12.08.10 [More Pic] The Fugitive PlanB Farewell Party

by kajima


credit : brandonj Cyworld + myjanggun @ twitter +DC +Ratoka

16 Comments to “12.08.10 [More Pic] The Fugitive PlanB Farewell Party”

  1. @ Jax,kongsao,flower,lotus,tjarachel & everyone!

    Our party tonight @9.55 pm.(Korea time)!!!!!!!

  2. @kajima , flower me , jax
    tonigh it our last ending of FUGITIVE GUYS!!
    let party along with the crew here umum …. i love some SOJU !!
    CHEER RAIN all of us would pass on the SOJU with u and director too sent kajima have her yabooooooooooooo too we all in one big family table here ahahahah LET PARTY !!
    ahahah u look differnt here with that balck baeanie and reye i almost not reconize you at all
    look confrot everbody our jiwoo very have a great paryt here
    hey where is LJJ ~Do-Soo?? NOW??
    why one after another keep missing ahahah ??

  3. @kajima
    is that reqady Lee Jung Ji
    OMG!! they are trick me forst i could know rain at and then LJJ ahahah i scrach my head now ahahahahahaha 😯
    thank dear !!

  4. Oh gosh theu love are still remain jiwoo & Do0Soo
    i see that hand touching oh i jelious now ekekekeke 😆
    they are fun to watch them in fugitive and even at the ending after party still could miss each toher ashaha i would like to jump in btw… them uuhhhhh :P)

  5. HULA HULA !!!

    This is our dinner party ~~~

  6. @kajima
    OMG!! u make me hungry here
    thank un for the SOJU and the steak and the maso soup and barbaile too oh mind these are so delious here i am eating them up right now hungry hungry ahahah love the soju so much !!
    i see tofu also the soup are so good thank for the dinner !!

  7. @Kajima isn’t that also Rain hand on top of LNY head. Awe that is so sweet. You can tell Rain, LJJ and LNY are true friends. I always notice in most pictures that LNY is always taking a pic right by Rain. I am sure they are going to miss each other. Hopefully they will be able to stay in touch like they said they would.

    @Kongsao I too wish I could squeeze in between Rain and LJJ.

  8. @Kajima I love these pics you can feel the love in the room. Yes lets celebrate all the awsomeness this drama was and the pleasure it has brought us!

  9. @flower
    yes they giving us the best AWESOMENESS nad such a every min PERCIOUS monent of jiwoo and the best cast drama that i have ever see in 8 years of rain k-draama that was truly a pleasure that they bought us to their megnicent of this FUGITIVE not to mention it was great in every deatil but also it a crakup that i have ever see rain in life he thos bring to drama to the mervalous and he PURSUIT is WELL DONE !!

  10. Yeah…to everyone…let’s party tonight…the food makes my mouth water…though I’m partly vegetarian

  11. Gys if you concentrate well in the picture u’ll figure out that it’s not Rain hand it’s lee na young and LJJ coz lee na young is wear white and blue so IT’S NOT RAIN , ITS LNY AND LJJ

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