12.08.10 [Info] Fugitive625 will remain active until 2011!

by jax625

Thanks so much for all the support you all have given us here at Fugitive625! It has been a fun ride…but it’s not over yet! Even though the last episode of ‘Fugitive” aired today, we are going to keep the blog opened a little bit longer to make sure we bring you links to ALL 20 of the eps once they are subbed. If for some reason they are still not all subbed by the new year, we will stay opened and active until then ^^

Once the blog does become inactive, we will leave it up for archives in case you want to look back on the series and posts.

I can say personally, I have made some life long friends I never would’ve met if it wasn’t for this drama, so I am thankful for that…and for a very entertaining couple of months by this incredible cast!

Thanks again for visiting us here, and we hope to see keep seeing you!



I’d also like to take a moment to thank our incredible staff, you have been amazing and I will miss working with each and every one of you!!!



10 Comments to “12.08.10 [Info] Fugitive625 will remain active until 2011!”

  1. aww I’m going to miss this blog once it’s closed
    I really enjoyed it
    thank you for keeping us up to date on ‘fugitive’
    and for your hard work

  2. @jax
    that are good new and keep them active while all epi ENG SUB all not doen u are smart and thoughful jax i agree but i will miss this site when it cloes
    hey jax i wondering instead cloes the site can u just keep open and just put them on the side bar so who ever would visit they know where to goes plus it more convince that why for other who have not see this site and learn more about the drama i mean instead of cloes u can just leave open and add to side ba
    r will what u think???

    • Thank you Jax for all you patience and understanding. You brought me closer to my imaginary husband Rain 🙂 I greatly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to join and establish blog. It was my first time blogging and I could not have picked a better blog site to start. I wish you the best. i hope you keep in touch. I am following your other blog sites…YOUR WORK IS FABULOUS!!!!

  3. @Jax
    i fiorget to tell i mean a sidebar in 6TO5 site ekekek can u pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  4. @Jax625 thank you for starting this blog and keeping us up to date with the Fugitive. I am so happy I found this site. You and the other fugitive625 team have done a wonderful job!! I am so happy that you will be keeping this blog up until all the episodes have been subbed in english. I am truelly grateful for that. Because of this site I have been able to connect with some wonderful people. Whom I hope to continue to see on other Rain fan sites including you. Once again thank you and the other team for an awsome and wonderful job done. I will miss this site.

    Besides the 6 to 5 site are there other fan sites you have started. So I will be able to visit those as well.

    • @flower thanks for being such an active part of our blog! it’s always nice to see you & hear from you! thanks also for your kind words, it means so much to me. This has really been a great experience and wish it could go on forever *sigh*

      I do have another site, it’s called Rainlistings (http://rainlistings.blogspot.com) which is a site with Rain links by categories. The blog part is on hiatus right now, but the links will always be there. One of these days I need to go and update some links…I wish there were either 2 of me or more hours in a day for all the things I want to do ^^ lol! Thanks again for everything! xoxoxoxoxox’s

  5. @Jax625 do you know when the other epi (17-20) will be finished being englished subbed?

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