12.15.10 [Gif.] Rain & Lee Na Young ‘The Fugitive PlanB’

by kajima

So Cute ^ ^*

Source : DC


11 Comments to “12.15.10 [Gif.] Rain & Lee Na Young ‘The Fugitive PlanB’”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! OMG! So funny and so cute! I love them and miss the show…….Oh well more good things a head.

  2. I love seeing this too .. gonna miss JW & JY

  3. OMG this is so funny, cute and adorable. I miss them and the show so much. I thought they made an excellent couple in the drama. LNY said in this interview from this clip I think, that Rain brought her laughter. She also said in another interview that Rain was like Ji-Woo. I can tell he brought her alot of laughter. You can tell they had a blast working together. I hope they stay friends and work together in another drama or movie. I cannot get enough of watching this, it is just so cute.

  4. Sorry Kajima, I’m not for some reason you can see everything I type but its not acknowledging me? I should get feed back from wordpress but I’m not? I’ve reset my password 3 times and they were strong then it says,”SORRY THAT KEY DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE VALID” But I’m still getting stuff under my original password. So its them not me SORRY. ^_^

  5. @Flower Hi sweetie! 😀 miss you and sad cause I missed sending JiHoon a Christmas gift and card!! 😦

    • @lotus6000 oh that is too bad but I am sure they will being doing it next year too. Someone had suggested that if you could not send a gift or card you could send an email and they would print out and include in the box. I sent an email and they got it. Are you sure it is to late. Maybe you can send an email still. You should go over to CloudUsa and see.

  6. I’ve been blocked out! They send me a little message but if they block me they need to block a lot of others for abusive language and abusive behavior to others, I will be talking to my ATTORNEY!!!!!!! And they will be held for liable and everything I have been put through, I have a lot of documentation on blog sites and what happen today. Sorry guys miss you

  7. OMG!! this 2 so cute hee see this why i say these veryget so much along with each i differenly love the 2 here they make my day ahahah dran so adroable here ekekekek 🙂
    @llotus 6000
    hey where have u been i have see for sereval day did sick or something or wait it say u was sad coz christmeast sending to rain late u still can sent the gift to Stephe right i think she still accept it did u contack her i hope everything goen i miss u comment botth side my dear good to see back he welcome back !!

  8. They both look so happy in this video. Even though I do not know what they are laughing at. Every time I look at it I cannot help but smile and laugh out loud. It is crazy thier joy is so contagious.

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