12.10.10 [Pics] Rain fans’ support for “The Fugitive: Plan B” Crew

by jax625


4 Comments to “12.10.10 [Pics] Rain fans’ support for “The Fugitive: Plan B” Crew”

  1. This was such a sweet thing to do. Rain has the best fans ever. If I was a star I would clouds to be my fans. Not just because of the gifts they give but because of the love they show Rain. You cannot buy that kind of love it only comes free. So proud to be a cloud.

  2. Rain does have the best fan base ever. I amproud to be his fan…I ❤ Rain

  3. OMG!!
    this very so sweet of them give FUGITIVE gift and suporting rain as ever the imspiration of jiwoo very put this fan as heart touching the love they show to rain differenly rain for a world DISPLAY how meanful important he is as u for a global clouds & fans u must admit that you not just love this inside..out but alway share the love they up for their idol .
    korean have rain in their country so so dran LUCY and i am so prouds of him from beining to now he boost up his fnas so well job well done guy and thank u for all this !!

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