12.10.10 [KBS] Blockbuster ‘The Fugitive’ Comes to End

by jax625

The KBS2 blockbuster drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” has drawn its curtain with good triumphing over evil.
The show kept the tension high even in the 20th and last episode on December 8, as Yoon So-ran (Yun Jin-seo), a police investigator and girlfriend of fellow investigator Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin), was killed, and Ji-ni (Lee Na-young) and Ji-woo (Rain) saw the gold bullions they had barely acquired go missing again.

That seemed to leave no hope for the two to reveal the truth behind the gold theft and evil crimes by Yang Doo-hee (Song Jae-ho) and Yang Yeong-jun (Kim Eung-soo), who masterminded many murders, including that of Ji-ni’s parents, in order to lay their hands on the gold.

Kai (Daniel Henney), who once worked for Doo-hee, comes to help Ji-ni and Ji-woo and reveals the whole truth to the media. But Doo-hee and Yeong-jun deny their involvement and point the finger at a sniper they hired.

Getting away with the murder, Yeong-jun, a prominent politician, runs for the presidency successfully. But Ji-ni shows up at a campaign event he is holding and plays a recorded tape where he threatens Ji-ni about the gold in front of reporters present, and Ji-woo comes with the gold he found in Yeong-jun’ office. This leads to the arrest of Doo-hee, who kills himself later, and other accomplices.

Bringing all the evil to justice and confirming their love for each other, Ji-ni and Ji-woo leave in a car on their own.

Writer: Roh Ji-won




11 Comments to “12.10.10 [KBS] Blockbuster ‘The Fugitive’ Comes to End”


  2. Can someone clear up something for me. The article said Rain found the gold in the old man songs office. He did not find the gold bar in the son’s office. Jinni had left Ji-woo one bar hidden in his office. She probably thought to do so after Ji-woo said he was going to keep one bar just in case. Also, the articles said the son with his father was the mastermind behind all the killing. The old man son did not have anything to do with all the killing his father did. And where did the old man kill himself and other accomplices? Was this a deleted scene that they descided to not include? Can someone tell me if I am correct or not?

  3. I really enjoyed all the episodes. Episode 20 was awsome even though I did not understand what was said. I was so happy there was a happy ending with some kissing between Rain and LNY. The kissing was so sweet, cute, and funny. There was good chemistry in that scene. I cannot wait for episodes 17-20 to be englished subbed. I really would like to see Rain and LNY do another drama together. I feel they act well together.

    @Jax625 do you know when the epiisodes might be finished?

  4. but why did they have to kill so ran!!! D: D: i loved the dosoo-soran couple!!

    • I also loved the dosoo-soran couple. However, if you think about it they actually clued us in that it was going to be one of them early on. I thought about it and I remembered in the episode where Ji Woo and Jinni was watching them kiss. Jinni made a nice comment about them kissing. Ji Woo then said something about they were kissing like a couple that knew that this was thier only moment or was not going to be together. He said something along those lines. That now I think about it that was the clue that one of them were going to die. I was all afraid that it was going to be Ji Woo or Jinni. I did not want to see her die but I am glad that it was not neither one of them. I am happy that Ji Woo and Jinni lived, did some cute kissing, and had a happy ending. I am really pleased with the outcome despite the sad tearful moment I felt when she died. It was also painful to see him hurting and Ji Woo over her dealth.

  5. I wonder what happened to the Japanese signer whom love Jiwoo. She wasn’t appeared after the last concert when he promised her that he will be back for her

    • @BP I know I was thinking the same thing. But I thought about it. If you remember when he left the concert and he was outside he looked back with a look like he wasn’t coming back. Like he was taking it all in because he knew he was not coming back. That was my take on that scene. I was kinda hoping she would come back with her father. Somehow they would fit them back in. I do remember Mi-Jin Hwang telling the old man that Hiroki (Kieko) father was not thier people anymore. So I guess they descided to just leave them out of the story.

  6. It was really a wonderful ride with this drama. Daniel Henney got the best kiss from Jini, I wish the director made use of Rain’s kissing skills at the end. I kept waiting for that.

  7. @Patrice I actually loved the kissing that Rain and LNY did at the end. I originally wanted a more pastionate kiss just because its kissing but I feel what they did worked. I found the kiss to be sweet,cute, and playful. I really liked it alot and have watched that scene alone several times. Could it have been more,yes, but I am happy with what they did.

  8. @Patrice Opps I was saying I originally wanted a more passinate kiss just because it was Rain kissing but I feel what they did worked. Also, I think it worked because Rain and LNY had natural chemistry on the screen.

  9. Bye~bye fugitive. This drama is one of the best drama. And thanks to all fugitive625 admins.

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