12.09.10 [Tudou] The Fugitive Plan B Ep.20 (NO Subs)

by jax625
Vodpod videos no longer available.

source: ratoka, tudou


2 Comments to “12.09.10 [Tudou] The Fugitive Plan B Ep.20 (NO Subs)”

  1. this drama the ending was very hectic and good i like how rain push himself just to help LNY and she give him a hug awawaw that was so sweet !!
    for somereson jiwoo teacher are so smart using thoes 2 guy for his GOLD BARS ahah did he get what he wanted yup, he does that why he been track jiwoo all along their u got what u wanted know happy!!! jiwoo & LNY was into a urgument i thinking he upset of Kevin death of the money gold bar and when it been stole from her car jiwoo was very mad and so upset it seeme he put alot work just to procted her and the gold like he say he want BOTH lny & GOLD!!
    so they away from each other a bit but then jiwoo have a though again and bough her a cotton candy i wanted some that jiwoo !! so sweet of him but he end see kai & yinyi hug rain just leave them in picese he understand them pretty good that the man i even love him more ahahah
    anway, jiwoo have clear the cast with Do-Soo an then he what??
    decided to leave his office JIWOO-PIA!!
    he pict onr the frame and she one gold bar of LNY hit for him so rain have a though knowing she is going to rule YOUNG DO HEA announce she went their kai their Sophhie their and then rain apprence their too am not sure what they are talking run have vut that man off and say something everbody the news the papaarizzi are up in him intertsting uh?
    i very love the ENDING rain kiss LNY ahahah that was very sweet in the car !! this is
    HAPPY ENDING !! d(6__6)b i am happy to see them finally end up kiss ands goes together even though their no much romantic or HOT KISS but just see them 2 together it allready show that they very have such a chimisty together so i like this drama and ending !!

  2. I will be so happy when the episodes 17-20 are eng subbed. I have watched these episodes and enjoyed them all even though I did not understand what they were saying. However, I know when they are subbed in english and I go back and watch them all. I am going to really love all the episodes evern more. Especially episode 20 that had some very dramatic scenes. I truelly want to know what was said between Ji-Woo and Jinni in the hotel before she left. That was an intense scene. I hope they come soon.

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