12.12.10 [dramabeans] Lee Na-young wraps drama, turns to film

by jax625

Fresh off her latest drama, action-comedy Runaway Plan B, actress Lee Na-young is turning to the big screen for her next role. Though contracts haven’t been signed yet, reports indicate that she will likely be acting next in the movie Howling, starring opposite the ubiquitous Song Kang-ho (Blue Salt, Secret Reunion, Thirst).

A source with Howling’s production stated that the movie is prepping for a 2011 release and that after contacting a handful of actresses, Lee is their top contender for the role. A rep from Lee’s management company confirmed that she had received the script and is considering the project favorably.

In Howling, an animal that is bred to be a wolf-dog hybrid is used to track down killers in murder cases. Lee Na-young’s role is of a newbie cop, who works with veteran cop Song Kang-ho.

(Okay, I get that if you’re going to cast Lee Na-young and Song Kang-ho together, it makes sense that she’s the rookie and he’s the vet. But what is with the glut of movies/dramas relying on this overused dynamic, pairing female newbs with grizzled male vets? Just once, can’t we have the reverse? Just imagine the hilarity of making Song the newbie and Lee the old soul. Or, if that goes against the intended tone too much, pair an older actress with a younger hotshot. How ’bout something for us noonas out there?)

Via TV Daily

credit: javabeans@dramabeans.com


2 Comments to “12.12.10 [dramabeans] Lee Na-young wraps drama, turns to film”

  1. uh? already upcoming new filming in 2011 ??
    wowo she very have that intese of acting abilty after see her in Fugitive Plab co-cast with rain now another drama hmmmm i gues she very like a mad women *SIGH*
    i know she a good actor but for some reason i king not sure if i am intersting in this one yet wait & see i very like her couple with rain again uh?? I KNOW AM BAIS here but true i do!

    • @Kongsao Hi, I got your email did you get my reply.

      You are not crazy to want her paired with Rain. I too feel her and Rain made an awsome couple in the drama. Certain people just have awsome chemistry. Rain and LNY had the perfect believable chemistry. They were one of the reason I loved the Fugative. I too would have liked seeing them paired together again right away. However, you know Rain has other projects. And they cannot and will not be paired together forever. So unfortunately for fans like us we need to let them move on. Hope that they pair up in the near future.

      But like I said you are not crazy girl! The heart want what the heart want.

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