12.20.10 [EngSub] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.20 – Watch Online

by jax625

You can catch the final episode of “Fugitive” online @ DramaCrazy.net here >> http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/runaway-plan-b-episode-20

~This episode is subbed by WithS2 subs

**please note: there is no eng subbed download for this episode yet, but we will post links as soon as they become available!


One Comment to “12.20.10 [EngSub] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.20 – Watch Online”

  1. ahahah i like how rjiwoo ask Yinyi if she love him and she keep on say i got it!1
    can she at lease answer yes!! geseeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    the jiwoo finally show the GOLD to the reporter i love how Do-soo was humble at the monemt and took one of the man and he say i have a voter too ahah he serious at the ending !!
    and yinyi speak up for yang du hee as a crime she admit her grandfather involt that is true of missing gold i just don”t understand kai i still not love sophie for anything she help him i very feel sad for her over feeling on kai his doen”t change a bit !!
    lLol… yini told the repoter that is all beeen reveal and they are asking for detail more but bush out just a second he say reporter do u know who desing saint basill”s Cathedral, build in misscow 1955 ?? everbody look at jiwoo crazy lol.. rain monling how thoes this a jounrlist if they don”t even know it!! he speak out CLERLY!! ahahhah
    the reporter shoutout who is he jiwoo say:
    oh i like the last word of jiwoo he say he will found the gold but first he wanted to do something forat !! he kiss yinyi ~This!!
    he speak U SAY U LOVE ME sweet but as passionate kiss oh well!!

    NOTE: Private investigor jiwoo
    i very love his word as well LADIE FIRST !!

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