12.06.10 [Sports Josun] One of the main characters will die in the last episode of “The Fugitive Plan B”.

by jax625

The beginning of the last episode of KBS TV’s every Wednesday and Thurday drama series “The Fugitive Plan B”, portends a leading cast member’s death before it goes off the air, which makes viewers look forward to it.

One official from the drama production excited curiosity, giving a hint about the death in the 20th episode of the drama, “One of the main characters will meet his or her death in the 20th episode.”

Continuing, “A sad thing will happen in the beginning of the last episode where they are in so much pain because of one character’s unavoidable death, so the drama shoot proceeded on under a sad atmosphere.”

This is the first time that one of the main characters has come to die since ‘Jang Sa Boo’ (Gong Hyung Jin) was cruelly taken by poison by ‘Howang Mi Jin’ (Yun Son Ha) in the middle of where the drama started.

Even though the beginning of the last episode will tragically unfold, the main characters will mercilessly avenge his or her death on them, and this drama will be brought to a successful conclusion.

On a special feature on “The Fugitive Plan B” to be aired on December 9th, at 9:55pm, behind-the-scene stories during the drama shoot and the staffs’ stories will be shared.

credit to Sports Josun http://news.nate.com/view/20101206n21751?mid=e0102

Brief translation by rain bird.



19 Comments to “12.06.10 [Sports Josun] One of the main characters will die in the last episode of “The Fugitive Plan B”.”

  1. I really hope all the episodes starting from epi 17 is eng sub before the finale epi. Well they better not kill off Ji Woo and Jinni. I would be highly mad if they killed either one of them off. After waiting all this time to see what is going to happen between them. To kill them off would be just plain wrong. Regardless of how they end it, they cannot kill off either one of them.

    Who do you guys think is going to be killed off?

  2. yeah I agree with u flower
    they can not kill one of them that’s would be very disappointed

  3. OMG!!
    i hope is not rain seriously why korean alway bring the sad ending all the time i have see rrain A LOVE TO KILL he die ending as well and not to mention that drama but alot k-drama are like this why?????????????
    and could they thing of ssomething better then have one of them die this is not what i expected to hear to sad ending again and i just wish this it got nothing to with rain either why can rain and LNY be together for once none his darma is happy ending rain i have to pity to ending coz , i am not liking aat all sad to me and i just wish it not rain either !!but there has been killing all through this drama. that’s what Melchidec has been doing all along beginning with Jinny’s family this so sad ending why it have to be their way why can they suprise with both alive i mean common now
    for what i know of my experince i belive it going to JIWOO !
    coz, he been team up and help her all along she hierd rain to found who are the Melchidec has been doing all along beginning with Jinny’s family and rain got even he almost get himself kill serval time but he smart he know how to get away everytime they try to snap on him but this time i doub coz, it ending and something will happen i wish i could said Yiny~i LNY
    but more likely it going to be Jiwoo i am pretty sure about this i migh wrong too i crossing this is to be a GOOD ENDING not sad one rain or LNY i don”t either one of them to die nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !! IT SO UNFAIR !! 😦

  4. @Kongsao do not say it is going to be Rain. I mean I will still remember this drama as one of the best K dramas I have watched. However, If they kill off Ji Woo I am going to be so mad! I do not care how they end the drama. It will not make any sense to kill him off. Especially in the begining of the last episode. Man I will be crying to the end of the episode. Please it cannot be Ji Woo, no way! I still do not think Jinni should die either. Even if they do not end of together romatically like everyone is hoping. Why would they kill her off. I am just feeling physically sick about this news. If by releasing this little information was thier plan to make people want to watch. It definitely has worked because I am so ready to watch the last episode.

  5. @flower
    sorry dear i did mean to more upset u this about jiwoo
    I TAKE THAT BACK AS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! it not Jiwoo and neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr going to him either i am crying to and sad to watch this ending i guess we all would love what very happen in that ending and i am hoping it not all true that one of or bith die it just a hint of what will happen but they could keep the suprise for to end and let us found out what very happen and i hope no matter agin Jiwoo die
    SOORY dear i know how u feel on this same here we are in the same boat so don”t mind what i am saying i just give a though of i myself dont even though it ethier!!

    • @Kongsao you did not upset me. Do not even think that way. Just the thought of Ji Woo dieing in the drama is just too crazy to even handle. I am fine I will just have to deal with what ever happens. I just hope it is a happy ending for Ji Woo and Jinni.

  6. @Kongsao do you know when the eng subs for episodes 17,18,19 are going to be up?

  7. @flower
    oh thank for understanding me yes i agreed too what u said let crossinbg our finger that hey are supirse us with the two have happy ending !! and thank u for the love our rain HUG!!

    i think it will be up by monday ort tuesday !!
    they still subbling as soon it up i will be post it !!

    • @kongsao girl you are welcome. Yes I will continue to love and support Rain. Thanks for the info on when the episodes maybe posted and that you will post them when they are ready. BIG HUGS!!!

  8. :oppsi: i mean to say tuesday thre thruday i not sure what exzact day will be sorry

  9. guys if they said that one of main character will be die in the beginning of the episode, that mean it can’t be ji woo or jini , if they decided to kill them it sure wouldn’t be in the begining it will be at the end like a love to kill , just think who will die in the beginning , it could be kai or one of the cops , soooooooooooooooo no way they kill rain or lee na young in the beginning …
    That’s my opinion

    • @Roony you know what I started thinking the same thing. There are others I would not want to die either. But Ji Woo and Jinni are the number one characters I do not want to die. So hopefully what we are thinking is correct. I just will have to impatiently wait and see.

  10. I wonder what’s the ending going to be? Well, we just have to watch it…

  11. Jiwoo and Jinny must be together !!! I think they should extend the episode. How come in last episode, everybody show up like Kieko and his father ? Where are they ?

    • @Hyuk Hi, you know I have always thought that it would be nice if Kieko and her father came back into the picture at some point. It would be awsome if they came back for the last episode to help out. Kieko finds out about her father helping the old man at one point. She also, finds out that her father stop helping the old man. She finds out Ji Woo needs help and aks her father to help him because she still loves him. Her father agrees and helps Ji Woo and the others to take revenge. I think this would be a great story line.

      LOL, my writers imagination is running over time right now! Who knows they might bring them back. We will have to wait and see. It is killing me to know what is going to happen in the last episode. Tomorrow cannot come quick enough.

      • #flower
        that was am saying to
        they cut of that part and did even bring them back to picture it would be more excited to be eye catch watching this contiune RIGHT??
        yeah you are right and i feeling you right their !!
        they should bring Her father to help jiwoo see the ending of epi 19 it even more serious to point DO-SOO , JIWOO, YINYI are very in a bad sulution of her and i just wish they can pull this drama a bit longer 4 more like it was rumore it would be awesome for sure!!
        now tonigh for me i am dying to see this ending like i hope it a one most best ending crossing my finger !!

  12. My money’s on Kai. As soon as I read this I have a strong feeling it’s gonna be my Boo, Daniel Henney =( . He’s going to sacrifice his life so Jini can live on – how uber tragic and chivalrous. OH MAI GAH…I’m going to be an absolute wreck tomorrow at work! Good thing I’ve already warned my work family.

    • But that’s an American ending…I always get the Korean ones wrong. Goodness…well, maybe it’s one of the bad guys who dies. But that hardly ever happens in a kdrama. Aigooooo.

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