12.13.10 [Fanmade] Another Rain shows their love and support…Rain is a true hero.

by moonrogue
To most of his fans, he’s just eye candy (indeed that’s what he is! ) but I also admire Rain because he’s a soldier…He’s faced discrimination, family and friends turning their backs when he needed it the most, folks making up cruel rumors about him…anybody else would’ve flipped the world the bird a long time ago! LOL. Yet he just smiles and forgives, he just pushes back harder, he just keeps forging ahead no matter what obstacle. He has literally came from the rags to riches through mere hard work and never letting the fame change him and that’s why Rain is my HERO!!! GO SUPER-RAIN!!!! MUCH LOVE


Credit: Beloved 86

3 Comments to “12.13.10 [Fanmade] Another Rain shows their love and support…Rain is a true hero.”

  1. answer is right their ya!!
    rain is my hero my suapass hardworling
    my sexy alive from top to bottom head to toes inside..out
    he truly EYE CADY indeed from far in out and even natrulay simply look
    he is all the above instantly rain is pure like a spining water and that man have a killer look am telling nothing could be like rain his body that have GOD body look and the pursuit of him killer smile he just make more delight on peoples like us!
    and not to mention he can wowo and deafeaning us but he give us more doorling and adimre of his acomplishment for it
    and for rain only world for him THE ONE and it my only beyoung this world and i could agreed more i am happy live under his spill yet spirit aging that right!!

  2. Love the picture. Yes Rain is a super hero!!

  3. You’re so right! Rain is our ‘Superman’.!!!!^ __ ~

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