12.10.10 [FanCam] Rain & Lee Na Young filming “The Fugitive: Plan B”

by jax625

Credit: dd 횽 & 지하마녀 @ DC // scorpiolabibi @ youtube


2 Comments to “12.10.10 [FanCam] Rain & Lee Na Young filming “The Fugitive: Plan B””

  1. They look so cute in this video. You can tell they are close friends and feel comfortable around each other. It is always nice to see Rain smiling and laughing. Based on what he said I am glad she gave him excellent advice to help him deal with how his personal issues could of affected his performance on set. He said it gave him strength to performane as the leading man. It must of worked because his acting was supberb throught out the entire drama.

  2. awawaw@@@ this very so cute jiwoo & yinyi are so cute here dam this fugitive end so fast it just like to soon to me time fly damit how i very wanted them two to be togetrher much longer rrruuggggggggggg!! u know rain did such an awesomeness job in his role in this dranma he very have such an humble person humbeing been and i glad these 2 work together so well bravooooooooooooooooooo for give us such an very good production of this years rain i am looking forward to what youe next project movie will be please stay healthy and safe another sucess coming forward and good luck to GOLDEN DIS AWARD, K-DRAMA FUGITIVE VOTE
    aja aja Fighting!!

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