    I guess we will just have to stay tuned.

    • @Moonrogue yes I agree I was thinking that too. That is kinda hard to believe that everyone including Rain would go 6 months without pay. Especially as hard as they had to work. They did sign a contract. What about the crew people, I am sure they would not be able to go without being paid for 6 months. I am finding it hard to believe that anyone would go that long without being paid. The only way I could see you not getting paid would be like some stars do for a movie. Instead of getting paid up front I think they opt to get a percentage of the movie. So they collect thier pay once the movie is out and has gross what it could. This was a drama and I have never heard of that. This could be true but it just does not sound like it would be. But it sounds just like gossip to start a rumour. We will have to wait and see.

  9. @moonrogue & flower
    yup come to thinking reading your comment u could be right also
    it odd coz if they did get pay then rain and the rest of the cres case would have been camplainter about this also LJJ< DH< Raain< rest would have lawsuit again the director already plus for the 6 month working of not get pay thatn even more odd and esp when it so much for to working during this travel city filming too u know it very weiere why only LNY the only who bush their strange and alot allkpop new are some reliable and some misleading news so this doesn"t sound right to me either after i read your comment and if theis happen rain is an uneasy person he not going to let this not pay him slide he the one wotrk his sweat out for the producer and got more stun anway i saying that i would belive this until i heard it from rain and the confrim about this this just happen to fast so i reder wait and see

  10. Wherever this information started, I would take it with a grain of salt. I mean to me it’s just someone trying to, yet again, “taint” a project Rain is involved with. It’s no secret that there was REAL COMRADERIE among the participants of this project. Now, someone wants to cast a dark shadow over the friendships/bonds that were made. SAD……just sad!

  11. oh ~i’m very sad!!

    more from dramabeans.

    Lee Na-young still waiting for her payday

    Runaway Plan B is wrapped and off the air, but lead actress Lee Na-young has yet to see a single cent from it, and is taking legal steps to claim her salary.

    To that end, she has filed suit against producers with the Seoul Central District Court demanding the unpaid wages, according to her management company Keyeast. This comes after the drama that boasted a 10 billion won budget had trouble securing funding mid-shoot, troubled by ever-dropping ratings. Lee isn’t the only one who hasn’t been paid; other supporting cast members and crew are also waiting. According to management reps, other stars in the main cast like Rain, Daniel Henney, and Yoon Jin-seo have received some pay, though the rest is still outstanding.

    A source with the production company promised to negotiate the matter, but it remains to be seen how long that might take if the problem is that there are no funds to be paid.

    I hadn’t heard of Runaway running into mid-drama funding issues, although I can see how that happened after its strong start quickly took a dive as the show wasted episodes throwing around its money and glitz before getting down to the actual story. The ratings stabilized at 10% (down from 20%), but it was difficult wooing people back; turns out viewers can’t be bought off with empty style, and they checked out before the show could hook them by turning its attention to real conflict and drama.

    It’s too bad, because I found myself enjoying Runaway a lot more once they started to take the story seriously, and it turned out to be much better than I initially thought. But you can’t blame people for moving on without waiting to see when — if — things would get better.

    Via Segye
    Credit to dramabeans

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