12.12.10 [Pics] Ji Woo & Jin Yi ‘The Fugitive PlanB’

by kajima


Put your head on my shoulder~~~

Original Size 1024 x 598 @ DC.

Source DC.

23 Comments to “12.12.10 [Pics] Ji Woo & Jin Yi ‘The Fugitive PlanB’”

  1. Please!!!!! put my head on your shoulder ‘Do Soo’


    Good Luck KAJIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kawaii *-*

  3. ahhahaha tooooooooooooooooo sweet i wanted jiwoo on my shoulder and lay on my body too i mean right nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! 🙂

  4. Hey guys, your such a mood lifter…kajima & kongsao…it’s Monday morning here & for some reason I’ve got the Monday blues. I don’t even know why…woke up early at 6:00AM feeling really off! It’s 7:36 now…still feeling the same. Maybe because Fugitive has ended? I’m feeling really terrible, and I’ve got a busy week ahead. Yeah…put your head on my shoulder, Rain.

  5. @tjrachel
    why i know the drama fugitive it come to end so fast and it sad to not seeing any more funny harllious yet serious of jiwoo anymore !! tjachel my dear rain is still working on his upcoming concert and we will see more full house of his concert it hit me too when the drama END…~~!!
    BUT, we know rain is around do something but ofcurse and the ENG SUB 17-20
    have up yet during to the hholiday i belive i can”t wait to watch what all saying but we still got rain footage of his series right and i know rain is happy enought to know that drama prasie in other country !!
    i hope u fell ok is their anything u wanted to talk here??

  6. kongsao, thanks…just can’t seem to start my day and i’ve got a lot to do…am literally dragging myself…feeling really terrible…just don’t know how am going to go through this day… but nice to know you’re around and have someone to talk to…

  7. He looks SO Peaceful and Beautiful!

  8. that de thuong lam sao khi anh sleep toi muon hon len moi anh wa yeu anh nhieu lam

  9. @Tjrachel Hi, I know what you mean I am feeling a little empty since the drama ended. I always looked forward to watching it with the english subs. Even though I have watched all the episodes it is still killing me to wait for the eng sub of 17-20. I cannot wait until those are up and I can go back and rewatch them. My advice to you to get your day going is to blast “Hip Song” . I love that song because it has so much energy. It always get me going anytime I am draging. I hope your day got better.

    @Kongsao Hi, I sent you a reply to your email. Did you get it?
    I hope when Rain have his concert somebody upload some video of the concert. I would love to see that concert I know it is going to be off the hook.

    @BiAlamode Hi, yes he does look so peaceful and beautiful. Man what I would do to have him lay his head on any part of my body. Hey a girl got to have her dreams.

  10. @Kajima Hi you do!!!! Thanks for posting this beautiful pic. of Rain. I love the pictures you always include in your post. You always post pictures of some of the cutest most adorable kids.

  11. @flower
    i sent u respond on the email of youtube backl [please ckeck ok!
    yes gril @ all
    we know uh? jiwoo so peaceful here very beauitful monrmt for his peace of quite to relaxing here
    i think we all would love to lay on his body for sure i do!! and flower is right a girl have to have her dream and that would one man here RAINNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! 😎 righ t LADYS!!
    anything dear u r my firends and very love to talk to u anything as long i can help !!
    i am happy found firend like u and flower & kajima i am happy enough for just man rain !! let all HUG together ok guy i wanted to sahre this vid for u
    this is very beauitful song i fanmade it will make you happy enjoy!!

  12. @flower & kongsao
    Thanks soooooooo much for the help. Thanks for being a friend. Thanks for this MV kongsao…the song is really beautiful but …i feel like crying, but it’s okay guys i will get through. I feel I’m just being foolish…maybe I should give up on this foolishness…

  13. @tjachel
    hey dear don”t said that u are not and please keep postive and stay happy for me and rain too rain would happy see u sad for out the blue like that my dear i give u this MV fanmade it coz it a beauitful song to keep u watching jiwoo in their tak alot again and watch what i mean
    did u you i alway listing to this gosh it is alot meaning to me that i fanmade it this and tell u alot peoples love this vid as well !!

  14. @kongsao..Oh,HUGS too!!!…really love what you’ve fanmade…it’s just that my heart’s really aching…i hope it will pass…
    can you give me your e-mail again…though i think it’s in my computer…just to confirm & just in case…i want to greet you this Christmas…
    @flower…may I ask for your e-mail too…?

  15. @tjrachel
    sure !!
    oh thank u so sweet of u too !!! 🙂 ^___^
    u can email me this too it my everday mail if u like !!

  16. oposi
    wrong wrong jajajaj
    it actually

  17. Thanks for sharing the pictures.. Rain is so cute…

  18. @kongsao…thanks for giving me your e-mail ad again…i remembered it…as i’ve said thanks for today…for just being there…still feel terrible and i hope i don’t get sick…i usually get sick if i feel like this, and i cannot afford to get sick because i will still be traveling this week …spending Christmas & New Year with my sister and her family & my aunt and maybe other relatives…hope you have a nice day tomorrow…

  19. @Tjrachel Yes you can have it. Give me your email and I will email you my email.

  20. @flower
    It’s rachel_june12@yahoo.com…though may not be able to open my mail yet…am sick.

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