12.10.10 [Pics] Rain @ hospital filming “Fugitive” on 11/28 (*Updated With Eng Trans of Fan Account)

by jax625

Credit: DC

[펌]11/28 춘천의 병원에서의 비느님 사진

춘천의 병원에서의 사진입니다.불선명한 사진으로 미안해요.
광저우의 공항과 같은 복장였습니다.정말로 바쁜 스케줄였지요.
공항으로부터 직접 왔으므로, 피곤했을 ㅌ ㅔ ㄴ데, 엘리베이터에서 내리자마자 매우 큰 소리로 인사를 하고 있었습니다.
우리는, 피곤한 비느님의 방해가 되지 않게 조용하게 견학했습니다.
오후 8시부터 비느님의 촬영이 시작되었습니다. 우리가 돌아간 12시는, 아직 2 씬 정도 촬영이 남아 있는 것 같았습니다.
이렇게 고생해 촬영한 드라마이므로, 일본에서의 방영이 몹시 기다려 집니다.

Here are pictures taken at a hospital in Chooncheon city of Korea which shows Rain.

I’m sorry the pictures came out blurry.

He was wearing the same kind of clothes that he wore at Guangzhou airport.

As you know, he had been so busy.

Even though he was probably very tired because he came to the hospital immediately after he arrived at Incheon airport of Korea, he was saying hello to the filming crew in a very loud voice, as soon as he got off the elevator.

We were quiet so we would not disturb others during the drama shoot.

The cameras started rolling at 8:00pm.

There were probably still two more scenes to be shot at that time when we had to return home at midnight.

I can’t wait to watch this drama to be aired in Japan because it has completed filming after such a lot of hard work.

Credit: Momotiki @ DC http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=rain&no=284497&page=3&…
Brief translation by rain bird.

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