12.06.10 [Pics] The Fugitive Plan B Farewell Party

by jax625

기억에남을도망자Plan B…쫑파티…애썻다정말…

Memorable.. Fugitive Plan B ending party

credit: DC + myjanggun + reflectionNo2 @ Twitter
Source: Twitter Sang Hyun


9 Comments to “12.06.10 [Pics] The Fugitive Plan B Farewell Party”

  1. i sad to knopw that this drama flie so fast it already the ending already gosh i could not see why i could be happy why?? i am so curious why director have such an ending so sad i very expected to be something more supirse new and good meanful ending rain & LNY hardly have any much relationship together and not even cloes to a good kiss or boyfirend or grilfirend either NOW!!
    that ending been say it and one of the main character is die this differnly trun me down !!
    DIFFERENLY TRUN MNE DOWN!! ~~~~~~!!!!!!! 👿
    i could amazinge how other get even more upset we all know rain last k-drama A LOVE TO KILL he die at the ending now again in this FUGITIVE can korean come up any better story here if this alway sad ending of the drama i WOULD BUY it !!
    i mean of they story so good everything put together so well toward the ending whjere i am happy to see the 2 getting so confident together BOM!!
    one of them are going to die as matter fact they seriou need a change the ending THIS IS NOT GOOD KOREAN it is 21 CENTRY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh ~ farewell party !!!!

    where is my director ?????? Yo-bo where are you ??????

  3. @kajima
    i love that kitty he look death tried ekekekek
    oh your yaboooo haveing a secert dinner ahahahahah 🙂

  4. @Kajima your images are so funny! @Kongsao I said the same thing where is Rain.

  5. @Kajima and Kongsao can you guys answer a question. This might sound crazy but did MBLAQ do a cameo. I ask because I do not remember seeing them but they are listed as on here to do a cameo. Was one of them in the drama? If yes, what was the character name?

  6. @flower
    as for the cameo for MBLAQ
    NOPE @@!! they did cast any cemeo in FUGITIVE PLAN B at all director have change their min sent the reveal of it they was going to put them in this drama but unfortunally no coz the boy are so bussy and also do the OST for rain FUGITIVE and they are have some other thing to do too do they cancled it out yeah they say Mblaq i belive it was lee joon was part of the drama cameo but never did anway Mblaq boy are not in this drama period so don”t even was your time looking for it i should let u and some other know sorry about that !!
    they DO NOT HAVE ANY CAST OR CAMEO in fugitive!!
    i was excited to hear that when is articel out but then they edit out and decided to not have Mblaq in it plus director seeme to cut of the drama part out i did see some of the part that we supost to watch for example like rain and kekio was in love but after he get with LNY they never saw it back streange… on top this their are some flic that i see in the interiew was not even show it either why do director cut it off am not to sure either and so far what i see and watch the story of the GOLD BAR it was all put together so i love it for the mblaq Cameo no they are so out!!

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