12.12.10 [Pic] A Sweet of Rain….I Love a Man Who Can Rock a Pair of Glasses.

by moonrogue

Credit: C


6 Comments to “12.12.10 [Pic] A Sweet of Rain….I Love a Man Who Can Rock a Pair of Glasses.”

  1. Rain is such a Cutie! 🙂

  2. he very cute here that make him so sexy look i love seeing rain in his eye e
    sp this one awawwaw! his facial match everything i everything 🙂

  3. I must say Bi in glasses has had to grow on me, but I am starting to like it more now. It’s funny because I am an eyeglasses wearer myself………..go figure!

  4. @BiAlamode I have to admit when I first saw pics of Rain in these glasses It made me go hmmm. I did not dislike them but it just made me pause to really look at him and descide if I really like him in these type of glasses. If you understand what I mean. But I descided I did like him in these glasses. When Rain wears glasses like this he look very studious. He still look cute and sexy though. He look like a sexy male librarian.

    • @flower, Yeah I could go for a Sexy Brainiac! I would definitely “stay after school” for a little “extra credit,” if he was teaching class………..(SMILES)

  5. I love a man who can rock a pair of glasses. I love Rain in glasses. He is so sexy and studious. My kind of man.

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