12.10.10 [Korea Song] Rain&LNY.’The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade MV.

by kajima

Ji-Woo & Jin-Yi ‘The Fugitive PlanB’ EP.20

Credii to Naver/P6119184 /upload by Kajima  


8 Comments to “12.10.10 [Korea Song] Rain&LNY.’The Fugitive PlanB Fanmade MV.”

  1. thanks for the updates today Kajima!!!!!! xoxo’s to you!!!!!

  2. @Jax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. @Kajima thanks for posting this video. I loved episode 20 even though I did not understand what was being said. I cannot wait, it is driving me crazy, to watch it with the english subs. I really want to know what Ji-woo said to Jinni at the press conference and in the car. Initially I was hoping they would kiss more pasionately but I loved the kissing they did. I think it fit with the way their relationship developed. The kiss was so cute, sweet, and playful. I could feel the chemistry between them in the scene. So the kiss worked for me. Rain and LNY were so cute together in this scene. I was just happy thier was some kissing and it was a happy ending with them. I cannot wait for the english subs.

  4. @Kajima do there suppose to be sound in the second video. Because I cannot hear anything.

  5. @Kajima I refreshed the page and the sexond video still does not have any sound. What else do you think I can do?

  6. @kajima thanks for the YT link but I still cannot hear any sound. I know it is not my computer because I can hear other videos on here. Thanks again.

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